7 Common Mistakes New YouTubers Should Avoid

Introduction to Mistakes New YouTubers Should Avoid

YouTube has attracted countless creators, and a large number of channels are launched every day. It’s easy to start a channel, but it’s not easy to succeed.

Without experience, the new YouTuber probably made mistakes. Here we’ve rounded up seven mistakes that new YouTubers are prone to. It can help you avoid the pitfalls.

Mistake #1: Know little about the target audience

If you don’t know who the target audience is or what the audience likes, the content you produce can only feel good about yourself.

So before starting a channel, you have to build a basic audience profile: Who Are They? What do they like? Where are they from? How many of them? Where can you find them?

Only when you understand your audience can you create what they like. Making content blindly may result in hard-working content that no one will see, wasting a lot of time and energy.

Mistake #2: Copyright awareness is weak

YouTube is very strict about copyright. Along with its strict copyright rules, it also has a powerful copyright recognition system.

If you break, it will be detected by the system. Some creators do not pay attention to this problem, causing the early efforts to be in vain.

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So, when creating content, pay attention to the copyright, especially the music in the video. If you violate the copyright rules, it will be difficult to apply channel monetization. It can be disastrous for creators who want to get revenue from YouTube.

Mistake #3: Expect too much from the new channel

Many newcomers don’t get many views after posting a few videos. In this case, they agonize, even wondering: Am I bad at content? Does YouTube hate me? Is YouTube hopeless?

No traffic at first is quite normal. Most channels start dead. The traffic starts slowly in the early stages but then explodes when you get a recommendation. So, sit tight, don’t think too much, just keep refining your content and your operational skills.

Mistake #4: Don’t know the competitive channels

They knew what they wanted will win every battle. To become familiar with the way your field is played, keep an eye on your competitors. The details include their topic selection, their data, their pattern, and even their shooting details.

No matter what category your channel is in, there is already a lot of content on YouTube. Large quantities can lead to homogenization of content.

How to make your content different from others and make more viewers like it? This is a question worth thinking about by every novice.

Mistake #5: Focus on irrelevant data

A lot of new YouTubers will be very concerned about the number of views and subscriptions. These two numbers are important, but these are not the key.

In the beginning, the channel should pay more attention to the quality of the content and the audience‘s feedback.

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The data mainly reflected in the click-through rate, the completion rate, the subscription rate, and so on.

In the early stages, data such as click-through rate and completion rate will determine how many people will be able to see your video.

If these data are not good, the views and the subscription is just a castle in the air. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the more important data in the beginning.

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Mistake #6: Ignoring the costs

All industries seek to maximize profits while minimizing costs. It’s the same with YouTube. If you’re going to spend a lot of time, resources, and money at the beginning think about whether it’s worth it. Do you make sure you can get it back after these investments?

Taking YouTube video editing software as an example, professional-level software learning time is long, and the price is expensive.

For starters, you can start with an entry-level clip maker like YouTube Movie Maker. This kind of software is simple and easy to use.

They have built-in templates and effects and can save a lot of video editing time. You can make a YouTube video with pictures and music in 3 steps. It’s not too late to invest more resources when the channel is up.

Mistake #7: Blind optimism and persistence

Many YouTubers believe that as long as they insist on publishing works, they will certainly become celebrities.

But after a long time, the channel is still deserted, video views are still in the single digits. In this case, you may stick in the wrong direction or use the incorrect methods.

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Although the original spirit is encouraging, the wrong direction and method can only be moved by yourself. You may be serious and hard-working, but the platform and the audience don’t buy it.

It’s time to rethink: Is the direction right? Whether the audience is too small? Is the content good enough?

Is there much competition or the operating method is inappropriate? Many factors can make original content fail

Final Words

Avoiding these pitfalls in the early days will help your channel grow more smoothly. Understanding some of these mistakes will allow you to invest resources where they can help channel growth.

In addition to the above, but also in the process of operating a more learning summary. It’s not easy to run a YouTube channel, but being better prepared can get twice the result with half the effort.

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