7 Tips To Success For Newbie Freelance Developer

Introduction to Newbie Freelance Developer

Several people wish to start their own business but are afraid of its consequences. I know, it can be a bit difficult to evaluate and analyze your career, but if you are guided properly, you can achieve your every dream, even if the dream is to become a freelance developer.

When you are determined to achieve something in life, you make your own goals and aims to reach that career destination. Today, I would like to help you overcome all those obstacles and see clear your success as a newbie freelance developer.

First of all, if you wish to go freelance, you must be self-embraced and motivated. When you are out of your normal world to become a freelance developer, you are thrown into a world that is equally astounding and exhausting.

#1 Market Prepare Yourself

You need to develop the promotional skills before you go big. And that does not mean handing out flyers and shouting on the street. You just need to get ready to promote your services.

When you are going freelance you NEED to develop your website. It does not necessarily have to be super fancy, but it should convey all that you are providing.

A website helps direct potentials to your business. This helps you promote your social media platform to your future clients.

#2 Niche Down

I’ve seen many freelancers that start with anything they get, even with the smallest project thinking that it will help them be experienced and prepared for future projects.

I do think that this is quite an idea, but I still suggest that you go for at least a moderate client so that you don’t get stuck as Jack/Jill of all projects.

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Going for a big client will make your standard mark in the developing industry. This will certainly help you get future huge clients.

What you can do is focus on one industry that appeals to you and start working within it. This is what is known as niching down.

This might seem to limit in the beginning but it actually allows you to play a strong long game. Also niching down improves your skill advertising and will appeal to your future clients as they can see right through the screen that you understand the industry and are loyal to them.

#3 Streamline Your Clients

When you start working with clients, there are a lot of things that are supposed to be kept in mind. This might get you a bit mixed up and confused.

For instance, have you considered the clients budget? Remember, as a developer you are working hours for some dollars, so be static to a fair range. Not every client fits your budget and that’s ok.

You need to stick to one plan at a time. Streamline your clients, have only 4-5 clients in the starting months, that’s ok. What you have to highly focus on is the quality of work you do rather than the quantity of the work.

Streamlining clients is important, but don’t forget about the kind of relationship you are supposed to build with them.

Have a nurturing, warm, and supportive relationship with them. It is also important that you maintain a professional environment by being friendly.

#4 Use Productivity Tools

When you start your freelance journey as a developer you might think that the installation of tools is costly and time-consuming.

You might think right, but there is no harm to installing tools like Asana and an online coding test platform that is available for free.

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These tools will help you keep track of your clients and employees (if any) and will help out ease the whole process.

Yes, this might take a little time and adjustments initially but trust me it’s worth some time. These tools will also help you look professional and will literary distribute your workload.

#5 Set Realistic Project Expectations

Once you start scoping projects, you will understand the true meaning of the workload. It can be difficult to comprehend how much time and effort a project might take. This can be a bit difficult at the start, but you will get better with time.

One thing that you always have to keep in mind is that be realistic with time and cost in every project you accept. Set your priority and scope according to the budget offered.

It is also important that you communicate and be honest with your clients. I’m not advising to be transparent be at least be truthful about the timeframe.

Set your project schedules and deadlines and try to stick to it. This can be hard but if you have the right tools like Click up and schedule maker, it will make your workload negligible in terms of schedule making.

Also, don’t forget to include meetings with clients in the schedule. It will help you easily see empty slots to call the last-minute meeting and thus you can look smart to your clients.

#6 Develop Leadership Qualities

When you start working with clients, it’s easy to get wrapped up in their vision and assumptions. However, you should show your great freelancer skills by developing leadership qualities.

You might think about how to develop these leadership skills. You just have to be confident in front of everyone, set pragmatic goals, and distribute workload effectively.

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It’s ok to sometimes have an open discussion with clients stating risk factors and propose a different approach. This will show them respect their company and care about their project. This small discussion can also show your leadership skills.

#7 Be Brave And Take Risks

Going out as freelancers itself is a big risk. If you can be brave enough to take a massive step like this, then you should never be afraid of taking small risks.

Put yourself deliberately once and see how you present yourself. This will help you overcome your fear of failing and will teach you that sometimes risks are the ones that bring greatness.

One of my favorite quotes said by might sound a bit cheesy, but it inspires me every time:

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go.” – T.S. Eliot


Jumping a huge step to freelance development can be challenging and might end you falling down the steps, but it might also be the exceedingly rewarding step.

It solely depends on if you are willing to work for it. Freelancing can be a totally different experience and can sometimes be exhausting, but it still will be an overwhelming journey.

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