7 Most Beautiful Migrating Birds Coming To India Each Year

Introduction to Most Beautiful Migrating Birds

India is a beautiful country to see all kinds of birds and animals. A large number of travellers visit the country each year to see its marvellous natural beauty and breathtaking scenery.

Its rich forests and waterbeds host a variety of migratory birds each year. Some of these birds come to the country each year travelling from different parts of the world.

In today’s guide, we are going to explore the 7 most beautiful migratory birds coming to India each year and everything about them.

Along with it, we will discuss how these birds travel from different parts of the world and from where they come from and where they go after departing from India. Let’s get started.

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Siberian Cranes:

Each winter, Siberian Cranes undergo a 4000-mile journey to the Indian subcontinent to escape the lack of food and deathly cold in Siberian regions.

This species of birds are an endangered species and there are two major places where they can be spotted in India, Bharatpur National Park, and Keoladeo Ghana National Park.

These national parks have declared world heritage sites because these cranes travel half the world to reach it. However, the extreme weather, overpopulation, and hunting have made Siberian Cranes have seen disappearing for very long spells and in the past decade. The Crane Foundation is doing everything it can to bring them back to the country.

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Most Beautiful Migrating Birds
Most Beautiful Migrating Birds-Siberian Cranes

Greater Flamingo:

Flamingos are known across the country, as they are found in India and migrate around the country only. They start their journey from the Island known as Anda Bet in the Greater Rann of Katch and it is the largest nesting site of the species in India. A lot of people visit Rann of Kutch to see these migratory birds in India.

These flamingos only settled down in the month of October, and around 10 lakh flamingos were seen on the island in 2011. These birds breed in Ideal conditions only and are fussy. The availability of food and the level of water is considered before they decide to settle down.

Their deaths on salt marshes of Rann of Kutch are the cause of worry for India as recently 139 flamingos died while sitting on 1000-watt electric cables.

Most Beautiful Migrating Birds
Most Beautiful Migrating Birds-Greater Flamingo


Ruff belongs to the Arctic Tundra region. The freezing temperature in the Arctics propels them to move South, and India is one of their preferred destinations.

Once the breeding season is over they move back to Tundra and repeat the cycle. During the time when winters arrive in the Arctic, the Subzero temperature freezes everything including from the plants, insects, and flowers.

Most Beautiful Migrating Birds
Most Beautiful Migrating Birds-Ruff

Northern Shoveler:

Northern Shoveler is the resident of Northern Asia and Europe and is a species of duck that spends their time of winters in places such as the Malay Archipelago, Indian Subcontinent, Europe, Africa, northern South America.

Each year a huge population of these migratory birds in India spends their time of winter over the Himalayas. They fly across different regions in the Himalayas and then continue their journey to the south of India.

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In the past four decades, a tremendous rise in their population is being seen, today, numbering to over four million.

Most Beautiful Migrating Birds
Most Beautiful Migrating Birds-Northern Shoveler

Rosy Pelican:

With their gigantic wingspan which reaches close to 12 feet in length, Rosy Pelicans are known for their gigantic beaks. Each year these pelicans migrate to the north of India and settle themselves in shallow lakes of freshwater with a large amount of fish.

The majority of these birds settled down in Pakistan, but few of them come to India, and some visit Nepal as well. It is because of overfishing, these Pelicans today have to visit the south in order to look for food.

But they can be seen eating ducklings and seagulls at odd occasions and often they steal other birds’ food too.

  • Most Beautiful Migrating Birds
    Most Beautiful Migrating Birds-Rosy Pelican


These brown tiny ducks come to India in winters. Coming from their homes in North America and Europe. These migratory birds in India prefer jheels, freshwater reedy marshes, and other such low water bodies.

They can be spotted most notably in Bhopal, and for quick availability of food, these birds keep near emergent vegetation. The time of the year they can be seen in India is in winter.

They have different names including Beykhur, Myla, and Bhuar. A lot of people and especially foreigners can be seen with their cameras each year spotting Gadwalls.

Most Beautiful Migrating Birds
Most Beautiful Migrating Birds-Gadwall

Spotted Redshank:

Soaring airs in Scandinavian regions, Spotted Redshank is one of the most famous breeds of migratory birds in India. These birds require tropical conditions and moderate temperatures as well as wet coniferous forests to make their nests.

The male birds hatch and take care of the eggs in India laid by the females during their time here before returning to Scandinavia. Once their children grow they return to Europe as well. In India, these birds can be seen during the time of November in the marshy and wet areas of Haryana.

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