Learn The Reason Why Most Startups Fail In Their Initial Years In Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to Most Startups Fail In Their Initial Years

There has been a widespread discussion as to why most of the startups fail in their initial years and those who managed to survive have done what different to survive in their business.

This has been an endless topic and there were many views from an expert that was in one sense or the other were answering the topic positively.

After reading and analyzing many views, one thing was found common amongst every expert.  All were of the opinion that it is the thought process that separates a well-established enterprise from a start-up or small-scale enterprise.

Wells-established enterprises don’t waste their time in anything that is not adding anything to the output of the company. Their major focus is on two things:

  1. Competitors Analysis
  2. Increase the output of the business

It is not like the case that they forget everything apart from these two aspects. No doubt that business is all about keeping a strict track of financials that gives the liberty to experiment but many other things like employee’s grievances, taxations, expenses, and many more backend operations. Any issue here can lead the business to nowhere.

A well-established enterprise rather than wasting time in aspects that do not add any value to the output outsource the stuff to others and focus on their primary aim of maximizing the profits.

To avoid getting stuck with this mess business owners from large scale industries offload these tasks to Accounting and Bookkeeping Services provider and keep on hunting for new prospects to increase the business outputs.

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It is worth mentioning that issues like taxation require a hell lot of legal knowledge and if left out can lead you to many legal issues.

Handling all these stuff may not be a big deal for most of the business owners but calls for time. And not like 5 or 10 minutes but huge and also requires the highest level of concentration.

Hence outsourcing these services to someone who is an expert in this is the best option and which has been the weapon of most successful companies out there.

Most Startups Fail In Their Initial Years
Most Startups Fail In Their Initial Years

Some people were of the opinion that hiring an in-house asset is a better option but for startups and small-scale industries this idea doesn’t work out. Managing and maintaining an in-house asset is another headache.

There are plenty of service providers in the market and which one to choose requires some R&D.

Here is something that you need to check from your end to ensure that your financial reporting services provider is worth hiring and will do justice to the work allotted to him.

Here is the stuff that you need to analyze before finalizing the service provider.


Bank statements

Profit and loss statements

Cash flow analysis

Payroll and employment taxes

Sales and purchases

Tax planning


Once you are sure that that the one whom you have selected for the job is an ideal one, here are some additional things that you can cross-check to be doubly sure.

  1. Frequency of reporting with his previous clients
  2. Financial Knowledge
  3. Reference and Previous work experience
  4. Hands-on experience with tools and software related to accounting and bookkeeping
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These pointers will help you choose the best one. On a concluding note, please remember to grab every business opportunity that comes your way plus keeping an eye on what competitors are doing.

Following this strategy will help you not only outrank your competitors but also will help you in upscaling the outputs of your business.

Business is all in all about the thought process and you have to make sure that you extract the best out of it with minimum efforts from your side.

Hope my write-up will help you !!!

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