8 Common Mistakes In Technical SEO: A Complete Guide

Introduction to Mistakes In Technical SEO

Website rankings are very important to achieve your business goals through a website. While we search for things on a browser, we get the results depending upon certain factors.

Some websites will appear on the top of the searched result while others at the end of the page. Ever wondered why is this so?

It is because of SEO practices and methods that make a page rank on top and at the end of a page. The higher the ranking, the better it is for the website.

Three main types of SEO plays a key role in optimizing a web page. These types are a must to perform for better results, and you must not commit any mistakes in performing SEO practices.

Scroll down the article to get familiar with the most serious mistakes that SEO people commit in technical SEO and result in webpages’ low positions.

Top 8 Technical SEO Mistakes

While carrying out the SEO activities, there are certain mistakes that SEO experts knowingly or unknowingly commit.

They must consider all the necessary aspects of a website, so they rank their websites on top. Below are a few mistakes that SEO experts commit and forget to look for certain factors in a website while performing technical SEO.

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1. Missing Alt Tags

Search engines or the bots responsible for ranking a website cannot interpret an image, so the web developers need to add an Alt tag.

An alt tag or attribute is an HTML tag that contains the description of the image or what the image is about for the search bots.

Many websites lack this tag, resulting in low ranking o their pages despite having optimized content.

2. Broken links

Many people think that including too many links to their webpages will improve their ranking, but strong links are important for improving rankings.

One of the mistakes that people commit while performing SEO is that they do not look for broken links. Broken links play a vital role in the low ranking of your web page.

3. Wrong/ incorrect Robots.txt

Robots.txt files are a sort of guide files for the search bots. It tells them about the pages they need to crawl and which pages which they must not crawl.

Having a complex and incorrect robots.txt file is a bad SEO practice. These files need to follow a flat pattern that shows the pages’ hierarchy and how the web crawlers must crawl.

4. Slow loading speed

SEO experts usually focus on the content and the keyword target for optimization of a web page. But the loading speed of a website contributes too to the ranking of a web page. SEO experts commit the mistake of neglecting this factor by focusing on other SEO factors.

One of the main aims of technical SEO is to improve the web page’s loading speed, and if you fail to improve it, then there is no chance that you will have a better ranking.

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Hire SEO services Dubai based firms to ensure no difficulties in ranking your web applications due to such issues.

5. Hypertext protocol issues or no SSL

Not adding a secure socket layer to your website is one of the biggest SEO mistakes. Those websites that still follow HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS protocol have low rankings.

With the increase in the number of web development, security issues have also risen. Online transactions and data will not be secure if you do not have a secure socket layer to your website, which is an optimization mistake.

6. No Rel=canonical

These tags convey a message to the web crawlers by providing them information about similar copies of pages.

The rel=canonical tag specifies that the page is a copy of the master page and which is the main page that the web crawlers must give importance to by providing its URL in the link or ref tag. It will save you from the duplication issues in SEO.

7. Content duplication

SEO does not only deals with the links and relevant stuff; instead, they also look for the content and its duplication problems.

Neglecting the duplication issues of the content is harmful to your website rankings. You may face penalties if any of your content resembles any other website content or is plagiarised.

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8. Mobile-friendliness/ mobile optimized

Successful webpages are the ones that are mobile friendly and mobile optimized. Some of the web pages fail to load on mobile phones, or even if they load, the loading speed is not promising, which is a bad SEO practice.

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It is important to identify the website you are optimizing for web browsers is mobile friendly. Hire the professional SEO services from Spiral Click to develop and implement SEO strategies to optimize your website for browsers and mobile devices.

User experience matters a lot in SEO

Apart from factors mentioned earlier that are important for SEO rankings, user experience is also vital for web page optimization.

While performing the SEO, it is a must to check whether the user will have a better experience using the website or not.

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