5 Things OmniMD EHR Software Does Better Than Your Current

Introduction to OmniMD EHR Software

OmniMD EHR was developed in 2001 with the motive of providing medical practice solutions for all their problems.

Constant improvement in healthcare and providing paperless solutions to medical practices is what OmniMD EHR Software constantly works towards.

It has contracts with practices of all sizes whether it’s a small one or a large one because, at the end of the day, the company wants to offer EHR, practice management, and revenue management solutions to everyone. We are not going to waste any time with you and take you straight to the five things we thinkOmniMDexcels in.

Quality Reporting

We all know how important creating good reports is. Whether it’s a business field, marketing field, or medical field, we all are aware that reporting is extremely important and how the maintenance can take a lot of energy and time.

Reporting can get very boring and frustrating if done by someone manually. When a task becomes boring and starts feeling like a headache, the level of accuracy decreases because the errors increase.

OmniMD HER Software offers excellent reporting tools that not only get the job done faster but also keep a check on the accuracy levels.

Not only is the fear of reports getting lost goes away but they are all saved in one place which means people can access it whenever they feel like checking the progress of the company. The administrative load is reduced and the financial efficiency improves.

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Integrated Platform

In a time like this, we all realize the importance of technology. We all know that we are all surrounded by technology and how it is making things simpler for us day by day.

In many medical practices, different devices are used. These electronic devices can easily integrate with not only your EHR software but also PM and RCM.

When the medical software easily integrates with electronics and other medical software, the clinical efficiency is improved as less time is consumed on these things.

When these tasks are performed faster, the number of patients being treated in a day automatically increases which is what OmniD EHR aims to do.

Specialty Specific Charting Interface

Every specialty has its own information, its own educational material, and its own way to go about things. OmniMD HER Software offers customized interfaces which means you can manage and organize them according to your preference.

This gives you the edge to have a complete grip on all the things as you organize them your way. This helps in saving time and getting work done quicker.

OmniMD EHR offers functions that are specifically designed for different functionalities so many people in different practices can benefit from this software.

Intuitive Patient Charting and Electronic Prescriptions

Medical charting can sometimes feel like a burden if you are not using the correct tools. Not all EHR software has the right tools for Medical charting but doesn’t worry, OmniMD has got it all.

OmniMD medical charting is not only easy but very intuitive. Being of its intuitive natures, the number of clicks is decreased and you get done with tasks faster.

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Manual entries are reduced and the software automatically takes you to your frequently used labs, pharmacies, etc.

Similarly, OmniMD EHR Software offers Electronic prescriptions. How are they helpful? With the help of electronic prescriptions, healthcare quality is improved and medication errors are reduced.

It is a more convenient option for doctors and also a cheaper one. It can securely transfer your prescriptions to the pharmacies and the record is also being maintained which is great.
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OmniMD practice Management software

Moving on to OmniMD Practice Management software. A good practice management software that can easily integrate with your EHR software is of great benefit to medical practices.

Good Practice Management software means excellent scheduling tools, great billing tools, and excellent reporting tools.OmniMD has got it all.

With the help of OmniMDmedical billing software, you can easily focus on your patients without the worry of being paid.

Everything and all the data is being maintained online which is very safe for doctors. Having the right scheduling tools can bring a noticeable change in your efficiency.

Analytics can have a lot of errors if done manually which is why OmniMD offers solutions for it to be performed electronically.


If you are looking for an OmniMD EHR pricing or an OmniMD EHR demo, please visit our website where you will find answers to all your questions.

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