Debunking 4 Common Myths Related to Big Data

Introduction to Myths Related to Big Data

We are living in an era where the digital platform has taken over the world and because of the advent of the digital platform, the amount of data being produced has increased rapidly.

Earlier, businesses struggled to find data that can be used in order to understand the market, the customer, or any other aspect of the business but things have changed with the proliferation of the internet.

Now, even when you visit a website and leave it after a couple of seconds, you leave behind a lot of information that can be later used by the firm for streamlining their business process.

You will be surprised to know that currently, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day and this number is going to keep on increasing in the upcoming years.

Well, because of so much increase in the amount of data, new concepts like big data have come in.

You should know that big data, as the name suggests, is all about a large amount of data and it is also about the different types of data that are being collected on a daily basis.

But there are many myths related to big data and we are going to debunk these myths in this blog post.

Big data is too complex to handle

If you will consider both the amount of data and the type of data being collected like images, videos, text, then there is no doubt in the fact that things will get a little bit dirty.

You should know that big data has been introduced in order to automate the manual process and therefore, it reduces the complication of handling all the data on a manual basis.

There are different types of technologies and processes used in big data and if you will look at these technologies and processes for the first time then things might start looking complex for you.

But you should know that each and every type of invention requires a rigorous process before it becomes easy to use and the same thing can be said for big data as well.

Big data is going to replace humans

There are many people who are thinking that machine algorithms are here to replace humans but you should know that it doesn’t matter how advanced we become in terms of technology or particularly big data, there is no way it can replace humans.

In addition to this, there is no way machine algorithms can prove to be reasonable like humans and this is another reason why complete replacement of human minds is not possible.

Big data cannot replace human creativity as well. On the basis of the different types of insights collected from big data, humans use their creativity in order to streamline the workflow or approach and this part can never be replaced by big data.

You should know that the advent of big data is going to make humans more capable and better decision-makers and this is why you should welcome big data with both hands.

Big data is the all-in-one solution

It has been seen that big data can always get messy and then converting this data into meaningful insight is also very important.

But you will be able to do so only when you will have an ample amount of resources and the right process as well.

So, this simply means that you are going to need the right skill, experience, and ability to handle big data. Only then can insights be taken out of the big data.

Without these essentials, big data is nothing more than just a modern-day invention and for using this approach, you will have to get rid of the myth that big data is all-in-one-solution.

Big data means higher ROI

People always believe that technological solutions can give better results and thus it will always lead to higher ROI.

But you should know that this is not true since even with the best technology, you can never guarantee external factors affecting the outcome and thus you can never be sure about the ROI as well. If external factors could have been controlled, there was no need for data-driven predictions.

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So, we can say that big data cannot always result in higher ROI but it can be manipulated to get higher ROI with the right decision and process.

Just using big data and expecting an increase in return is one of the biggest myths you can live with.

There are surely many myths related to big data but if you are looking forward to making the most of big data then you will have to get rid of these myths and start looking at the broader perspective of big data.

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