Best User Guide How To Use A Motorcycle Wheel Chock Beyond 2020

Introduction to Motorcycle Wheel Chock

With the help of a motorcycle wheel chock, fixing and transporting motorcycles becomes an easy option. It helps keep the motorcycle’s front wheel in place in a moving truck or vehicle, preventing the vehicle from rolling.

The wheel chocks are available in different sizes and styles. This helps ensure that the motorcycle tire has a tight grip on the bed of the vehicle and safe during the transit.

The chocks come with base plates, pivoting cradle to help the chock’s wheel be in place for better adjustment and hold tires of different width and diameters and use the tie-down loops correctly.

Let us take a glance at how to use the wheel chock.

Mounting the wheel chock

You have to use the wheel chock on the deck of the transporting vehicle. When dealing with a large number of equipment, it is better to use quick nuts to create a threading hole such that it can be used for reuse.

Securing the vehicle on the truck

The motorcycle should be attached with the tie-down straps both in the front and back portion firmly. Try to use hard clamps or soft loops to avoid any damage to your motorcycle in the moving truck.

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Tighten the straps  

The straps should be fixed in such a way that it should not allow the vehicle to move on the truck. It should be firmly attached to create a good balance as possible in the straps used.

To tighten straps, it is better to place the handlebars slightly downwards that can help compress the front forks. This can prevent any chance of accidents or damage to your motorcycle.

 Putting on the gear 

After the motorcycle has been tied, make sure to put it on gear. This prevents the motorcycle from rolling backward and lowers the strain on the tie-down centers.

Benefits of using Benefits of a Motorcycle Wheel Chock

  • Gives stability to the vehicle

If you are unable to park a motorcycle or bike properly on a slippery surface, a wheel chock can stabilize the motorcycle and prevent it from slipping over. It keeps the anchor firmly fixed on the ground irrespective of how long you want to leave the bike on the stand.

  • Offers Safety

Other than using the brakes of your motorcycle, wheel chock works as an extra precaution. It prevents the motorcycle from rolling over and resulting in any damage in its external part. The wheel chock can also be used when you put the bike on at the time repairing.

  • Enables efficient parking

With a quality wheel chock, it is easy to place the bike in its parking space. It prevents the motorcycle from rolling to its adjacent space. In this situation, it may block other vehicles kept in the parking space.

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Types of wheel chocks


  • Easy to use as it automatically locks the bike wheel upon rolling it into the cradle.
  • Cradle takes the weight of the bike, and a result of this, the brackets lift and locks the wheel
  1. Wheel chock can be adjusted

  • The wheel chocks enable easy adjusting of the cradle position, and it depends on the size of the wheel.
  • It requires strong bolts to secure the wheel of the bike and prevent it from rolling over.
  1. The firm grip of wheel chock

The flip-up chocks come installed with space-saving and a tray-type design. They are perfect to be used inside the trailers, saving some space and preventing the motorcycle from falling on the ground or any other issues when repairing or servicing the vehicle.

  1. Quality rubber chocks

The rubber chocks come within a pyramid design and cheap in quality but give better support to the motorcycle. Rubber gives a better grip to the front or rear wheel of the vehicle and prevents it from rolling or moving when fixed on a flat surface.

However, rubber tends to lose grip due to high temperatures, and therefore, it is not suitable in most cases. It also tends to harden in extreme temperatures.

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The final thoughts 

With the variety of wheel chock, it will be easy to choose the correct one for the transporting company or motorcycle services. The correct use can secure the position of the motorcycle and prevent random slipping or rolling over when placed on a slippery or flat surface.

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If the transporting service has the required knowledge, it shall help them offer suitable assistance in transporting the vehicle. It also helps to tighten up the vehicle’s wheel, preventing its movement while in the transit.

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