6 Best Ideas For Website to Outperform The Competition on Google

Introduction to Outperform The Competition on Google

Only the top 10 rankings on Google search results while there are hundreds of websites competing, how can your website outperform the competition? Don’t miss a way to let your website outperform the competition on Google in this article.

A website with a high ranking on Google is more likely to have customers, even many customers. That is why everyone wants their website to have a ranking, then high rankings on Google.

While the number of rankings is limited or the ranking is highly effective is only the first Top10 results on Google. Therefore, you have to compete with thousands of other websites to rank in the Top 10 of Google. How to get to the top is always a concern. There are many ways to get to the Top.

In this article, the website design Tat Thanh will share with you in the least technical way. Of course, if your SEO technique is good, you will be less strenuous and more likely to go to the Top.

But technical SEO is quite difficult to learn for many people with no background or specialized knowledge. Therefore, we want to show you a way that takes a lot of effort but is easy to learn to be on the top of Google.


Because the ultimate destination for a person to visit a website is to find answers to their questions. The answer is the content (article, image, video).

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In which the content accounts for a larger proportion. So you just focus on the content first. That is always good. Whether you are technical SEO or don’t understand much about SEO techniques.

Why good content can you top?

Because no matter which website analysis technique Google uses, their aim is always to find the website and articles with the best content for the users’ concerns and questions when searching.

If Google doesn’t prioritize the best articles, customers will eventually turn to other platforms. Without people searching, Google sells ads to anyone.

So, you can rest assured that if you do good content, there is never any loss. In many cases, as long as you write good content, your website will be able to top with some keywords.

I crush my competitor’s SEO techniques with the quality of the article and quantity of the article

If my competitors are some good SEO websites, but their content is not too good. Then I will write better content than them.

Not just a good article, but a bunch of articles. If your opponent only has one or two articles and focuses on technical SEO.

I will write a bunch of dozens, a few dozen articles to solve the concerns and questions of customers. I will crush my opponent with both quality and quantity.

Because that is the destination of Google and the searcher. Even in the situation, the client references a number of websites.

When they visit my website, they will find that my content is more quality, to meet the needs of my customers better. I believe, then, customers will sympathize with and buy my products and services.

In some situations, competitors also have high-quality target articles. But then what? Currently, people who specialize in writing are usually not much.

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They usually only write one, two, or three articles together. To overcome them, I am willing to invest the effort and time to write 20 or even 30 good articles.

Covering all of their needs, answering almost all of their concerns. The quality of the article is invested, capable of effective application in practice.

Not bullshit posts just for numbers. If you do not have many technical strengths, then you turn the article into one of your strengths.

Of course, if your article is poor, the quantity is also small, then you will lose to the opponent. It’s your fault, you have to change, that’s all :).

Don’t stop at articles

If you have the team behind to support you with technical SEO issues, great. Focus on your strength in the writing. It’s done. Use the strengths of the team to create the highest efficiency.

If you don’t have a strong technical SEO team to support or you want to learn a few SEO techniques. It is difficult to become a talent or a very good person.

But in fact, you do not have to reach that milestone at work. You just need to be good enough, fluent in the basics. If you have the ability, you just learn and practice to become as good as possible.

And you are less technical than the competition in part, but more in quantity content. Of course, you will be on the Top.

In general, you must always be something more than your opponent. That way, your ranking will be in the competition.

You would think of it as a fighting game. You test your ability to learn and improve your ability to outdo your opponents.
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The image is better than the competition

Many SEOs often do not pay attention to this. While choosing beautiful pictures on the internet or taking a selfie is not too difficult.

You just need to use your phone to be able to take beautiful pictures. Or you can choose from images available online.

But good or bad photos depend on the aesthetic ability of each person. It doesn’t depend on the technique or is tied down. In terms of photos, everyone is quite equal. So, you often choose beautiful images to supplement your posts.

Create an affiliate and complementary content network

Google loves “full message” color websites. That is, the content is invested, complementing each other. Articles are also linked, hooked, complementary.

This article has content links to other articles. This bunch of topics is related to another. In the end to create a tightly cohesive content network.

Content like that, every customer will not love. If customers love, Google will only love you. Of course, if you are good at SEO techniques, the better. Wish you will have effective sales websites.

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