10 Tips For Marriage Proposal Ideas

Introduce to Marriage Proposal Ideas

Love is a fantastic vibe, and if you’ve experienced it, you only know what I mean. At this point, you want to start a journey of love and a beautiful moment. So, it’s only prudent you come with the most romantic way to propose to your lovey-dovey. We’ve curated some of those intimate ways to ask your sweetheart to be yours forever by saying, “I DO.”

Hot air balloon

It has always been many people’s dream to get on a balloon with the one particular person they love. Then you can imagine making it the most memorable day of your life with a proposal while you’re thousands of feet below the ground.

And if you think this will leave you dry in your pocket, you can choose to share it with others to cut the cost of hiring it alone. You can request one of them to capture the memorable moment they will enjoy with you.


If you enjoy hiking with your partner, you can plan for the usual and invite a few close friends. After getting to the peak, you will find breathtaking scenery, which can make you go WOW! That’s the right spot to go on your knees and shoot! “Sweetheart, will you marry me”? do it before she gets the WOW of her mouth, while your friends capture every moment of this particular moment. What can beat this moment? Yes, it’s not as glamorous, but that will always come later. For now, you’re building epic memories as you conquer the mountain top.

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Do it in a Game

After dinner, your usual game night can be an ideal time to propose with hidden champagne and a ring in the house. Scrabble is an excellent game to spell it out. Being at home will give you the privacy needed, and you might light the candles to add the vibe of romance.

Use the Big Screen

Those lovebirds who are movie freaks will find this method the most romantic way to propose; the awaited movie has just landed in the theatre, and you want to be the first ones to watch it. But guess what, you will first watch your movie first—the story of your life with a soundtrack of your favourite song. I can imagine how that will feel like with a high-tech system! And then the question comes at the end, “will you marry me?”

For Foodie Partner

Nothing conquers a man’s heart like fine dining. Everyone has a favourite meal and using that to celebrate your love is great. There are many ways one can do this; turn yourself a chef, and then prepare a five-course meal (you better be good at this), or invite a professional chef to do it for you in your house- as, for dessert, it could be your preferred gâteaux flavour. That’s where your partner should find the engagement ring. And then she goes like WOW, or speechless. Is that not the most romantic way to propose to your best friend?

Family Holiday Proposal

Family Holiday Proposal
Family Holiday Proposal

Most families have one of the family holidays in a year. If you are one of them, it can be a fantastic opportunity to bring your beau and ask your loved ones to help in proposing. Use placards and have each person raise them to complete the proposal. There’s no beautiful and lovely way to celebrate than with your family if she says yes. And what an excellent way of welcoming a new member to the family with love.

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Marry us

If you got divorced or widowed and have a child or children, you can use the kid to ask your partner using a placard and make a face. The message can be, will you please marry us?” or will you marry our daddy?” These should melt her heart. The chance of saying no is very slim.

Do it at Night Out

One of those days, you want to shake a leg, and you randomly ask your partner to go out. But only to find a well-organized event planned for her engagement. The D.J will play your song if two have one and dedicate it to your girl. The D.J hands over the mic to your partner for him to ask for her hands in marriage. Jubilation and more music should follow after saying YES! Now tell me, if that’s not one of the most romantic ways to propose?

A Scavenger Hunt

Although this might require comprehensive planning, it can be a fun way to propose. You will involve friends and family giving them clues of what should lead your partner to the final clues. It could be a particular egg color or other leads. It gets more exciting because everyone knows what it will lead to, while your partner is clueless.

Breakfast in Bed


Breakfast in Bed
Breakfast in Bed

Simplicity, they say it’s the ultimate sophistication. Serving your partner breakfast in bed with an engagement ring aside and sweet, sentimental words such as; I want you to be the first thing to look at when I wake up for the rest of my life” can be the sweetest sentiments and most romantic way to propose?

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In conclusion,

as you can see, you don’t need to have the romantic chops to ask your sweetheart to marry you. Pick one of these ideas that you think is the most romantic way to propose and good luck! Please tell us how it went, we would like to hear your story.

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