5 Amazing Explanations On Why Online SMS Bombers are Getting Popularity

Introduction to Online SMS Bombers

Online SMS bombers are nothing but an excellent solution for prankers who are big fans of making fun with their friends and family members. Pranking this way is not a new term nowadays.

This trend was first initiated by some 90s hackers who used to practice Email Bombingoften to harass the receivers for some serious reasons or purposes. With the flow of technological wind, this trend took a different turn and spread worldwide.

That was the time when only hackers could perform mail bombing activity. But now the access to these has come to mango people’s hand.

Yes, this is true that there are some positive and negative sides to happening this. But in this article, that is not our concern! 

Before judging SMS bombing solutions, we will pay attention to something interesting. And that is,

What factors worked behind the extensive popularity of SMS bombing among the general people? Is there exist something dark?

What do Online SMS Bombers offer?

There are basically two types of bombing solutions.

  1. Web-based SMS Bombers: This is a web-based solution where you can perform your SMS bombing activity by directly visiting their site
  2. SMS Bombing App: You will find such apps on the Google Play Store or any trusted third-party site. Such apps will allow you to perform the same thing with a little more convenience.

In terms of service providing, both are identical. And both solutions are renowned as online SMS bombers. So, you will find the following features common in most SMS bombing solutions.

  • Sending a bulk amount of messages at a time
  • Name hiding functionality
  • Free to use
  • No subscription is required in most cases
  • Send customized messages to specific numbers
  • Set scheduled messages to send
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These all are the properties of a decent quality SMS bomber. Check out the list of some Best SMS bombers that can introduce you to the authentic solution.

What 5 Factors Made Online SMS Bombers Popular?

According to multiple resources, many tech critics mentioned, these kinds of SMS sending solutions are the alternate name of spamming. But the fact is, these solutions are not always used for unethical purposes. There exist some excellent usage too.

But, as you can guess, both useful and fun purposes helped this app to gain extensive popularity.

Let me give you 5 explanations regarding these SMS bombing solutions that worked behind achieving such success with fair dominance.

Free to Use

You don’t have to pay a single penny to enjoy the SMS bombing solution in most cases. The developers behind the scene made this for engaging more people. And in this run, they are successful.

Another point should be noted here. SMS bombing apps are popular in the Asian subcontinent. In most cases, the people from this region are not big fans of spending bucks buying such service. And on the other hand, developers took full advantage of this. So, we found three hooking points.

  • The Asian subcontinent is the ultimate source of big traffic
  • These people love to enjoy any service for free
  • Developers offered them SMS bomber for free

Useful for Making Awareness

Suppose you decide to make awareness among a particular group of people on a particular topic. In that case, you have multiple options.

  • You can run a campaign targeting them
  • You can mail all of them manually
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According to multiple resources, the email opening rate is only 20%, where the SMS opening rate is 98%. So it’s simple math that SMS marketing will be more effective if you have the collection of their numbers. But sending a bulk amount of messages manually is near to impossible for any human being.

Online SMS bomber can help you in this case. The entire system is automated. You just have to set the necessary settings and press the GO button. The rest of your work will be done automatically.

You Can Keep Your Name Hidden

Sending messages from your own cell phone will not let you keep your number hidden from the receiver. But sometimes we face some situation, where we want to say something to one or multiple persons from our disappeared existence.

SMS bombers can provide you the ultimate solution. You can write your messages, set the numbers where the messages to be sent, but you don’t have to put your name or number. This is one of the key features that worked behind the extensive popularity of this app.

No SIM Card is Required

For making a call and sending an SMS, a SIM card is the must-have thing on your phone. But as an SMS bomber user, you don’t have to do so! And here is the magical thing. You will need just three things for sending SMS

  • You beloved smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • A decent quality online SMS bomber

After all, the whole setup holds the potential to save your money since you are operating a phone with no SIM card.

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Since your phone has no SIM card, so it’s pretty obvious you are untrackable now. On the other hand, when you perform SMS bombing from the online SMS bombing solution, you are actually using a cloud server to begin the sending process.

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Yes, most of the bombing solution providers do their marketing by stating such statements. But the matter of concern is, you can’t escape the law enforcement agencies. They know very well how to deal with such kinds of issues. As most people don’t know the actual reality, they start using these solutions.

And this activity can be considered as one of the pillars of gaining popularity.

In that case, the recommendation should be, try to use the best quality SMS bombers that don’t make any fake statements.


So, are online SMS bombers are unethical to use? The answer is both Yes and No! It depends on how you are using this solution. Yes, in most cases, people use it for making pranks with friends. What if you start a new beginning? After all, using SMS bombers ethically is not a crime. Instead, using it unethically is the crime. Let’s start with the first one!

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