4 Best Mattress for Better Sleep

Introduction to Mattress for Better Sleep

Does the surface on which you sleep influence your sleep? Experts think that the type and quality of a mattress can improve your sleep or cause insomnia or sleep deprivation. Sleep is essential for overall health, so having a comfortable place to recline and rest is necessary.

There are different types of mattresses from single to king-size, and not just that, there are variants among them too. For instance, there are types of king mattresses, and depending on your need and other criteria, you can choose the one that fits the ideal for you.

Here we shall discuss what science and research say about mattress choice and how that is significant to improve your sleep quality.

What is a good mattress?

Scientific studies suggest that when you sleep on a medium-firm mattress, primarily the ones which can be adjusted, you feel comfortable and be assured of quality sleep.

Generally speaking, a good mattress should support your body curves and keep your body aligned, doesn’t warm up too much, and that fits your budget, or can be availed at easy bite-sized payments.

If you have physical aches or pains, studies suggest that the mattress you sleep upon has lots to matter how they confer comfort.

A scientific study in 2015 found that people who slept on medium-firm memory foam mattresses experienced reduced pain and fell asleep faster.

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Another study found that a latex foam mattress is better as a sleep qualifier with less pressure on the body. In other words, it is better resistant to feel “sinking in,” which commonly happens with a memory foam mattress.

This enables a sleeper to maintain a comfortable position and body temperature throughout the sleep duration.

Types of the mattress and that matters

Among the various types like foam-based, innerspring the hybrid mattress, you have several choices to decide. As already said, there is variation among the different kinds of beds available, like you may find many types of foam mattress that includes natural latex, synthetic latex, and polyurethane memory foam.

With the mattress market booming, experts say that it is equally essential to keep the mattress’s lifespan in mind while making a purchase plan.

Innerspring, foam, and hybrid mattresses all have different life expectancies. So, when you choose a bed for yourself, you have to be mindful of all the choices available.

How long does a mattress last?

Here, we shall see the life expectancy of each kind of mattress. Keep reading.

  • Foam mattress

Typically talking about them, they come with 8–10 years, and a gel-based foam mattress can increase mattress longevity. Gel mattresses can help disperse pressure as time passes, and the recoil factor adds more life span to the mattress.

  • Latex mattresses

A few experts find a latex mattress as the most durable of all the mattresses. A pure latex mattress can last for about 25 years without losing any comfort and support. They are resilient and have a longer life span compared to mattresses of other materials.

  • Hybrid mattress

With similar durability, experts believe that hybrid mattresses are the best of the lot. With a combination of steel coil and layers of textiles or foam, they are the perfect comfort buddy for every sleeper type. The mattress serves more years of use without drooping or sagging too fast.

  • Innerspring mattress

    Mattress for Better Sleep
    Mattress for Better Sleep

Among all mattresses, an innerspring with low quality or quantity of springs can just last for 5 years. That doesn’t mean they are wrong, but a good quality nickel or chrome-plated spring can last more than five years of life.

How to find an ideal mattress for you?

  1. Research and try. There is no substitute for exploring and trying to find the best-suited one for you.  No matter if you do enough searches, without getting a trial for a reasonable amount of time, you cannot decide.  You can also seek advice from friends, family or scroll through the feedback available on the company’s website.
  2. Take time to decide. Experts suggest spending about 15 minutes duration lying on the mattress that you consider for buying.  To check if you feel jostled by movements on the bed, ask someone else to see if there is a motion transfer when you are lying.
  3. Seek more extended sleep trials. Finally, when you have decided to buy a mattress, go for a company that allows you to choose at least 90 days of trial. Before opting for this, be thorough with their return policies and ensure that you are okay with the rules mentioned.
  4. Know the return policy. The return policy may include that the buyer must deposit the trial mattress with proof or reason of refund. Whereas the company may offer an exchange option instead of a refund. So, whatever you opt for, first read client reviews before you decide.

Some best mattress for better sleep:

Some cheap and best mattress:

Other factors that can induce a quality sleep

Sleeping position is essential, so experts tell you to take special care about it. Most people who suffer from insomnia also complain about neck or backaches due to the wrong posture.

Therefore, along with a good mattress, experts suggest maintaining a few sleep practices and hygiene as mentioned below:

  • Put away electronic devices and avoid blue light before sleep.
  • Adjust room temperature; it is advised to keep the windows open for better air circulation at night.
  • If there is surrounding noise in your neighborhood, you can take the help of white noise. There are a few apps that you can benefit from.
  • Follow a sleep schedule and bedtime ritual.
  • Keep the room dark for uninterrupted and sound sleep.

Wrapping up

Adequate sleep is an essential pillar for a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise and a good diet. Though individual sleep requirements may vary, it is suggested to have 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep to stay healthy, be productive at work and feel fresh and alert the entire day. And having a quality mattress can influence better sleep.

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