15 Best Interesting Offline Multiplayer Games on Android

Offline Multiplayer Games

Introduction to Offline Multiplayer Games

Offline multiplayer games – Playing games with friends will feel more exciting and fun than playing games alone. This multiplayer game is usually only available in online mode, for example, the PC battle royale game.

But you don’t need to worry because there are also offline multiplayer games that can be played together. The following are game recommendations for many players that you can download for free on the Android platform.

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  1. Warlings

Use weapons, tactics, and dirty tricks to win this game! There are six battlefields, a large arsenal of weapons, and battle your friends in this Bluetooth multiplayer game.

You and your friends can fight in the sky, at sea, or in the air and there are many more exciting places to play this game.

  1. Virtual Table Tennis

You can actually play this game together using the internet or Bluetooth. But if you really want to play this table tennis game in multiplayer without using a quota, just select Bluetooth.

This game is pretty nice and has a beautiful visual appearance. It’s fun, I’m happy with your friends.

DUAL is a local multiplayer shooting game where two players use their phones to shoot from one screen to another. There are various interesting and exciting modes to play in this game, namely DUEL, DEFLECT, and DEFEND.

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You only need to be connected to your friend’s Bluetooth to play this offline multiplayer game.

  1. Two Guys & Zombies

This Bluetooth multiplayer offline game is a zombie shooting game in a 2D cartoon form, which can be played by two people. You and your friends can play together in this game if you have connected to each other to a Bluetooth network.

In this game, you and your friends will play as cowboys and police trapped in the middle of a city surrounded by zombies.

  1. BombSquad

In this game, you can choose characters like pirates, ninjas, barbarians, crazy chefs, and many more. To play this game, you have to grab your opponent’s flag and land by bombing them one by one.

You can play this multiplayer hotspot offline game with your friends when you are connected to the same Wifi.

  1. Special Forces Group 2

This newest multiplayer offline game is really fun to play. Besides the cool 3D graphics, the gameplay is also fun to play. If you like Counter Strike or PUBG-style games, you are perfect for playing this one game.

you can now play with your friends without the use of quotas. You and your friends only require to be connected to the same WiFi network.

  1. Mini Militia 3D

This game is quite fun to play with friends because it provides good 3D quality.

  1. Brothers in Arms 3

With a variety of many visual and graphic effects as well as various types of weapons, this game is very exciting to play together using the same local WiFi network.

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In this offline multiplayer game, we find many kinds of missions after you connect with other devices.

  1. Badland

Flying and survival are what make this game unique. In the game, players have to go through various obstacles and long tunnels.

This best multiplayer offline game can also be played together with friends via a local WiFi network, and even though this game is old school, it’s still fun to play today.

  1. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS is one of the best FPS games available on Android. This game offers a multiplayer mode that can be played together via a local WiFi network.

Interestingly, you can lead the characters you use to occupy the top of the leaderboard defeating other players around the world.

  1. Chess Free

Do you like chess games? But doesn’t have the chessboard and neither do your friends. Don’t worry because you and your friends can still play chess games together through this offline multiplayer game without quota.

By connecting your device with a friend’s device, you can play chess, a game that can play both.

  1. Minecraft

Who doesn’t know the Minecraft game? Yes, this popular game has millions of players around the world. Besides being able to be played online, you can also play this game together with friends.

As we know, Minecraft has addictive gameplay where we are presented with a wide world and we can explore it at will. Adventure and building a village will be easier if done together.

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  1. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp is a racing game that includes many of the most prestigious cars in the world. This time the game franchise presents a free game for Android platform.

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Now we can enjoy the thrill of racing that has not been offered by other games, either by playing solo or multiplayer, without an internet connection at all.

  1. Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

Mini Militia is a very entertaining 2D game. Besides being able to be played online multiplayer, this game can also be played offline together with friends.

In this game, the player will control a character equipped with various weapons to crush the approaching enemies.

  1. 2 Player Game – Free

In essence, you have to play this game with other people. Either with your friends or with other random people. In this multiplayer hotspot offline game, there are many mini-games that you can choose for you to play.

This newest multiplayer offline game is really fun for you to play together.

That’s the list of the best offline multiplayer games that you can play together on an Android phone. The important thing is to be connected via a WIFI or Bluetooth network. Apart from that, this game is also available for free on Google Play Store.

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