Complete Guide of Cost To Develop An Online Medicine Delivery App in 2021?

Introduction to Online Medicine Delivery App

Online medicine delivery application has gained immense popularity due to the one-click comfort it is providing especially to the aged and disabled peoples.

Medicine delivery apps are beneficial for those who need medication on a daily basis. Those who need timely medicine but unable to walk out of their home to get their prescription can easily get it in a few clicks.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak where the healthcare industry is highly affected, it’s being quite tough for healthcare servants to treat every patient individually.

Also, patients are avoiding going out by following up on social distancing and lockdown protocols. In such a drastic scenario, a medicine delivery app was raised as a savior for both patients and doctors.

It helps patients to easily contact healthcare experts to get immediate assistance for their health issues.

Also, doctors can track their patient’s records online. Let’s have a quick look at the key benefits of an online medicine delivery app:

Advantages of medicine delivery app

  • Improving your customer base
  • Enhanced marketing options
  • Building a brand reputation
  • Introducing a new ordering system
  • Generating better revenue
  • Facilitate useful information
  • Easy Secured payments
  • Range of choices
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-efficient

Not only this but medicine delivery application are well known for their remarkable features like:

User Panel

Live tracking feature

Get offers and discounts – Users will get special offers, discounts, and promo codes.

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Order details – The user will get order details.

Upload Prescriptions – Provides an efficient way to upload prescriptions quickly.

Medicine Search – Medicine search option to quickly place an order as per need.

Login Interface – Easy and multiple options for logging into the app.

Pharmacy panel

Registration panel – New users can register here.

Particular Interface – A better, user-friendly interface for a better user experience.

Push notification – To keep the admin updated about the upcoming orders.

Prescriptions Uploads – easy prescription upload procedure.

Payment – Safe and secure payment gateway. It offers flexible payment options for users’ convenience.

Analysis segment – It keeps track of the order history of past orders and the status of the latest order.

Admin Panel

Dashboard – monitors requests by users and the shop owners.

Payment Gateway – record financial/payment transactions.

Tracking Tools– Keep admin updated about orders

Navigation – Admin can keep track of daily transactions for product deliveries.

Support– 24/7 support for customers to avail of the services anytime they need.

Entrepreneurs find it a great option for creating a medicine delivery mobile application. When considering developing online medicine delivery apps, the first question asked by business owners is “how much does it cost to develop an online medicine delivery app”. In this article, we will discuss some cost determining factors for developing a mobile app.

Features & Functionalities

The most crucial factor in determining the cost of mobile app development is its high-end features and functionality.

The more advanced features you will add the more it will shape the cost. Some of the advanced features are as follows:


It provides patients easy accessibility to receive consultation from a healthcare expert. It offers them information related to medicine and health products.

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It removes the language barrier. Customers can access the app feature in their preferred language.

Lab Search

Customers can search for nearby labs for medical tests and diagnoses.

Upload Documents

Users can upload ID proofs, prescriptions, or other necessary documents for further processing

Cloud Storage

It stores all data in relation to delivery, order history, etc on cloud servers

Development Platforms

Online medicine delivery apps developed on multiple platforms. It depends upon the business’s choice. Every platform has its pros and cons.

The platform used to develop a business solution plays a lead role in investments. To enhance users’ experience by offering features like cloud environment, payment gateways, real-time analytics it is important to implement advanced technology. The implementation of such technology influences the cost of development.

Development Time

The functionalities and features determine what amount of time an application would require to be created, tested, and delivered.

The app developers charge hourly rates, the more extended the development time, the higher will be the cost.

The more experienced hands are applied to the project, the earlier it will reach its end. The time of completing a project is determined by the number of skilled developers involved in it and the features and functionalities implemented.

Type of App you choose

As per your target audience and demographic region, you need to choose a type of mobile app that is highly used. You cannot select a type of application on a random basis, you must focus on the end user’s preference.

There are three types of mobile apps:

  • Native App
  • Web App
  • Hybrid App

What you choose as per your business specifications will require you to pay accordingly.

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Advanced Features

Implementation of advanced features as per the latest market trends will make more investments. Developing a medicine delivery application can quite complex when you want to implement advanced features like:

  • Payment mode
  • Push Notifications
  • Database Integration
  • Voice/SMS API for SMS/Voice & Phone Verification
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Cloud Environment

Implementing such features will make you pay an extra amount.


The medical industry is the most crucial area where you need to think more than just an entrepreneur.

You will be responsible to take someone out of their pain and medical illness. You are not allowed to compromise with quality, features, and rich functionalities.

Invest in the right place and make a wise decision to deliver the best services to the end-user. Hire a mobile app development company to create a feature-filled app for your business. Only a professional can convert your app development ideas into reality.

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