Best Tip to Use 4 Methods in Button in JavaScript

Introduction to Methods in Button in JavaScript

In this post I have shown how abutton is created in web page.
Here I have shown how to work with methods

With the current post I am planning to show how to use the methods. Recall the methods.


Methodsblur()It removes the focus from a button
click()Most commonly used method with button. It calls the event handler function defined by developer
focus()This is a method triggered when a button gains focus
handleEvent()This throws an event to correct event handler


So the methods associate with a button are blur(),click(),focus() and handleEvent().

 <title> Testing button </title>
 <script language=”javascript”>
//This is the function  which will be activated on click on the button
function focusLoss()
 <form name=”form1″>
// There is no method defined so after clicking the focus will be there itself.
 <input type=”button” name=”button2″ value=”Click me i am 1″ />
// This is a method which uses blur() function to loose focus when clicked on a the button
 <input type=”button” name=”button1″ value=”Click me” onClick=’focusLoss()’/>

Let us see how the output comes

Now let us click on the second button…

<input name=”button1″ onclick=”focusLoss()” type=”button” value=”Click me” />
Here on clicking the button the focusLoss function is called which again calling blur() method.So on clicking on the button it should remove the focus. Let’s see how it works…


Here you can do what ever you want to do..

function focusLoss()

Here you are taking focus from second and assign to the first.

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