4 Best Ideas Of The Modern Hallway

Introduction to Modern Hallway

From a practical point of view, the hallway cannot be called a very important part of the room, because there is the same living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

However, people forget that the hallway is the first thing a guest sees when entering your house, and the initial impression is based on its appearance and convenience.

The ideas of the modern hallway are aimed at practicality, convenience, comfort, and external attractiveness. As you have already understood, today we will talk about hallways – what they are, what they should do, and many other things.


In order to understand what the hallway should be, we first have to understand what role it performs in the house. The hallway is the first thing we see when we enter and from the house begins our interaction with the dwelling.

If you look at the photo of the ideas of the modern hallway, you can see that in almost all cases there are certain details that are repeated over and over again, albeit in different ways.

The hallway needs to cope with constant natural stimuli – cold, moisture, heat, mud, dust and so on. That is why the choice of materials that should be durable, not afraid of moisture, dirt, and other debris plays an important role in creating the ideal hallway.

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After the materials are pieces of furniture because without it, the hallway will not be quite convenient to use. The right choice of furniture can make the hallway convenient, while not taking away too much space. Poor selection of furniture will have the opposite effect.


As we said earlier – a lot depends on the choice of furniture, including how the room will be perceived.

Modern ideas of the hallway for 2019, in fact, will remain the same, which means that the most attention will be paid to simplicity and convenience, which together will create comfort. However, to do this, we must make the hallway functional.

If the place allows, it is desirable to install a minimum set of furniture in the hallway. Let’s start with a simple – coat hangers.

It seems to be a fairly simple subject – a hanger, but often people forget about its importance. The hanger can be both simple and interesting in terms of design – here more and more depends on the interior, which you are trying to build.

The hanger can have an extra shelf on top, which is good for placing headgear, gloves, and so on. We continue to go on the degree of importance, and therefore, in turn, the shelf for shoes and banquet.

We decided to present them in one paragraph, because both subjects are important, while you can go for a little trick and combine them into one. In this case, the shoe shelves will be under the bench of the banquet.

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Since we are considering modern ideas of the design hallway in the apartment, we should remember the closet, which should be put in the hallway.

No, it should not be a universal place to store outerwear. Such a closet should be large enough that all family members could keep their current winter clothes there.

Note that the presence of a closet does not negate the need for a hanger for clothes, because if a person got in the rain – it will be wet, and hanging this in the closet is not very reasonable.

Even in the hallway will never interfere with the mirror, and you can put it on the door of the closet – and useful, and visually will make the room bigger.

Next, if you want, you can add a shoe dryer, dresser, key, umbrella stand, and more. It increasingly depends on your needs, desires, and financial capabilities.


Considering further modern ideas of small hallways I would like to talk about covering the floor in this room. We have already talked about the fact that the floor in this place should cope with different stimuli.

Yes, you can lay the same laminate or parquet, but as for me, so it is quite an expensive solution for such a place. That’s because cheap laminate will eventually suffer from dirt moisture and all the debris you will bring from the street.

The best option would be a tile. Using it, you will not only get a durable floor covering but also be able to visually separate the entry area from the rest of the room.

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We all understand that in the apartments near the hallway there is no access to natural light, and therefore they are by nature quite dark.

Therefore, we recommend that the room itself be quite light in terms of the choice of materials, but at the same time pay due attention to lighting.

Modern ideas of the interior of the hallway can well be combined with high-quality lamps and not only ceiling but also wall. You should buy them only after the main part of the repair has been done.

If we talk about modern ideas for a narrow hallway, it is better to give up the only light source and install, even on the ceiling, several lamps.

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