4 Comprehensive Ideas on A Micro Influencer on Instagram

Introduction to Micro Influencer on Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the top social media platforms in 2020. With over one billion monthly active users on the platform.

There is a lot of potentials to make money on Instagram. There are many training courses like secrets-dot Instagram lab that teaches you how to make money with Instagram.

Suppose you don’t want to put in money and not sure with ads on Instagram. There are organic and free strategies to grow on Instagram.

To be a micro-influencer, you don’t need a following of 100k/500k. People are making money on Instagram with less than 5k followers.

But your first goal should be to grow to 10K followers to become a micro-influencer and make money with Instagram.

Micro Influencer on Instagram
Micro Influencer on Instagram

How To Become a Micro-Influencer on Instagram


An influencer is a particular field that has set to completely changed the scenario of social media marketing. Brands have made more money rather than spending on ads with influencer marketing on Instagram.

But big brand to more prominent influencers, and you might be wondering why they would come to you?

Well, I have an answer.

Firstly, not all brands are going to have a bigger budget to spend on big influencers. There will be businesses with smaller ad budgets who can’t make a deal with a big influencer. These businesses are the ones where you can make money as an influencer.

That’s great. But are you even an influencer right now?

Well, even though you might be thinking of becoming an influencer is difficult, and growing on Instagram is harder. I have proven strategies that can help you build your following and grow as an influencer.

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Growing a following of more than 10K is an excellent start to your influencer career. These strategies will help you.

The four things to do to become a micro-influencer on Instagram:-

  1. Choose a Niche and set up your profile
  2. Provide free content
  3. Growth Strategies
  4. Giveaways

Choose A Niche:

Firstly choose a niche in which you want to be an influencer. Select the field in which you are interested and can provide information through your posts.

Once you’re done with choosing a niche. It all about setting up your Instagram account and pre-plan your content.

Let’s start will having to set up a proper bio. Here I will walk you through some Instagram account, which can be of the following of 10K but is making money.

For clean and precise bio, Check @millionaire_strategist101

The key points to write a good bio:-

  1. Mention what you do (or) what does your Instagram handle provides. Like in the above example, write in 4-5 words about you or your account
  2. Then tell people how you can be valuable and why they should follow you
  3. Provide something for free to connect

To get good bio ideas, go and check smaller accounts with less than 20K following your niche and take some inspiration from their bio.

Create Content To Publish:

Once the bio is completed, now you need to create your content. This is the most crucial step in growing your Instagram account.

Before creating any content, go and check other similar accounts in your niche. List the best performing content from these Instagram profiles according to their likes and comments. Now analyze which type of content is more viable to your audience.

Example: If you’re into beauty niche. Then you can see people do beauty product tutorials, reviews, and share their photos with their followers.

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If you notice such a pattern, then replicate it. You can create your Instagram posts with platforms like Canva and if you’re too much of editing. Then use Adobe Photoshop.

Note: Try using Carousels, IGTV Video, and Reels as your content. Suppose you leverage these mediums as your content. You are going to goog engagement.

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Organic Growth Strategies:

Once you start publishing content, then focus on promoting and growing organically. Start with writing good captions and use better hashtags for your posts.

To do this right, check Instagram accounts with less than 10-20K following in your niche. Note down their style of writing captions and check their hashtags,

Develop a way to write your caption styles and replicate the working hashtags from a smaller Instagram account. Use these captions and hashtags to publish your content on Instagram and grow organically.

Now, just by posting isn’t enough to grow an account. You need to engage with other accounts and with your won followers.

Spend 1-2 hrs daily on liking posts, following others, and commenting something ‘valuable’ in your niche related accounts.

By doing it consistently. You would be adding new followers every day.

Doing Giveaways:-

Giveaways can be a significant step to grow your audience on Instagram. Giveaways are a lot more engaging, and people show interest in giveaways.

Giveaways didn’t need to be about money. You can give away something for free other than money like guides, courses, and other products.

Being a smaller account on Instagram. You can do two types of giveaways

  1. Collaboration with a business
  2. Doing it on your own

Suppose you want to collaborate with a business. Then you have to find small businesses that have just started on Instagram. Contact them and do product giveaways.

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Suppose you want to do a giveaway on your own. Then I would recommend you give out an ebook or video courses. Creating an ebook is easy. You can go to sqribble and create a good ebook within minutes.

Make sure what you’re going to be sharing is valuable and worthy enough to participate.. Since giveaways entice many people, this is an excellent opportunity to boost your profile following. Because it’s all going to be free.


To become a micro-influencer starting from zero following. You can to focus on three things

  1. Posting what that your audience
  2. Posting consistently
  3. Use growth tips like right hashtags and do a regular giveaway.

Rinse and repeat this process. The most crucial essence here is your patience. You need to put in your efforts for 3-5 months to see a significant change and build your following on Instagram.

Once you have grown to a following of around 10K, most brands will reach you for story and post-shout-outs (or) you can reach out to the brands by yourself and make yourself a deal.

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