6 Important Steps To Understand Mobile Application Development Process

Introduction to Mobile Application Development Process

We have seen a massive rise in the count of Mobile applications making their way to the Apple or Google store in the past few years. Nowadays, people rely more on mobile apps than websites on the internet.

This has resulted in more jobs in the domain of application development and a rise in businesses out there! Business owners know very well that major traffic comes from the mobile phone. So, why not use it for conversions using mobile applications? Makes sense!

Most folks get it wrong as they don’t explore the mobile application development process in its totality. That often results in fewer installs, and hence it results in bad business.

If you are someone who is just starting with mobile application development, you must consider these basic steps to get the maximum results out of your mobile application.

Mobile Application Development Process – Steps explained

Here are a few steps to consider during the mobile application development process. Here we go

1.Mobile Application Idea

The idea of your mobile app is the first phase of the mobile app development process. Well, it is the most important part of the entire process.

With so many ideas striking through our minds, every day that we think are ingenious, not necessarily means are the best ones. Just because you aren’t solving a big issue out there for the people using your mobile application, chances are the idea might be a flop.

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The purpose of your mobile application should be the number one priority on your mind. Having a solid application idea that solves the user’s problems and meets the genuine requirements of the target audience guarantees success.

Solving the most common problems of the user drives high demand. So, work on that idea first and then make your move towards the development part.

2.UI/UX of Mobile App Design

Once the purpose and the idea of your mobile application are cleared, you can now move towards the UI/UX part of the mobile application. It is the second most important part of the application development process.

If you get the basics right, then there are high chances of getting your app successful. That’s because the users are going to use your mobile application daily. Just ensure to offer a smooth user interface and delightful experience to your customers.

Consider these points while making the UI/UX of Mobile Applications:

Visualize the whole layout of every screen of your application. It includes the banners, buttons, and icons at the right locations.

Always make sure the app screen should stick to its primary objectives.

UI/UX is the first thing you should focus on while visualizing app design.

Try to experiment with different layouts and see which works better.

Mobile App Development

The Mobile App Development consists of three phases:

The Alpha Phase:

In this phase, the development of the main core functionality of your applications has to take place.

The Beta Phase:

In this phase, all the major core functionality bugs and issues have to be fixed and the apps must go into a light testing mode.

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The Launch Phase:

This is the last phase of the development in which all the issues and bugs have to be fixed and the application is geared up for the launch.

Having the development part of your application strong is very important and one needs proper knowledge of development to do so. If you are unsure about it, check out the android mobile application development company to hire people with expertise in it.

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Mobile App testing

After the development phases are over, it’s time to test the mobile application for all the platforms from iOS to Android.

Do proper analysis on the benchmarks of the mobile application to fix every small bug that is causing delays!

Regardless of how seamlessly it’s performing on the devices, you must test the same application on multiple devices, emulators, and tablets to check the performance and layout of the application across all devices.

Testing the application thoroughly across all the devices and Operating systems is the most important thing a debugger has to remember while doing Mobile App testing before they even think to launch the application across all devices.

There are many companies out there that are mainly famous for application testing. To Visit the company

Mobile App Launch

The Mobile App launch phase is one of the most important parts of the application. After investing so much time, energy, and work into the process, if the application launch doesn’t pull off the release well, all efforts of the team and developers go wasted.

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Always remember the Apple Store and the Android Google Play Store; they both follow different policies and guidelines!

So, before you publish your application on the store, make sure to get everything checked to get the best output possible.

Mobile App Marketing

Once you have published your application successfully to both the Apple & Google Play store, make sure you get the approval mails for the same.

When your applications get uploaded on both the Apps store, it’s time for you to promote your application all over the internet using your social media channels.

Once you get some initial installs, you can start promoting your app through Facebook and Google ads to get the maximum downloads and promote your Mobile app.

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