MOCK Questions on OCJP Cerification Guide-9

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    MOCK Questions on OCJP Cerification Guide-9
    MOCK Questions on OCJP Cerification Guide-9

    MOCK Questions on OCJP Cerification Guide-9:

    Control Related:

    1.What is meant by Controls and what are different types of controls?
    Ans : Controls are componenets that allow a user to interact with your application.
    The AWT supports the following types of controls:
    Push buttons
    Check boxes
    Choice lists
    Scroll bars
    Text components
    These controls are subclasses of Component.

    2.You want to construct a text area that is 80 character-widths wide and 10 character-heights tall. What code do you use?
    new TextArea(80, 10)
    new TextArea(10, 80)
    Ans: b.

    3.A text field has a variable-width font. It is constructed by calling new
    TextField(“iiiii”). What happens if you change the contents of the text field to
    “wwwww”? (Bear in mind that is one of the narrowest characters, and w is one of the widest.)
    The text field becomes wider.
    The text field becomes narrower.
    The text field stays the same width; to see the entire contents you will have to scroll by using the ß and à keys.
    The text field stays the same width; to see the entire contents you will have to scroll by using the text field’s horizontal scroll bar.
    Ans : c.

    4.The CheckboxGroup class is a subclass of the Component class.
    Ans : b.

    5. What are the immediate super classes of the following classes?
    a) Container class
    b) MenuComponent class
    c) Dialog class
    d) Applet class
    e) Menu class
    Ans : a) Container – Component
    b) MenuComponent – Object
    c) Dialog – Window
    d) Applet – Panel
    e) Menu – MenuItem

    6. What are the SubClass of Textcomponent Class?
    Ans : TextField and TextArea

    7. Which method of the component class is used to set the position and the size of a component?
    Ans : setBounds()

    8. Which TextComponent method is used to set a TextComponent to the read-only state?
    Ans : setEditable()

    9. How can the Checkbox class be used to create a radio button?
    Ans : By associating Checkbox objects with a CheckboxGroup.

    10. What Checkbox method allows you to tell if a Checkbox is checked?
    Ans : getState()

    11. Which Component method is used to access a component’s immediate Container?
    Ans : c.

    12. What methods are used to get and set the text label displayed by a Button object?
    Ans : getLabel( ) and setLabel( )

    13. What is the difference between a Choice and a List?
    Ans : A Choice is displayed in a compact form that requires you to pull it down to see the list of available choices. Only one item may be selected from a Choice.
    A List may be displayed in such a way that several List items are visible. A List supports the selection of one or more List items.

    14. Which Container method is used to cause a container to be laid out and redisplayed?
    Ans : validate( )

    15. What is the difference between a Scollbar and a Scrollpane?
    Ans : A Scrollbar is a Component, but not a Container.
    A Scrollpane is a Container and handles its own events and performs its own

    16. Which Component subclass is used for drawing and painting?
    Ans : Canvas.

    17. Which of the following are direct or indirect subclasses of Component?
    Ans : a, b and e.

    18. Which of the following are direct or indirect subclasses of Container?
    Ans : a,d and e.

    19. Which method is used to set the text of a Label object?
    setText( )
    setLabel( )
    setTextLabel( )
    setLabelText( )
    Ans : a.

    20. Which constructor creates a TextArea with 10 rows and 20 columns?
    new TextArea(10, 20)
    new TextArea(20, 10)
    new TextArea(new Rows(10), new columns(20))
    new TextArea(200)
    Ans : a.
    (Usage is TextArea(rows, columns)

    21. Which of the following creates a List with 5 visible items and multiple selection enabled?
    new List(5, true)
    new List(true, 5)
    new List(5, false)
    new List(false,5)
    Ans : a.
    [Usage is List(rows, multipleMode)]

    22. Which are true about the Container class?
    The validate( ) method is used to cause a Container to be laid out and redisplayed.
    The add( ) method is used to add a Component to a Container.
    The getBorder( ) method returns information about a Container’s insets.
    The getComponent( ) method is used to access a Component that is contained in a Container.
    Ans : a, b and d.

    23. Suppose a Panel is added to a Frame and a Button is added to the Panel. If the Frame’s font is set to 12-point TimesRoman, the Panel’s font is set to 10-point TimesRoman, and the Button’s font is not set, what font will be used to dispaly the Button’s label?
    12-point TimesRoman
    11-point TimesRoman
    10-point TimesRoman
    9-point TimesRoman
    Ans : c.

    24.A Frame’s background color is set to Color.Yellow, and a Button’s background color is to Color.Blue. Suppose the Button is added to a Panel, which is added to the Frame. What background color will be used with the Panel?
    Ans : a.

    25. Which method will cause a Frame to be displayed?
    show( )
    setVisible( )
    display( )
    displayFrame( )
    Ans : a and b.

    26. All the componenet classes and container classes are derived from _________ class.
    Ans : Object.

    27. Which method of the container class can be used to add components to a Panel.
    Ans : add ( ) method.

    28. What are the subclasses of the Container class?
    Ans : The Container class has three major subclasses. They are :

    29. The Choice component allows multiple selection.
    Ans : b.

    30. The List component does not generate any events.
    Ans : b.

    31. Which components are used to get text input from the user.
    Ans : TextField and TextArea.

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