Strategy To Get the Most out of Mobile SEO and Facebook Fast in 15 Minutes

Introduction to Mobile SEO and Facebook

We are living in a mobile-first era, where most of the people tend to spend a lot of time using mobile phones and social media especially Facebook. Statistically, 95% of the searches on Google are made through mobile devices. That’s why it has become quite significant to invest in an efficient Mobile SEO service and Facebook marketing.

In this article, we’ll let you know how you could make the most out of Mobile SEO and Facebook.

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is the process of optimizing a website for mobile device users such as smartphones and tablets. It also enables the site resources to access and crawl between search engine spiders. The Mobile SEO service ensures a flawless view of the website on mobile devices.

How Does Facebook Marketing Work?

It’s been a decade that Facebook has evolved from a leading social media platform into one of the prominently leading marketplaces.

Facebook marketing is another digital marketing approach that involves creating a Facebook business page or individual profile for any organization, corporation or even start-up, via which ads are crafted to reach potentially relevant customers organically.

Though Facebook charges for every advertisement or post-boosting it offers guaranteed results. But Facebook also provides organic means to its users to market their business products and services.

How’s Mobile SEO useful for your Business Website?

Search engines now prioritize mobile-friendly websites over those that do not have a responsive or mobile-specific website while ranking. The mobile-friendly versions of websites are easy to navigate and quick to load on mobile devices, there are fewer pop-ups, the site’s structure and layout are compatible with mobile devices.

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If your site does not hold the potential to provide mobile-friendly experience, it’s ranking would be affected negatively.

Refine User Experience

According to surveys, 60% of people have trouble browsing certain websites on their smartphones or tablets. If people find it difficult to browse and navigate through a site on their phones, it’ll reduce the conversion rates. A mobile SEO service optimizes your website’s layout and displays to refine your site’s experience to mobile users.

Enhance Loading Speed

The goal of a mobile SEO service is to reduce the site loading time which apparently is a critical ranking parameter of search engines. The code of your website is structured in such a way that it takes less time to load and download content.

If your site is taking a little more than usual time to load, the users will immediately switch to navigate another website and you will lose your potential customers without having them your content viewed.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of viewers who leave the website either too early or after visiting a single web page of the website. It has a negative impact on both your site’s ranking parameter and its SEO.

Mobile SEO service reforms your site’s structure in such a way that users feel motivated to browse your website, consequently increasing their average time on your site. And as we know the digital psychic; the more time people spend in browsing a particular site, the more is the likelihood of them becoming that site’s customer. Thus, the chances of increasing conversion rates are significantly raised.

Competitive Edge

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in the relevant digital niche, mobile search engine optimization is something you cannot overlook. Some of your competitors might already have mobile-optimized websites, you will be left far behind if you don’t optimize your website for mobile devices.

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Impacts of Facebook Marketing on a business

If you are aware of Facebook marketing tactics and their outcomes, only then you can use this forum to your advantage. Stated below are key benefits and working strategies of Facebook Marketing:

Massive Global Exposure

There are 2.5 billion users on Facebook out of which 1.66 billion people actively use Facebook daily. These users are from every corner of the world. Making a business page on Facebook and promoting your products and services on Facebook means having a massive global exposure of your brand.

Facebook lets you promote your events, take customer’s review, take orders, interact with a big audience, and share your business details on multiple groups and pages.


Creating a Facebook page for your business is absolutely free. You might have noticed that several entrepreneurs around you started off their business career through a Facebook page. It’s quite simple, you don’t need to have a website which demands spending money.

However, if you have one you could link that to the page and that would lead your Facebook audience to your website.

Advertising products over television, radio, etc. is quite expensive and has limitations but Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive and help you target the relevant audience. You can use multiple pictures and videos to market your business; however, interesting content and aesthetic pictures are definitely a bonus.

Moreover, this platform could serve as your customer care representative too where you don’t have to hire anyone and people could directly reach you by leaving a comment or message on your page.

Target Relevant Potential Customers

Facebook lets you advertise your products to the audience of your choice based on a variety of different demographics such as interests, and location.

For example, a local business could direct his advertisements to the audience residing in close proximity, within a 10-15 miles radius.

Similarly, a modern women clothing brand would only target teenagers and ladies of young age.

Furthermore, if you carefully examine Facebook algorithms you could target audience organically by your posts too. Posts which have audience engagement and are published in the peak time acquire great reach.

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In this regard, you must work on your content and graphics as these attract an audience to engage in your posts. Moreover, you could also launch exciting discount offers in accordance with your audience feedback and interests.

Enhance Traffic on your Website

Facebook has features which let you put your business location, contact details, and website in a way that your audience can easily reach you.

The feature is of great help when it comes to boosting website traffic. You can, in fact, add a link to every post you publish on Facebook. The smart strategy is to use link posts so that when your audience taps on your post, they will be directed to your website.

You might have noticed that certain business pages just add the highlight of their offers in their Facebook posts and the people are directed to visit their website for further details and order placements.

Final Word

To keep up with the pace of the digital marketing trends, you must invest your time, energy, and money in hiring a Mobile SEO service and Facebook Marketing managers to achieve effective results in the blink of an eye.

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