How to Pick an Offshore Software Testing Partner – 5 Best Points

Introduce to Offshore Software Testing Partner

Outsourcing the software testing services to a specialized, independent testing company can prove to be a successful strategy for your business. QA sourcing can benefit a business a lot if it is planned and is executed properly. These simple tips may often be overlooked yet they can help in selecting the best testing company that suits the QA outsourcing needs.

However, even when you have chosen to outsource QA and an offshore software testing company, it is crucial to have a clear plan and know what tests the teams have to perform and which tests need to be automated. The process of choosing the best offshore QA partner can be daunting because many QA & development companies and their services sound similar.  

This guide can help you choose the best offshore outsourcing software testing company that can perform offshore QA testing tasks for the project. This simple five-point checklist sums up the most important things to keep in mind while shortlisting, selecting, and choosing the right strategic partner that can provide exceptional QA and software testing outsourcing services within the budgetary limits and in time. It becomes challenging for software testing companies to find the right people for the right job. 

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Industry Experience and Technical Proficiency is Important 

To maximize the ROI or a project and to maximize the payback, choosing to outsource QA work to the testing company that has relevant experience is as important as the technical skills, and its capability to work with the latest tools and technology.

Industry Experience and Technical Proficiency
Industry Experience and Technical Proficiency

However, on the other hand, it may be difficult to judge the level of industry expertise that your testing partner may process. Hence, clients should ensure that the software testing companies have sufficient experience working with past projects, have proper onboarding programs, and have ongoing technology training.

Thus, it is crucial to have a team of QA testing professionals who truly understand how a business works not only will add value to testing but can also help in prioritizing QA efforts to ensure the functionality with the highest level of business impact will get the highest testing priority.

Low Rates are not Equal to the Lowest Total Cost of Engagement  

Low Rates are not Equal to the Lowest Total Cost of Engagement  
Low Rates are not Equal to the Lowest Total Cost of Engagement

The most common thing to consider when outsourcing any sort of software service and not just QA, testing services is that as a business it is crucial to look for firms, vendors, and partners with the lowest cards. It is often observed that most of the testing partners offer cheap and lowest rates for their QA services are firms with testers who are trainees, new recruits, and employees with minimal to no past experience when it comes to testing and test automation.

Does QA Testing Company follow a Testing Framework and Best Practices?

It is important to always keep in the habit of requesting a prospective offshore software testing vendor to provide a list of unique IP, testing framework, and best practices that can be brought to a project. A testing company would be preferred if that has executed similar QA projects several times before and has a mature practice in place from their years of experience and a proven track record in completing projects successfully.

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These experts should have to be clear about the best practices, testing processes, and automation tools.  These assets available will help in accelerating your QA efforts and thus reduce the time to market. 

Is the Software Testing Company Agile?

The role of software testing and QA in agile development environments is well-defined. However, there are many organizations that find it tough to integrate testing into agile development methods. 

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Choosing a Model from the QA Testing Company 

It is also essential to look for testing services vendors that are flexible when it comes to engagement models. Each project is unique and offered with just one or two engagement models to pick from may be unfair. A QA services provider with at least 3-4 engagement models and carefully picks one that suits them best depending on the project’s size, complexity, expected duration, technological tools, etc. 


For some organizations choosing offshore software, the testing partner may be a daunting task. It is not possible for businesses to survive without investing in software testing in modern times. Without any doubt, outsourcing has various advantages in the form of more time for core businesses, better profitability, control over resources, and quality software products. However, finding out the most favorable software testing company for outsourcing requirements has become a more difficult task for organizations. 

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