Boost Profit Orchestrate Customer Journey with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Beyond 2020

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM combines all CRM capabilities right within one single platform to help businesses build valuable customer relationships that matter.

By bringing together Customer Service, Project Service, Field Service, Sales, Automation, Marketing, this platform allows businesses to create and maintain a comprehensive track of all the customers.

Dynamics 365 solutions services drive productivity by simplifying business operations. This is done by consolidating the entire customer journey in one place.

Empower your teams to create lasting customer relationships and deliver an outstanding customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Minimize customer efforts, address customer concerns, and provide a customer-centric solution that works wonders for businesses.

Use built-in business intelligence for identifying trends and get data-driven insights into marketing.

As customers take center stage in every industry domain, a seamless shift is vital to transform the way the businesses interact with their customers.

Since customer experience is becoming an essential pillar, it’s crucial to comprehend the customer journey, optimize critical processes, map it correctly for better customer acquisition and retention.

It’s essential to devise an effective customer journey strategy by using the right tools. Dynamics 365 offers a smooth platform to engage with customers, empower sales teams, and improve service strategy.

So, What is the Customer Journey?

Acquiring new customers while retaining the existing ones is at the top to-do-list of any business. With the intent to grow business, boost profit, and earn better ROIs, companies keep attracting customers by showcasing the features and benefits that their products offer.

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Sales and marketing teams often collaborate to deliver an outstanding buying experience to prospective buyers. It requires mapping out the entire journey that the customer travels throughout the buying process.

It helps to understand the path that the prospects cover right from noticing the business, discovering the product, evaluating the best available options, and finally making the purchase decision.

The customer journey is every single step or interaction that the customer has while buying a product. The customer journey spans multiple touchpoints through which the prospect moves from product awareness to engagement and final purchase.

To ensure customer satisfaction, it’s crucial to develop a seamless customer journey that connects various touchpoints and contributes to the overall journey.

Dynamic 365 streamlines the entire customer journey from where the customer starts discovering the business, evaluates its benefits, and makes a buying decision.

It guides the employees by using automated messages, process generation, intuitive decision points, and so forth.

You can either begin identifying a target segment and then creating an email campaign to address the prospects of that particular segment.

It then requires creating a customer journey that helps plan, automate, and monitor the entire experience as the customer travels through discovery, nurturing, and becoming a qualified lead.

Optimize Your Customer Journey at Each Step

Making customers happy at each step of the customer journey is quite daunting, yet essential to deliver a pleasing customer experience. Let’s understand the different phases of the customer journey.

  • Awareness (Pre-Sales)

The awareness stage is where the customer gets to know about your business and its service offerings. Dynamics 365 allows businesses to generate leads via multiple resources such as LinkedIn, emails, events, and webinars. If the customer is looking for a set of services that your business offers, you can send them emails explaining your services.

  • Consideration (Pre-Sales)

It’s where debating takes place- ‘your product vs. your competitor’. The customers often compare the features and benefits you offer to your competitors, considering pricing and other attributes to proceed further.

  • Purchase (Post-Sales)

Now, your customer is ready with a decision, and it’s time to take immediate action. That’s when the customer needs acknowledgment. Progress the journey with a welcome message and offer an exclusive customer experience. Remember that it’s an opportunity to take your customer into further phases.

  • Retention

Retaining the customer is the most challenging task, and you have to move forward very carefully as many will fall off at this stage. Keep your communication constant to develop customer loyalty.

  • Advocacy

If all the above customer journey phases are handled correctly, the prospects will become regular customers. They will provide the best marketing ever possible.

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Their purchase decision will facilitate further sales. Rewards and recommendations are the best ways to improve sales at this point.

How Microsoft Dynamics Helps Orchestrate Customer Journeys?

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics to streamline your customer journeys and deliver an exceptionally seamless experience that brings a plethora of benefits to your business.

  • Get started quickly by selecting from a variety of templates with pre-made layouts.
  • Create a collection of contacts or customer segments that are grouped based on common attributes.
  • Automate customer journey tasks such as sending emails or closing a proposal through scheduling or customer triggered actions.
  • Trigger workflows and schedule follow-ups around marketing initiatives, internal actions, decision points, etc.
  • Develop custom workflows, create alerts at any stage of the customer journey.
  • Personalized dashboards for interactive insights into the overall contact interactions, such as how many leads are generated through email and how many prospects are not engaged in the process.
  • Create LinkedIn campaigns and sync these campaigns to Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Create inbound strategies for customer journeys to attract new contacts that signup for a newsletter, share your posts over social networks, or engage with your brand via various platforms.
  • Create interactive online surveys to attract and engage customers.
  • Integrate online surveys with marketing emails, events, and customer journeys.
  • Create countless custom workflows for specific contacts’ segment.

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Since the customers are becoming connected and informed than ever, businesses may notice a balance of power. Enterprises need to ensure a memorable yet seamless customer journey and a cherishing customer experience to survive the competitive edge.

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Dynamics 365 enables businesses to create meaningful customer journeys right from scratch by selecting from a set of templates.

Using this competitive tool, you can successfully engage with your customers across multiple touchpoints and track each engagement to improve the customer experience and reach new milestones on the road to success.

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