Online Courses in Accounting: 15 Best Places for Small Business Owners To Learn

Introduction to Online Courses in Accounting

Whether you are a professional or a small business owner, fundamental knowledge in accounting is always needed.

Here, we are going to talk about some places where you can take the best online accounting courses. Take a look at it and see which place suits you the most.

  1. Business Administration-Accounting M.B.A. – Wilmington University

  • Getting admission here is not easy enough as the competition is quite challenging. But once you get in here, you will have tremendous opportunities to learn about new things. The best thing about completing a course from here is that you will learn about leadership. No matter which field you are working in but leadership skills are needed the most.
  1. Accountancy M.Sc. – Indianan university

  • The accounting degree offered here falls under the top 10 Master’s degree in accounting. The cost of the courses offered here are quite expensive, but they are worth it. There are ten courses in total. And the cost involved in each course is about $21,000.
  1. Accountancy M.Sc. – George Mason University

  • The courses in accounting are highly acclaimed for their practical and theoretical clarity. You can learn all the fundamentals of accounting. After that, you can learn the other advanced concepts based on specificity.
  1. Master of Accountancy – Illinois University

  • We are talking about the Gees College of Business and University. The accountancy courses available here rank among the top three in the US. This university now offers a Masters in Science degree in accountancy. The courses of this university are offered through Coursera. By opting for the online accounting courses, you can also get the same degree as an on-campus student.
  1. Bookkeeping USA – International Career Institute

  • The online course that we are talking about is all about the fundamentals of bookkeeping. This is one of the most efficient courses as you can learn these things in just a few things. In other universities, you will learn the same thing in years.
  1. Master of Professional Accountancy – Bryant University

  • This course is also quick as per the skills that you are taught here. Contents here are updated based on the changing environment of today’s age. Such a course will give you an edge in this competitive market. The program is just eight months long. This university offers ten courses, and they all are available at a price range of $3,528.
  1. Financial Accounting Certificate – University System of Maryland

  • This course is available online through the EDX online learning platform. The online accounting courses offered here are mainly for interpreting financial information. Those who want to learn about making strategic business decisions should do for it.
  1. Financial Accounting Certificate – Babson College

  • EDX if the platform where you can complete this course. Here, you will learn about the finance fundamentals like the construction of financial statements, calculating performance ratios, creating a financial forecast. All these skills are needed the most in managing your business.
  1. Accounting Principles Certificate – New York Institute of Finance

  • This course will introduce you to the ways of applying the tax and accounting principles. All these online accounting courses are available on the Future to learn the platform. The best thing about this course is that it is only 2-weel long.
  1. Master of Science in Accountancy – Virginia International University

  • This program aims at making the students familiar with the technical aspects of accounting. Along with the technical knowledge, the students will also be taught other skills to gain accounting expertise. You can also find courses in business administration and linguistics.
  1. Accounting technician certificate – University of Alaska Fairbanks

  • This is primarily a regional university, but its online courses are for students from the whole of the USA. The accounting course offered here is one year long and it will cost you about $6,468. Here, you will learn about bookkeeping, payroll accounting, receivables, etc.
  1. Office Accounting Specialist – Lanier Technical College

  • This college offers a degree that is two years long. You have the option to complete it by going to the campus or online. There are programs for diploma and certificate both. But anyone enrolling here should complete four accounting courses. Two courses should be about financial accounting while the other two should be about computerized accounting. Anyone graduating from here will be eligible for the beginner’s position as an accountant.
  1. Master of Science in Accounting – Utica College

  • This university also offers online courses. The courses from this platform are about identifying accounting and standards involved in taxation. Along with the knowledge mentioned above, you will also learn about analyzing and evaluating business problems. Also, visit:

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  1. Master of Science in Accounting – Kaplan University Online

  • The online course that you will get here is equivalent to a graduate degree. These programs are beneficial if you want to enhance your critical thinking skills. Along with such talents, they will also teach you about problem-solving.
  1. Accounting M.B.A. – University of Scranton

  • The program offered here is two years long. After completion of this course, you will learn about the fundamentals of ethical and sustainable business. By the end of this course, you will be able to get insights into the business. This ability will help you a lot in solving your business problems.
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Final words

In the article, we have talked a lot about online accounting courses and their importance. Any accounting course is not complete until you do accounting training.

If you have no idea about it, you should come to the official website of Accounts NextGen. You can get training courses that are enough for every branch in accounting.

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