8 Best and Must Know Points on Online Cab Booking

Online Cab Booking – Luxury or Need of the Hour

Online cab booking is no less than a boon to mankind as you can avail of them anytime and anywhere. All you would have to do is download the respective app, enter the location of pick ad drop, and that’s it. It has all the features that have made our life but easy, especially for the people who do not have their vehicles. For some, it could be a luxury, as well as it has additional benefits.

Benefits of Online Booking:


Online Cabs are Available Round the Clock

One of the best things about online car booking is the fact that they are available every time. You can also get to know when the cabs’ price is high, and when it is low accordingly, you can confirm the cab.

Whether you want to ride early in the morning or late night, these cabs are always available. However, at times that do cost extra for driving at night but the best thing is they are available. You can make an emergency booking whenever you feel like it.

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You can Book it At the Comfort of your Home

The best thing about online cab booking is that you do not have to go to any car station in order to book the cab. You can download any cab booking app like Ola and Uber and enter the location of your visit and your home, and that’s it. In some time, the cab would be at your doorstep to pick you.

It is as easy it seems to be. You can also save the address of your most frequently visited places so that you do not find any problem while booking the cab in the near future.

It Gives you the Estimated Time Of Arrival

Unlike traditional taxi or autos, online cabs do not make you wait unnecessarily. Once you book the cab, you would be notified of the exact time that the cab would take to pick you.

Accordingly, you can plan your trip. While other taxis drivers will make you wait for hours. At times they also take long routes and then ask you for the massive money at the end.

They provide Easy payment Options

Like traditional autos and taxis, you do not have to look for the cash only. Online cab booking portals allow you to pay through different mediums like Paytm, Google Pay, Phonepay, net-banking, and obviously cash.

They also allow the person to pay in advance. The user can also link his or her debit card with the portal, and automatically the amount would be deducted without any hassle or chaos.

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The option of GPS Mapping

One of the best things about online cab booking is that they have an inbuilt GPS that directs the route of the location that you are heading. Also, you can share the same route with your friends and family. This feature also helps you to track the route.

Also, you wouldn’t have to ask for the right location in the middle of the trip. This would save your time and money as well. Another best thing about GPS is that it shows the most convenient route.

For example, it will notify you if there is a traffic jam so that you can change the route accordingly. Adding to this, you can choose to follow the direction or can opt to hear the route.

Users Stay Abreast With Offers and Discounts

Another benefit of opting for online cab booking services is that you stay notified with upcoming offers and discounts, and you can use them on your ride to get a considerable discount. For example, if you are using Uber apps, you can Uber promo codes to get a significant off on your next trip.

To promote the cashless payment, they also offer Cashback and gift vouchers. In addition to this, digital apps also provide offers to promote their interface. Also, they have a referral code that you can share with your friends, and when they use the same, you and your friend would be benefited by the same.

User can Provide Feedback

Another benefit of online cab booking is that you can provide Feedback to the can operators. Once your trip ends, you can rate the driver based on the services he has provided to you. Also, one can raise real-time alarms as well during any emergency or problem.

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Huge Options of Fleets

Last but not least, from auto to basic cars and luxury cars, these online cab booking services provide you all the options amongst which you can pick according to the convenience. The price of every fleet would differ according to the type of the fleet and distance that it would be covering.


Seeing the benefits of online cab services, we have concluded that these are the need of the hour. Since everyone cannot afford a personal vehicle. Online cabs are safe and provide you the most reliable trip with utmost convenience. However, at times it could be luxury; it allows you to book the luxury cars as well.

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