8 Essential to Remember: Get a Mexico Tourist Visa Online in 2021?

Introduction to Mexico Tourist Visa

Do you know that visiting an overwhelming tourist place can bring major health ‎benefits? ‎Mexico ‎is ‎one of those sites.

A quick tour to Mexico will rejuvenate you and make you ‎livelier than ‎before. ‎You’ll need just a Mexico visa or a Mexico Tourist Card, and here you are, ready to ‎go. ‎

In the post-covid-19 world, traveling has gained more importance. The coronavirus pandemic has brought ‎along many physical and mental issues.

The coronavirus lockdowns caused uncertainty and brought major changes in our lifestyle. Resultantly, we lost the peace of our minds. ‎

It is, therefore, essential ‎for us to head to ‎a ‎stunning tourist destination and to dive into a rich ‎and diverse culture to wash down the adverse effects of the pandemic. ‎

Why visit Mexico?

Mexico is one of the world’s most impressive tourist destinations. It ‎features epic mountains, vast deserts, Caribbean coastline, the best beaches, rich history, and fascinating culture, delicious cuisine and beverages, appealing music and sports, fairylike jungles and national parks, and historic places and archeological wonders.

Besides its scenic beauty, this North-American country has much in its pocket to mesmerize you. ‎ Mexico City will greet you with its vibrant and cultured inhabitants, best restaurants and clubs, historical sites, gardens, and bars. You’ll fall in love with the City.

Mexico Tourist Card for Tourism

To travel to Mexico, you’ll need a Mexico Tourist Card, formerly known as Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM).

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The National Immigration Institute of Mexico issues this Card that will allow you to enter Mexico for tourism. The Card is nothing but a travel document issued solely to tourists from around the world.

Please remember that the Tourist Card is not an alternative for a visa. Therefore, you may also be required to get a Mexico visa and the Mexico Tourist Card to enter Mexico.

The visa and Tourist Card are not required from everyone entering Mexico but from people of some countries. Many countries may enter Mexico with a Tourist Card, while others may be asked to get a visa, too.

It depends on your nationality; you can be allowed to enter Mexico by showing either a Tourist Card or the Mexico visa, or both the Tourist Card and the visa.

The Mexico Tourist Card will only work for you if you are traveling to Mexico by land or air. Plus, the Tourist Card allows only a single entry to Mexico, which means you’ve to get separate Tourist Cards for you and your companions.

If you are from Turkey, Russia, or Ukraine, you need neither a visa nor a Tourist Card. In that case, you can enter Mexico on just The ETA (electronic ‎travel ‎authority). ‎

For applying for a Mexico Tourist Card, you need to have a passport valid for at least six months. You must also reach Mexico by air or land; otherwise, you’ll be denied to have a Tourist Card.

Basic facts about Mexico Tourist Card

  • The Tourist Card is issued only for tourism
  • There is a fee for the Tourist Card that you need to pay electronically.
  • The Tourist Card is issued electronically, which means you will get the Card to your registered email address.
  • If you entered Mexico on the Tourist Card, you wouldn’t be allowed to engage in business or employment activity during your stay.
  • You’ll be asked to provide the Tourist Card at the Mexico border, so it is wise to get your Tourist Card before embarking for Mexico to avoid trouble.
  • You can only get the Tourist Card if you’re reaching Mexico by air or land.
  • The Mexico Tourist Card is valid for 180 days or six months.
  • If you failed to reach Mexico within 30 days of your Tourist Card issuance, the Card would expire, and you have to get a new one.
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Documents needed upon arrival

Upon your arrival in Mexico, you’ll have to present some documents to enter the country. These documents include a valid passport and a valid Tourist Card.

Authorities also require nationals of certain countries to submit a valid visa on their arrival in Mexico.

However, you’ll need no documents to apply for the Tourist Card. All that will be required is your name, date of birth, address, passport details, flight details, and other personal details.

Activities Allowed on the Mexico Tourist Card

Since the Mexico Tourist Card is only for tourism purposes, you’ll not perform business and employment activities.

However, you’ll be wholly allowed and facilitated to remain in Mexico for pleasure, sightseeing, indulging in recreational activities, hanging out with friends/relatives, spending vacations.

Latest Entry Policy Post Covid-19‎

Currently, Mexico is open to visitors from all around the world. There are no travel restrictions related to Covid-19.

Neither will you be asked to fulfill any special requirements or go through any health screenings or quarantine.

However, if you’re traveling to Mexico by air, you’ve ‎ to complete a health questionnaire before entering the country.

You can submit the questionnaire online within a few minutes. Usually, this health questionnaire is filled in while applying for the Mexico Tourist Card or Mexico visa.

We’ll also recommend you to fill in this questionnaire beforehand, just as you’d manage to get your Tourist Card before leaving for Mexico.

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Extending Your Tourist Card

As you know, that Mexico Tourist Card is valid for 180 days per entry; you must pack up and get ready to leave before the end of this period.

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You can’t stay in Mexico any longer after the expiry of your Tourist Card, which is nonrenewable. If you want to spend more time in Mexico, you’ve to apply for a different type of Mexico visa or leave and enter the country afresh by getting a new Tourist Card.

Watch out for your Mexico Tourist Card

Your Mexico Tourist Card will come in two parts: the Entry Part and the Exit Part. The Entry Part is what you’ll submit at the entry point, while the Exit Part will remain with you during your stay.

Don’t lose this part of the Tourist Card. If you lost the Card in any way, whether it is stolen or dropped somewhere, you’ve to pay a replacement fee.

If you chose not to get a replacement of the Card after losing it, you’d be fined at the exit, where you’ll be supposed to submit the Exit Part of the Tourist Card and your passport.

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