7 Signs You’re Ready To Move In With Your Partner

Introduction to Move In With Your Partner

  1. You want to live together.
  2. You have fought & made up.
  3. You have discussed your expectations.
  4. You have had the money talk.

And that is why I know my partner & me are ready to move in together.

Is move in together a big step?

For many couples, moving together is a major step forward in the relationship.it often signals that you are not only a couple but that you plan to be one for a long & long time.and yet that’s where many relationships run into trouble.

What should couples talk about before move in together:

Discuss the reasons for moving in together.

Understand each other’s expectations.

Talk about finance.

Agree on the right location.

Move In With Your Partner
Move In With Your Partner

Why are you moving in together?

  • Just because, you are sick of the subway commute to your partner’s place?
  • It is totally fine if money & convenience are motivations for you……everyone likes having extra cash in the bank…..but those should not be your only reasons.
  • It’s important to be transparent with each other in case you are not quite on the same page. some people assume moving in together is an unspoken promise their significant other does not believe in marriage at all.
  • Whatever you do, don’t move in together because you think you will save your relationship.it will be placed in a legally binding living situation with your soon to be ex.
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There are some signs that you are ready to move in together:

  1. You know that you are exclusive:

this is not a given just because, you have decided to share up. uncomfortable talks can easily get missed when a relationship is grooving along smoothly & be clear about that.

  1. You have had the future talk:

While many couples are living together as a step toward tying the knot, not everyone does &  it does not help to make about what peoples thinking.

you & your person don’t need to be on the same page about what might lead to, but you do need to know what page the other is on-& be okay with it.

  1. You know your space needs:

This is not about the stuff, but rather the space you need physically, says white.peoples are typically fallen into one of three categories….

You need your own work & play space.

You like to change up your space.

You don’t need your space.

Knowing your needs & their needs if they could work together is so important before throwing down that security deposit…

  1. You are mature enough to make breakup plans:

Before move in together, you need to be willing & able to discuss how you will handle the finance if things don’t work out.as with a prenup no one wants to discuss the possibility that things might not work out & step before sharing a home & a life together.

  1. You have met each other’s friends & family:

Partners they are properly involved & invested in each other will have met the other loved ones.its a natural part of the relationship that you begin to share with each other as things progress & can be a sign of a healthy relationship.

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if you have been dating for a long time & are yet to, meet anyone in their circle then this can sometimes indicate an issue & if you are yet to introduce them to your friends & family-ask your self why? Meet each other loved ones first, take things one step at a time.

Move In With Your Partner
Move In With Your Partner
  1. You think it might fix the relationship:

Just like having a baby does not guarantee to fix a marriage, living together would not guarantee to fix a relationship.when you are move-in & you want to make sure both are comfortable, financially stable,& emotionally ready & doing it for the sake of desperately fixing the relationship, might add stress & is not the right reason to move in together. Give it some time.

  1. You feel pressured to move in:

It is a big part of a relationship.you should not feel pressured to have to move in & you should do it when both of you are ready to go.

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You have never had a major argument with your partner:

Its good to have gone through a heated argument of disagreement with your partner before moving in together, so you have an idea of how to handle the future. a serious disagreement in the future.

arguments are bound to happen, but can not just get in your car & go back to your own apartment now that you are living together & you have to learn to deal with it together. as hard as that may be & if you can not get that right, it’s not time to move in yet….

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People how do ask their partner to move in?

  • Approach the subject gently, don’t be pushy.
  • Communicate honestly & ask him about his goals & make sure that he wants the same things.
  • Before you bring up moving in together with your boyfriend/girlfriend make sure you are 100% sure this really what you want….

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