Online ADHD Test: 10 Quick Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction to Online ADHD Test

People living with ADHD often find themselves wandering off tasks, talking a little too much, having trouble concentrating on simple activities, and being impulsive.

This can be considered normal at a young age, but while most kids grow out of it, children with ADHD continue to struggle with the effects of the mental condition.

Some go on for years without knowing they have ADHD until the people around them notice their unusual behavior. In today’s modern-day society, you can quickly check on your mental health and rule out some conditions.

Medical health institutions are now employing better and improved technology to help with online testing. And ADHD is one of the conditions you can test.

What Are the Symptoms of ADHD?

People of all ages, gender, and backgrounds could develop ADHD.  And although this health issue is more prevalent among children, teens, and women, men also can have ADHD.

The symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be categorized into two groups:

  • Inattentiveness
  • Hyperactivity and impulsiveness

Although these symptoms are relatively similar, they are more defined among children and teenagers.

Signs of inattentiveness

You can notice that your kid or teenager suffers from inattentiveness through the following signs:

  • They have difficulty maintaining attention, even for a short period, meaning they are easily distracted.
  • Kids tend to be forgetful.
  • Failure to listen or follow through with instructions
  • Changing their tasks or chores continuously
  • Careless mistakes in their schoolwork or chores at home
  • Inability to stick to a routine, especially tiring and time-consuming tasks.
  • Difficulty in maintaining an organized environment

Signs of Hyperactivity and Impulsiveness

The main signs include:

  • Fidgeting and squirming in the seat
  • The kids are always on the move and rarely sit still.
  • Difficulty in taking turns
  • Interrupting conversations or blurting out answers in class, even when not picked
  • Acting without thinking of the consequences
  • Little fear or sense of danger
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When it goes untreated, these symptoms could result in problems in the kid’s life. For instance, they may fail to make friends or perform well in school.

Signs of ADHD among Adults

Discerning ADHD in adults is a more difficult task. That is because there is not enough research to reach agreeable conclusions.

However, from what we know, ADHD is a developmental disorder that could either stop at a certain age or progress into adulthood.

Symptoms of ADHD in adults include:

  • Forgetfulness, edginess, and restlessness
  • Failure to complete one task before picking a new one
  • Inability to take turns
  • Poor organization, carelessness, and difficulty in focusing
  • Mood swings, quick temper, extreme impatience, and irritability
  • Adults also tend to make risky decisions such as quitting their jobs with no advance plan.

ADHD Related Conditions

ADHD also has similar symptoms to some common mental health conditions. In children, you can easily mistake ADHD for:

  • Anxiety disorder- the child is worried and nervous all the time.
  • Depression
  • Autistic spectrum disorder- kids have problems with communication, behavior, and social interaction.
  • Tourette’s syndrome- Characterized by involuntary movement and noises
  • Dyslexia
  • Oppositional defiant disorder- kids exhibit disruptive and harmful behavior.

In adults, some related conditions include:

  • OCD- a condition characterized by compulsive behavior and obsessive thoughts
  • Bipolar disorder- A mental condition that affects your moods
  • Personality disorder- the adult thinks, acts, feels, and relates to others a little different than an average adult would

During the diagnosis of ADHD, you mustn’t mistake the condition for the above listed related conditions.

Online ADHD Test

If you think that you, your relative, or your kid has ADHD, but you are not sure, you can always confirm by taking an online ADHD test.

The best part about the online tests is that you can complete them without an appointment and from the comfort of your home.

ADHD Online Testing for Adults

Telehealth services offered by medical health practitioners are bringing solutions close to you. Now, online tests prove to be useful in diagnosing both physical and mental health conditions.

With ADHD testing near you, you can always log in and check on your condition.

Once you search for a test, you can expect a few questions like:

  • How often you find yourself losing concentration at school or work?
  • In conversations, how often do you find yourself interrupting others?
  • Do you sit through meetings, or do you keep walking out?
  • Are you facing problems keeping your life in order, or do you always seek help from others?
  • Do you like to procrastinate things till the last minute?
  • How often do you make mistakes when you consider a task boring or repetitive?
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WHO’s ADHD Screening Test

Adults with ADHD often face stigmatization as they are grouped as lazy people looking for an escape. And as a result, fewer people are looking for the treatment of ADHD, despite being highly treatable.

The World Health Organization released an Adult Self-Report Scale Screener that contains questions that could help you determine if you might have ADHD.

According to the results you get from the test, a 4/6 is regarded as a probable cause, and you should seek a formal diagnosis from a general practitioner.

Diagnosis of ADHD

Maybe you’re wondering, where can I find ADHD testing near me? Who do I consult for my condition? What do I need to get a proper diagnosis for myself or my kid? Well, the solution is simple: All you need is to talk to a health care provider.

  • ADHD Testing in Kids

Once you have completed the online test and notice that the results weigh more on you or your kid having ADHD, then it is time to talk to a professional. During your visit, the doctor might inquire:

  • When the symptoms started
  • Where you/your kid experience these symptoms
  • Whether the symptoms affect your daily lives
  • If you have any family member, especially parents with ADHD
  • About recent events in your life that might have triggered the condition
  • If you/your child have other conditions associated with ADHD

One sitting is not enough to diagnose ADHD. Therefore, if the doctor suspects you have ADHD, they may place you in a waiting-period where they watch your behavior or that of your kid.

During this period, most doctors recommend group-based ADHD-intense training for both children and parents to help you live better lives.

If the condition does not improve after this period, you can move on to the Formal Assessment.

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Who Conducts Formal ADHD Assessments?

As mentioned, general practitioners can only do so much. And if their diagnosis shows that:

  • Your symptoms did not start when you were a kid
  • These symptoms affect a great deal of your daily life, and
  • They cannot explain your symptoms by relating to a mental health condition,

Then they refer you to a specialist.

These specialists trained to perform a formal ADHD test include:

  • A learning disability specialist
  • A psychiatrist or a
  • Pediatrician

The test conducted includes:

  • An analysis of reports from your employee or your kid’s teacher on your behavior
  • A physical examination, which helps to rule out related medical health conditions
  • Interviews to analyze your behavior first hand

For the test to be considered as ADHD, specialists look for:

  • Continuous symptoms extending for more than six months
  • Symptoms manifesting in different environment settings
  • Any signs of the symptoms affecting your daily life
  • Any other conditions that could be ruled out as ADHD
  • When the symptoms started showing, mainly before 12 years

Among adults, specialists check to see if the patient shows more than five inattentiveness symptoms and five symptoms of impulsiveness.


ADHD is a development condition that affects many children around the world. Some get treated early, while others do not even notice the signs until it is too late. When this happens, you start to see disruption in your life.

Although it can be troubling, medical specialists are making it easier to find a way to diagnose ADHD near you. And despite the online test not being adequate to conclude that you have ADHD, it could be the starting point to your healing process.

Take one of the verified online tests today and know more about your mental health.

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