Finding An On-Demand Dog Walker Near You Through An App Like Uber In 2020

Introduction to On-Demand Dog Walker

 There is a high demand for using online applications almost for everything. All have now become digital. To be specific, everyone prefers (to purchase, ordering food, traveling, etc.) you name it, almost all their daily routines are done in digital.

Since everyone gets occupied with their work and returns home late, they don’t find and couldn’t make themselves available to walk their dogs.

A lack of time is a common concern for dog owners. No matter how badly they want to take their dog for a walk, they still have responsibilities, and their personal work to take care of.

Prior, they had to find someone trustworthy and caring in advance. It was offline. The idea of developing an online app for walking dogs emerged because of its huge demand.

So, why not have a digital platform for walking a dog with existing ideas like the Uber app model? Now, these dog walking apps work well for both planned and unplanned.

Also, the on-demand dog walking apps make the lives of busy dog owners much easier who otherwise find it hard to make time for their pets.

Considering this gap, how would it be if we can combine an idea with the need (app for walking dogs) and bridge them together?

Nothing but, A DOG WALKING SERVICE APP which helps find dog walkers easily.

Like Uber, the digital platform(dog walking app)connects two sets of customers: dog walkers and dog owners where walkers will have full control over their hours while dog owners get instant access to a network of walkers willing near their location.

Though dog owners love and want to take special care of their dogs, they are not able to make time for them. Thus, an online dog walking service app makes it comfortable for dog owners to keep their dogs healthy and active.

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A big shout out to these apps, especially those who get caught up with work every day, can rest assured that their pets are taken care of in safe hands.

Before knowing about the on-demand dog service app, We would like to list a few reasons why dog-walking apps are becoming so famous.

  • Time-saving for dog owners.
  • Highly secured and efficient.
  • Easily accessible and traceable.
  • Another way of earning passively for dog walkers.
  • Increase in business for Dog walkers.

Now, we have a mobile app for dog walking which also provides job opportunities for many people, especially for dog lovers across a range by connecting them through the mobile application.


Once the owner has made his selection through an app, the walker will reach the designated place. As the walk begins, the dog walker will mark the task as started. On completion, the task will be marked as complete.

Still not clear about it? No issues. Scroll down to know what it is and how it actually works.

What exactly is an on-demand dog walking application?

  • Dog owners send requests via the mobile application to high rated dog walkers near their location.
  • Owners can track the entire route with GPS and are easily accessible and traceable wherever they go.
  • Dog owners also get their photo updates, activity reports via this app that makes them less worried about their dogs.
  • The app also gives the check-in and check-out time updates of your dog for safety.
  • The walker brings their pet home safely to the given location.
  • Payment is done via the app or in cash when they leave their dog home.
  • The owner can give their feedback and can even write a review about the service and give ratings which makes it easier for other dog owners to book.

And now, let’s look at a few of the best dog walking apps and the benefits of using them.

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A well-known dog walking platform and established in the year 2011, Seattle, Washington.

Greg Gottesman, came up with the idea after his Labrador was mauled at a local kennel. In 2015, it expanded into drop-in visits, dog walking, and book-ahead home daycare. Long story short, now, Rover has more than 200,000 workers in 14,000 cities and widely used in the U.S

Rover allows its users to search dog walkers in their area. To ensure safety, it allows pet owners to arrange a meeting with the walkers. Owners can also pay for services right through the app. The app works on both Android and ios smartphones.


It is an American pet care company, works like Uber for dogs that give a digital platform to enable an on-demand dog walking app and was founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The app has been referred to as “the Uber for Dogs.”

This app connects dog lovers and dog owners in less than 30 minutes and is available on both ios and Android. This intuitive app enables services such as dog walking, dog sitting, and can be demandable for seven days a week.

When a dog owner requests a walk, all nearby dog walkers receive notifications. If the owner is satisfied with the service, the dog owner / the app user can tip the walker right through the app. The one who responds quickly gets the walk. It has also got more services to offer.


It is another dog walking app in the U.S founded in January 2015. Dog walkers in Barkly Pets recruit /hire dog walkers who are well trained, reliable, and appointed only after a complete background check.

This app allows owners to meet their respective dog walkers in as little as 60 minutes’ notice to save both of their time.

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The app was found in 2013 and is one of the trusted DOG WALKING APP

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The advantages include,

  • Time is saved for the dog owners amid their busy schedules. Having an app saves time.
  • It appears trustworthy to new clients who are seeking dog walking services.
  • Safety is guaranteed, and, through this application, professional dog walkers are easily found instead of having to get their details in person as the mobile app does all of it.
  • The app helps clients to access and contact dog walkers from any location.
  • Finally, an invoice is sent in the application to the walker and the dog owner with details regarding the walk.
  • Payment is made available online.

There are also other various on-demand dog walking applications like Pawshake, Swifto,, Petcare, etc to help you find reliable home dog boarding, dog sitters.

Best selling dog walker: 


A major advantage of an on-demand uber for dog walking app is, having a facility to gather customer’s feedback as it helps the developer to improve their businesses and thus helps the users to know the best dog walkers in the app for further use.

Dog walking apps are powerful on-demand app services. These on-demand apps help to solve a major problem for dog lovers by giving them a platform to care for pets and help them earn money as well.

Dog walking apps have also become very popular among pet owners as it is a convenient feature for people who cannot take their pet dogs for regular walks.

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