Affordable New Renault Car In 2020 At Best Price

Introduction on New Renault Car In 2020

In the present scenario, the Indian market has a variety of cars from national and international brands competing against one another to satisfy the customer’s expectations.

Renault cars are one of the best in the market as it is designed with superb mileage, innovative technology, and various models to suit the needs of their customers.

Brand new Renault cars are affordable and set a benchmark for the Indian buyers. With its enhanced technology, before sales and after-sales services, Renault cars are one of the best in the world.

Renault is significantly contributing to the Indian market and gaining popularity at a fast rate. The cars are comfortable as well as efficient.

The cars launched in India by Renault are one patrol and five diesel variants. The company has a production unit in Chennai and a studio in Mumbai.

Renault India has helped the country to produce and design right-hand driving cars, thus making a mark on the Indian market.

New Renault Cars in India

With its first design house situated in Mumbai, Renault cars have successfully gained much popularity in India. New Renault car models have been launched in India that are specially designed and meets the needs of the Indian customers. Some of the newly launched models are as follows –

  • Renault Duster RXE PETROL 104

PRICE- Rs 10lakhs

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The car is designed with a digital clock and door ajar warning technique. Its fuel consumption is average. Headrest, arm-rest, driver arm-rests are adjustable.

The car has a front and rear cup holder. Its Power outlet is 12V and it is equipped with a power steering mechanism.

  • Renault Captur RXT Diesel

PRICE- Rs.14.81lakhs

A very unique feature of this car is its automatic climate control mechanism. With its enhanced technology, the air quality within the car can be controlled effectively.

  • Renault Lodgy 85 PS RXZ Stepway 8 STR

PRICE- Rs.16.10lakhs

This car comes with in-built air-condition and heaters which makes the ride comfortable for the riders.

  • Renault Lodgy 85 PS STD

PRICE- Rs.10.15lakhs

This variant from Renault comes with a uniquely designed headlight and ignition key, off reminder facility. Its fuel efficiency is 21.04 Kmpl and designed with a turbocharger.

The brand new model from Renault is efficiently designed as the front has a power window and it also has power steering.

  • Renault Captur RXE Diesel

PRICE- Rs. 14.86lakhs

This model can fit five people and it runs on diesel. It is also equipped with a multi-functional steering wheel, thus making the ride comfortable for riders as well as drivers.

  • Renault Duster 110 PS RXZ 4X2 Diesel AMT

PRICE-Rs. 14.83lakhs

This is an innovatively designed car with remote fuel lid opener, rear reading lamp along with adjustable seats and armrests.

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  • Renault KWID RXE

PRICE-Rs. 4.81lakhs

This car is uniquely designed as it looks like SUV but it is a hatchback. It runs on the petrol engine and equipped with a manual transmission mechanism.

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This car type is available in six different colors and it gives a mileage of 25.17kmpl. The Interiors of this variant is spacious and designed with comfortable seats. Its robust structure includes radiator grille, bright headlamps, and steel wheels on the sides.

  • Renault KWID RXT OPT

PRICE- Rs. 4.53lakhs

This variant is equipped with a petrol engine that has three cylinders and a 399 Cc displacement engine. The car is designed with a rear brake that is drum type and the front brake is disc type.

The steering of this car is assisted by power and it runs with the help of electricity. It is also designed with seat belt warning, warning light for low fuel, and digitalized clock.

The newly evolving online market of automobiles is the best source to buy any model of new or used cars. Online Platforms has changed the way buyers in the automobile market gets involved.

It’s another advantage of the internet and eCommerce. Hundreds of people buy Renault cars at Droom every year. They are the highly satisfied lot of customers promoting this concept and making their close acquittances aware of the benefits of going online for cars.

The stock of Renault cars available with Droom is overwhelming. There are cars of all types that Renault has been marketing across the country.

Every new model of Renault could also be found in Droom from the very beginning. Moreover, this online platform has come up with state-of-the-art customer service where every new and existing customer gets individual attention and get their queries answered promptly.

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