7 Amazing Online Marketing Tips For Involving New Clients

Introduction to Online Marketing Tips

Online marketing is a tricky game to win, but it’s crucial for many businesses – both big and little – in today’s world.

No matter how experienced you are in this space, there’s always more to learn. Getting new clients in is absolutely crucial because even if your business is currently doing well, you never know when clients are going to vanish from your books.

You need to keep reaching new people, and online marketing is one of the most effective ways to do that. Here are some tips tailored toward getting new clients for your business.

1) Start A Video Channel

A lot of people prefer video to read long chunks of text or even engaging with images. Why? Well, there are probably a lot of reasons, but number one might be that it’s very easy.

It doesn’t require much effort on the part of your viewer, so they’re more likely to engage, especially during their downtime.

Videos are a great, engaging way to get information across to your potential clients and give your brand a really personal effect. There’s nothing more “you” than seeing you on a screen! 

2) Give Something Away

Giving gifts to new customers is a fantastic way to introduce them to your company. It lets them try your product without the financial commitment (or with reduced financial commitment).

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It excites and engages, and it’s relatively simple to do. “Think small tokens, like 10% off your first purchase, or some little extra gift when you buy x amount.

If your marketing budget is very tight, consider whether you could offer useful information instead; write a series of articles connected with your product, so what your customer gets is answers,” explains Samantha Oliver, a marketing expert at 1 Day 2 Write and Write My X.

This will help them engage with your project, and hopefully, establish a relationship whereby they feel you’re helpful and trustworthy. 

3) Think About First Impressions

You really only get one chance to wow most customers, so think about your company from their eyes.

What’s the first thing they see when they come across your brand? How do you look at them? Do they see your reviews? Your landing page? Your logo?

Figure out the most likely first points of contact, and work on making these as good as they can be. If your customers are encountering a landing page full of broken links, bad images, or poor grammar, you’re likely to lose them.

If the first thing they see is negative reviews – same outcome. Try to work out what your customers are going to see first, and work on making these things the best they can be. 

4) Interact With Customers

The best way to ensure your customers are satisfied and keep coming back to you – and to attract new customers through positive reviews – is to make sure you give them recognition.

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Thank your customers, let them contact you easily, and generally engage with the things they have to offer.

You might encourage them to write thoughts in a comments section on your site, or give them an email address for feedback.

“This lets you make changes if there are things which are making customers unhappy, but it also shows potential new clients that you care about their experience and that you’re a business worthy of their trust and attention,” says Katherine Bilson, a tech blogger at PhDKingdom and Britstudent.

5) Set Up Events

Events don’t have to be in-person. No matter what your business is, you can get online events going to create a buzz about your product or service, and get everyone tuning in at the same time.

This could be as simple as asking your customers for feedback on a decision or offering them the opportunity to caption a photo.

You could hold a raffle with tickets based on the number of shares, or make a big thing out of your company’s birthday and ask customers to celebrate it with you.

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6) Beautify Your Business

Smarten up parts of your business that are looking tired or neglected. Your online image is important, and customers who find your site doesn’t work well or who can’t get the information they want quickly and easily will disappear.

Make sure your brand is cohesive across different social media sites so customers can easily recognize it.

7) Market Through Email

Cheaper and easier than video if your budget and time aren’t fitting in with that, think about marketing through email.

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It’s relatively easy to get email addresses for customers, so try sending out a weekly or fortnightly newsletter full of useful information and exciting snippets. This is a quick and inexpensive way to get new customers engaged with your brand.

Online marketing is getting increasingly crowded, but there’s still plenty you can do to attract customers and let them know you exist. Try some of the above tips to pull in new customers and make sure they stick with you!

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