5 Simple Signs That Your Mobile Is Being Monitored

Introduction to Mobile is being monitored

Nowadays mobile phones are considered as the fundamental necessity of human life. We can not imagine a day without a cell phone.

We use it to communicate with friends and family, its like a mini-office in our pocket as we handle official work with our smartphone like attending video conference calls, check emails, etc. We use it as a photo album, by capturing moments and saving it on our phone.

We use it to share that moment by sending snaps to our friends and share it with the world through social media. In short, the mobile phone is like our personal diary that has all our secrets, personal belongings, and ideas.

So no one can imagine the outcomes if the security of his or her smartphone is being compromised. Well, you say you have the passcode protected smartphone and the number is like complicated mathematic formula kind, but let me tell you one thing if someone wants to spy on you, then even your complicated passcode can not help you.

That’s because spy apps are strong enough to penetrate this security level and once it is in, no data I repeat no data of your smartphone is secured and safe.

So how to check if any one’s smartphone is being monitored? There are certain signs which you can observe to check this.

Excessive Use Of Mobile Data:

One of the major sign that shows that some extra app is working in the background is excessive use of mobile data. It is a common sign of the installation of the OgyMogy spy app on your phone.

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As different third grade or low-quality spy apps consumes more data to work. They need to share the information gathered from your phone and for this purpose they need data coverage.

1st-grade spy apps don’t need much consumption of data and that’s why they are almost impossible to be detected by this method. This is more dangerous, as everything will work fine in your phone no extra data consumption sign will be shown but a spy app will be working on your smartphone.

Excessive Consumption Of Battery Life:

Another sign that shows a possible spyware attack is the excessive consumption of the battery of your smartphone.

Let’s just say you are not using the phone and is just lying down, but when you check the phone again after a while and the battery is consumed without mobile phone usage then it is a clear sign of intrusion through monitoring app.

Deteriorated battery life can also be a sign of old battery, so just confirm first before any assumption, that it might not be spyware and your smartphone just need a new battery.

Mobile Is Being Monitored
Mobile Is Being Monitored

Increased Battery Temperature:

A physical sign from the battery of the smartphone can also be due to a spy app. But it is not one of the strongest symbols as it can also be related to other smartphone issues.

However, if you have not used the phone in while and it still hot or battery is warmer then normal showing the sign of consumption then it may be due to spy app, as it needs to send the information and that needs data consumption.

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Sudden Restart Of The Smart Phone:

Have you had the experience like you were simply taking a selfie from your phone and it suddenly restart? Or you were busy in sending some important email and smartphone thought of restarting right at that moment. Well, that sudden restart can be a sign of third party intrusion.

Someone might have been spying on you. Spy apps can give remote access to the user, thus they can remotely restart your smartphone at any time.

Screen Light Up In Inactive Mode:

Mobile phones usually lighten up when you receive a text message or any other notification etc. It is a sign of activity. Thus if your phone screen gets all brighten up without any activity then it is another sign of spyware. Someone might have installed monitoring software in your smartphone and now have complete remote access to all your data.

So if you are facing all of these signs then you need to be careful and take precautionary action as someone might have been spying on you.


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