Mechanical Locks VS Electronic Locks: Quick Guide in Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to Mechanical Locks VS Electronic Locks

One of the major reasons people install door locks is to protect their homes and secure businesses. For thousands of years, people have significantly changed the way of door locks.

Many people have produced locks in their way. The native people of ancient Egypt produced simple wooden pin tumbler locks. Whereas, the Romans and Greeks created their locks with metal and started using iron locks.

Moreover, the inventor of the first pin tumbler lock was Linus Yale Sr and the real father of the detector lock is Jeremiah Chubb. Hence, there are many different looks available that make people confused.

That is why potential buyers ask questions about what type of lock to choose. After all, if you would buy a lock that would not keep you secure then what is the purpose of buying it.

There are two main varieties of locks, mechanical safe locks and electronic safe locks. You must know which type of lock would best suit your needs. So take a few minutes and learn about these types and review the pros and cons of both the locks.

Types of Door Locks

There are two types of traditional locks, mechanical and electrical. The main purpose of a traditional mechanical lock is to protect only houses and business offices.

Hence, it does not hold special features like an electronic lock. However, the unstoppable development of technology became craftier, making advanced locks.

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A mechanical safety lock has knob locks, deadbolts, levers, and mortise locks. Plus, it always requires a key which criminals can easily copy, and then your house will no longer be safe.

On the other hand, electronic locks do not require keys to work. Therefore, these locks offer great security and access control. The characters of these magnificent locks contain card entry only, hence no keys are needed.

Furthermore, they are battery operated and can be used on existing doors. These locks are wireless and user friendly with quick and easy installation. Moreover, you can have information on who tried to access your electric lock.

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Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks are the devices that secure the door by keeping it close until the owner pulls a lever or knob or he uses a key or thumb turn.

Furthermore, several other types provide the same basic function. The four basic types are spring bolt, cylinder, deadbolt, and mortise.

A mortise lock is a typical lock that needs a pocket to be drilled into the door and provides decent safety but it is hard to install.

With cylinder lock, you can have different types of cylinder formats for different security levels. Furthermore, these locks are vulnerable to lock snapping.

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Another type of mechanical lock is a spring bolt, it is a spring-loaded bolt and has an angled edge. Moreover, a deadbolt, which is used to complement a spring bolt lock.


The major pros of this lock include that the mechanism has been standard since the 1800s. Furthermore, it does not need electronic parts that require batteries, and they usually have a long lifespan.


Within 15 minutes or less a professional thief can crack this lock’s combination. Furthermore, the process of opening this lock is slow and if the tumblers become misaligned then it requires maintenance.

Electronic Locks

A reader controls the electronic lock whether it is a keypad, card, or biometric reader. However, the users with credentials and identification can access the door with this lock. There are two main types of electronic locking system, modular locking, and standalone locks.

The standalone lock gives control to the facility manager and allows you the right to customize the solution for the facility.

Furthermore, you can set up access rights, for instance, the facility manager dictates which certain employees are allowed to go anywhere.

The modular locks are a bit different. These locks offer multiple credential readers that are interchangeable and will provide more flexibility. These locks combine locks and readers so the upgrades can be made in the future.

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Today everything is going digital including the door locks. It eliminates the key system and makes your life easier. It has many advantages as they have high manipulation resistance.

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This is because they have 999,999 possible combinations. Furthermore, a thief trying to manipulate the digital safe lock would take a long time and a special hacking machine.

These locks have fast and easy access and block the unauthorized user after attempting several times. Moreover, if you remove the keypad it would not affect the security.


The cons of this lock are nothing in front of its advantages but every six to twelve months you must change the batteries. Moreover, you would be locked out of your house temporarily if the battery dies.


The main reason to have door locks is to secure the home and office safe from criminals. Hence, people have evolved the lock system.

Everyday technology brings new and efficient locks for everyone. Hence both two types of locks have their pros and cons in their way. Thus, following your needs, you can select the lock and protect your property.

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