Best Ways to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming

Introduction to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

There are different guides and posts that will help you to improve the gaming performance of Windows 10. There are different ways using which you can improve the gaming performance of Windows 10.

Gaming computers should be kept optimized every time. Window 10 operating system is the most used operating system for gaming. Most of the gamers face the problem of slow and sluggish working PCs and want to optimize the computer.

We have listed some tips that help you to optimize the Window 10 system for gaming.

How to optimize windows 10 for gaming 

Here are some instructions available which help you to optimize PC for gaming. Read the following tips

  1. Optimize Windows 10 by enabling Game Mode

Window 10 comes with a Game mode that will increase the performance of your system.

To enable Game Mode, go to “Settings” add click on Gaming. Now click on the Game Mode tab and then enable Game Mode.

Note: If the Game Mode settings are not available then you want to update the system.

Once the Game Mode is enabled your system should perform better.

  1. Manage Your Active Hours

One of the main problems with the Windows 10 is the updates. Window 10 will restart and start updating while you are playing a game thus creating a nuisance.

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To solve this problem, we can disable Windows update but it is not recommended. Window update comes with bug fixes and other improvements. Windows update also improves system performance, secure your system and introduces new features.

Microsoft has introduced a feature that will stop the Window 10 restarting and updating while you are playing games and working. You can set the active hours that will help you to set your working hours and Window update.

To set active hours go to settings and go to Update & Security. Now click on Change active hours, from this you can set active hours and click on Save.

  1. Upgrade HDD to SSD

Upgrading the hardware of the computer will most of the time increase its performance. However, if we use a new version and correct hardware then it will surely increase the performance of your computer.

The first thing you want to upgrade on your computer is to use an SSD instead of HDD. SSDs are fast and will improve the performance of the computer big time.

The first thing you will see after upgrading to an SSD is faster loading times of Windows 10, it will also improve the loading time of games.

  1. Visual Effects Settings

Gaming needs free CPU and Memory, and visual effects will hog all the resources. Windows 10 comes with various visual effects that make the Windows 10 UI look pretty.

Turning off the visual effects will free up the resources and will optimize the windows system.

To do so type View advanced system settings in the search bar and click on the first app. Now click on the Advanced tab and from the performance section click on Settings. Now uncheck all the visual settings you do not want also you can checkmark Adjust for best performance.

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This will stop all the visual effects and will improve the computer’s performance.

  1. Prevent Steam from Auto-Updating Games

Many of the games use Steam for buying and playing games. The main thing about Steam is that it will auto-update the game, this will take resources and will slow your computer while playing the game.

You can stop Steam from auto-updating a game while playing a game. To stop steam from auto-updating a game open Steam goes to Settings and then go to Download. Now from download uncheck “Allow downloads during gameplay”.

Once it is done the Steam will not update a game while you are playing a game.

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  1. High-Performance Power Plan

There are various power plans available on Window 10. Power plans are used to save battery or provide more power to the hardware.

Power saving is not needed on the desktop computer as they do not work on a battery. Changing power settings to the High Performance for increasing Windows 10 gaming performance.

To change power settings on Window 10, go to settings by pressing the Window key and I key. Now click on the System and go to Power & Sleep. Now click on Additional power settings and then select High Performance.

The High-Performance plan will optimize the Windows 10 for gaming.

  1. Update GPU Drivers

A gaming Graphic card is necessary and its drivers should be updated regularly. Outdated drivers will create problems; therefore, we need to keep the drivers updated.

You can update the drivers from the device manager or you can visit the graphic card manufacturer’s website and download the latest available driver.

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Optimizing Window 10 PC for gaming is easy, you just have to follow the steps mentioned in this post.

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