8 Terrific Mental Health Effects of Playing PUBG

Introduction to Mental Health Effects For Playing PUBG

PUBG (Player unknown’s battleground) is a game and was launched in the year 2017. Since then it’s spreading like microbes all over the world.

At present, there are more than 50 million users of this mobile application and they are increasing day by day. Although, playing games is never wrong but, only when played in limitation.

Playing persistent games in a regular pattern is now been included in gaming addiction by WHO (world health organization).

Almost every one of us is having smartphones with us nowadays and playing games has become a sort of fashion. Everyone likes playing the game whether PUBG or any other game.

Whenever you move out in buses or metro or any other place you can see almost everyone is involved in their smartphones and maximum are the ones playing the game.

It’s not uncommon to see people occupied in playing mobile games or some other applications. However, no one is interested in knowing about its effects on mental health.

There is more and more increase in the number of people playing PUBG every hour and due to which they are becoming addicted to it. Although it is a fabulous game it has some negative effects especially on your mental health.

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Here are some negative effects:

  1. Violent:

It is considered as one of the violent games and can affect your mental health by making you violent. You may try to adopt the same pattern of behavior as presented in the game.

In PUBG these patterns are of aggression and fight and you may adopt these patterns for sure. When there is excessive violence it may lead to aggression, disturbed emotions and behavior may lead to many mental health issues.

  1. Leads to game addiction:

PUBG is a very addictive game. It can also make you come under the category of game addiction. When you play PUBG you become less productive and it can affect your mental health.

  1. You become less socially active:

When you play this game, you end up sitting in one place only and you are not interested in meeting people by your side.

You are not socially active. You like to play this game only all time. The game has different levels and targets and you like to complete these levels and targets on a priority basis. So you keep yourself engaged in-game only. And with this, your social life ends gradually.

  1. Bad physical health:

When you play PUBG, you tend to sit in one place and become lazier. You can just play games and skip meals because of that and this can ruin your physical health.

When you just sit at one place in your house and you are not going out of your houses to play some outdoor games, you tend to become more obese and hence ruin your physical health.

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You can be more prone to headaches and backaches, your eyes may get tired and you may also have carpal tunnel syndrome in which there are pain and numbness in your hands, wrists, and shoulders.

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  1. It will affect your mental health:

When you are not having any social interaction, you can get stressed and anxious in public. Excessive of everything is always harmful to you.

Game addiction can also make you feel sad and depressed. PUBG is a game where your opponent shoots you. Now you are in fear of being shot while playing, this continues when you are not playing it. It can make you stressed and depressed.

  1. Disrupted sleeping pattern:

It is always said that mobile phones and computers should not be used is going to bed, it is quite harmful to your sleep.

When you play this game just before going to bed also, you are unable to fall asleep easily and will disrupt the sleeping patterns.

  1. Waste of time:

It takes almost one hour to complete one match for this game. When you end up playing 3 or 4 matches a day it means that you wasted almost 3 to 4 hours a day and hence wasted time doing nothing at that time.

  1. Poor performance:

You play this game almost all day and sometimes all night also. This will have an adverse effect on your sleeping pattern which will negatively affect your attention span and concentration for doing your schoolwork or office work.

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