9 Most Famous Tattoos as A Symbol of Strength

Introduction to Most Famous Tattoos

Strength is a feeling that everyone can relate to. It is something that everyone should possess and have to express in their daily lives.

Some people make use of tattoos to show their inner strength. Some wear tattoos to symbolize their physical potency. Tattoos are undoubtedly a great opportunity to create a remarkable design of artwork that serves as a meaningful symbol to the wearer as well. If you are in search of one such tattoo, scroll down to get various ideas to have a tattoo as a symbol of strength.

1.    Eagle Tattoo

Most Famous Tattoos
Most Famous Tattoos

Eagle was actually the prey of the Greeks and was associated with the god of sky and thunder, Zeus. According to the ancient Greeks, the eagle was considered a masculine strength and virility.

Native Americans, in contrast, represented the eagle as a symbol of thunderbolts and lightning indicating it as a symbol of spiritual strength and power. People wear an eagle tattoo with a full flight on their chest or back and that looks amazing.

2.    Bear Tattoo

Bear tattoos are associated with native American culture and traditions. The brown bear was considered a noble warrior by indigenous tribes and symbolizes strength, bravery, and power. People wear a brown bear tattoo to show their strength and courage.

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3.    Stag Tattoo

Stag being the king of the forest is a popular choice for people to have a tattoo symbolizing strength. The stag tattoo design could be more realistic or even given a touch of tribes.

The stag tattoo too is a part of native American tattoos and is a great way to showcase the tattoo art with deep meanings of strength.

4.    Horse Tattoo

A horse is the ultimate representation of strength and freedom. Who wouldn’t need these qualities in their life? Moreover, horse tattoos are also appealing to the people who fall under the sign of that Chinese zodiac, the year of the horse.

The horse tattoo gives rich meaning to the tattoo wearer. People who wear horse tattoos feel accomplished and appreciate the inner strength that they’ve got from wearing this tattoo.

5.    Dragon Tattoos

Most Famous Tattoos
Most Famous Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are usually worn on the back and shoulders and are quite popular with both women and men. Dragon coming from Chinese and Japanese mythological culture is a great representation of strength.

The use of various ink colors and types of the dragon can give different meanings to the design. You can have such an amazing dragon tattoo from Tattoo Design Inc. dragon tattoos are also a great way to represent a warrior’s masculine energy.

6.    Phoenix Tattoos

Phoenix is a powerful symbol to indicate various aspects of strength. There is a raw physical strength in the phoenix as it is reborn from its ashes.

Phoenix tattoos are very powerful ways to symbolize strength. People love the phoenix tattoos as it is associated with flame, yellow, orange, and red colors that make really striking combinations. Phoenix tattoos are a great way to indicate a person’s life challenges along the way.

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7.    Griffin Tattoos

Griffin is a winged hybrid beast that is a symbol of the power of an eagle and the strength of a lion in its body. For the ancient Greeks, the griffin was a messenger from the gods.

Even to these dates, people choose griffin to have for a tattoo. They are usually worn with coats of arms and make remarkable tattoo designs. For the people who are born leaders, such tattoos are the go-to choice for them.

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8.    Centaur Tattoos

If you don’t know about centaur, let me tell you. It is a rare beast, half man and half horse. They have a head and upper body of a human and the lower body and legs are of a horse.

Centaur is also the symbol of the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter. This once again is a reference for the centaur being a symbol of strength.

People wear the centaur tattoo to represent the struggle between good and evil, strength, and weakness. They are surely an unusual tattoo design but are a powerful representation of power.

9.    Lion Tattoo

Most Famous Tattoos
Most Famous Tattoos

Who wouldn’t know what a lion represents? It is an archetypal representation of not only strength but courage as well.

People usually wear the lion’s head like a tattoo on their back. The lion tattoos are really breathtaking with its bold and colorful design.

Final Word

Up till you read some of the tattoo designs symbolizing strength and power. There are so many more options to it. Some of the animals as mentioned above are real and some are mythical, but they are a complete inspiration and a great choice to have as a representation of strength and courage.

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It will be great fun to research some of the other various creatures to choose which one suits best for you to have as a tattoo.

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