Managing an Offshore QA Team to Overcome Challenges Associated to Outsourcing Beyond 2021

Introduction to Offshore QA Team

As the value of the global outsourcing market increases each year, business owners are more concerned about the work quality associated with offshore QA teams.

These owners need to rely on offshore software testing as they lack QA engineers and tests within their own organizations.

This is a major reason why firms need to rely on these teams. Let’s discuss some useful tips on how to manage an offshore QA team efficiently and make the most of the outsourced services.

Overcoming the Challenges of Managing Offshore QA Teams

Following are some common challenges firms face when managing offshore QA teams:

  • Trust Issues:

One of the challenges that a firm faces are picking trustworthy vendors so that it can rely on the company for using the best tools and practices for all types of testing services.

Outsourcing requires more trust from a company rather than depending on the in-house teams, as they have fewer chances to supervise testing activities. The following tips will be helpful in managing trust issues with an offshore testing team:

Check Reviews: It is important for a business owner to thoroughly check the reviews and past experiences other customers have had with the vendors.

There are various websites that allow users to check reviews of outsourcing companies and their service quality. They can also check their detailed company reviews by clients who have outlined the specific areas of projects so that there is room for improvement.

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Ask for Recommendations: It is always easier to trust offshore testing services that were recommended by colleagues or partners as compared to an unknown company.

It is always a good idea to ask their previous clients about the process they had been through with certain test engineers, their drawbacks, and other important details.

Sign an NDA: An organization may also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that is a contract between two parties that established the confidentiality of certain information that they share. This agreement needs to be signed before disclosing any kind of confidential information. 

  • Communication Issues

Effective communication is also an integral part of any project. When a firm works with an offshore company, communication may be the key to success. There are several common issues that can cause hindrance in effective collaboration with the outsourcing firm. 

  • Language Barrier 

When a firm looks for testing experts with strong technical skills and expertise, make sure there are no language barriers. 

  • Cultural Differences 

Although cultural differences may not be the most in organizing a productive workflow, they can significantly affect the overall testing process.

The cultural environment where the testing team is located and the way in which these members spend their time can influence the way they make critical business decisions. 

  • Time-zone Differences 

One of the major delays can be caused by the team members located in different time zones. These delays may occur in communications and feedback and may also slow down the overall testing process.

It is crucial to look for offshore testing services that work with several overlapping working hours. This provides a firm the peace of mind that teams can exchange their feedback and ensure effective communication. 

  • Common Misunderstandings 

Too often, we see firms have a different vision to achieve their business goals, and QA teams have an entirely different approach to software testing. It is necessary to have a smooth communication plan in place so that QA teams perform as per the expectations. It also explains when, how, and to whom particular information needs to be delivered in order to make the most of testing efforts.

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Effective Communication between the Development and QA Teams

It is not possible to separate software development and software testing, thus, making it necessary for teams to work together.

In order to ensure effective and smooth communication between team members, it is important to make them communicate often.

It is important to set up channels and allow developers and testers to interact easily. Each team member’s role should be clearly defined so that they know who to contact in particular cases.

Even though they will be working with an offshore team, yet they should be available to attend you when and where required.


Although it is not easy to manage an offshore QA team, as there are risks and challenges associated with it. Yet with the help of the right people and tools, it is possible to organize smooth and swift communication and collaboration between the in-house and offshore teams by using the right approaches and working with experienced and skilled software testing teams.

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