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Introduction Online Editing tools:

Today’s digital world is filled up with each service, which made the world a heaven for people. Developers develop the new apps and tools and people use these apps, either free or paid, to save their time as one good feature of these tools or apps is they require less time to get the work done. 

For writers, there are numbers of SEO tools provided that are used by countless writers all over the world. Among these SEO tools, Text Editor is also a developed tool for writers, students, and especially web developers. 

Text Editor is a tool that uses its advanced programming to edit the text.

Top 5 online text editor tools are discussed below.


The bracket is an open-source and powerful plain text editor that can be used by the web-developers and other professionals. 


This tool is developed by Adobe and released under MIT license. You can use this online editor for web tooling. It is made with JavaScript on which the user can trust. There are 300+ extensions available on, which you can download. To download the extensions, you must sign in via GitHub and also you should fulfil these system requirements:

  • Mac OSX 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14
  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
  • Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 
  • Linux Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 18.10 
  • Linux Debian 8, 9
  • At least 2 GB of RAM for Live Development

How to use: 

First, download the tool. There are different downloading versions available. 


Download Required.


Prepostseo is the bank of several SEO tools that are available online. Online text Editor is one of the SEO tools of the Prepostseo. 


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It doesn’t need installation. If your computer has internet access, then you can use this tool online. The input box in which you have to paste the content, also have different options, i.e. Insert table, insert special characters, insert listing numbers or bullets, insert date/time, add page break and the list goes on. With these numbers of options, it is considered as the best online text editor tool. This editor is error-free with no access limitations. After editing, you can save the file in PDF or word. The text which you edit in brackets can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

How to use:

Copy the text or paragraph and paste it in the required input box. Edit the text with the available options and save it. 


It offers free text editing services. It also has premium paid plans;

  • Yearly
    • For the company, $350/year
    • For standard, $150/year
    • For basic, $50/year
  • Monthly
    • For Company- $45/month
    • For Standard- $20/month
    • For Basic- $10/month


The owner of WhiteUrl is Amber Biosciences AB. 


WhiteURL is a tool that is supported by all languages. No registration is required and it is free to use. Simple Sharing is processed by collaborative workers. It has two input boxes named “Write URL” and “Read URL”. It has neither the latest version nor the old version, just one tool. All the text of the document is end to end encrypted and safe. The documented history is stored on the server so that you can view the old edited documents. You can insert images, insert special characters, insert links, format the text in bold, italic, and other formats. 

How to use:

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There are two input boxes; “Write URL” and “Read URL”. When you write in the “Write URL” box you see changes in the “Read URL” box and vice versa.


This is totally free of cost.


StackEdit is an online text editor tool which is specially designed for editing texts.


It is a very unique and simplified text editor with Markdown syntax highlighting. This tool is supported by WYSIWIG-style (rich text editor which also displays WordPress editing shortcuts) editing buttons and shortcuts. It also provides the preview panel by the side of the editing box so that you can keep an eye on the editing. It has a very smart layout so that you can’t get confused. This tool can sync your files with Google Drive, GitHub, and Dropbox. You can publish your edited document right from this tool on Blogger, WordPress, and Zendesk. 

It also works on collaborating, i.e. if two persons are working on the same file then it keeps a good eye on merging the changes, which is the good feature of StackEdits. If we extend MarkDown support then Markdown Extra, CommonMark, and GFM are also added. You can enable or disable any of the features at any time. It also supports Latex Mathematical Expressions, UML diagrams, musical scores using ABC notation, and emojis. Writing offline with Stackedits is also available. 

How to use: 

You can start editing your text or passage here: You just need to copy-paste the text or write it in the left input box.


This is totally free of cost.

Hemingway App:

Heming Way App is a specially designed online text editor.


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If we look at other tools and then this tool, it has a very simple layout. It doesn’t need any installation or registration. The whole screen is the input box and on the right side, it gives the readability percentage and all the word count features are available. It also tells the grammatical mistakes with the instruction. You can add headings up to 3. You can add quotes and insert links, bullets, and numbers. 

How to use: 

Just copy and paste the text or paragraph or write the text. 


No charges.


Everyone wants more work in less time. Now, it is possible. In terms of writing and submitting error-free work, a text editor is a tool that can make our work easy and make us safe from blunders. 

It isn’t easy to read each line so these text editing tools play the most important role in doing these types of work.

I’ve discussed the top 5 online text editor tools, in terms of both, web tooling and writing content. 

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