6 Best Apps To Outsource Household Tasks

Introduction to Outsource Household Tasks

Did you know that your smartphone holds a lot of abilities? If you have the right apps, you could do almost everything. It does not only limit to games and social media– you can check off some household chores on your to-do list.

Today, there are several apps available to help you with almost every task. Do you want groceries to be delivered right at your door?

Are you looking for a new friend? Do you need a ride to your friend’s home? Name it! There are several apps to outsource household tasks too!

Apps to Download for Household Tasks

Long hours at work leave us exhausted as we get home. Household tasks can be the source of an argument of partners or a huge source of stress for those living alone.

Figuring out the best way on how to divide these responsibilities could still be stressful. Have you ever thought of downloading some apps to help you with your household tasks?

Here are some of the apps that you could have on your phone.

Food Delivery and Healthy Meals

Preparing every meal can be a challenging task. You have to prepare a meal plan for the week. But, you could skip a day, right?

Instead of following the day’s meal plan, why not grab your phone and go through food delivery apps– pizza? Pasta? Salad? Name it. You can order your favorite meal from the best restaurants around your local.

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Moreover, you do not have to rush to the supermarket or argue with your partner, who will go grocery shopping. There are apps like Amazon Prime Now that can deliver fresh ingredients and essentials.


Housecleaning is an inevitable task. We have to do it every day, if possible. But, with a hectic work schedule, you could have a hard time keeping up with housecleaning.

The mess within your house could be a source of stress. Hiring a maid service can be a smart and affordable choice.

You can browse for apps like Liox – Laundry, and Cleaning, helping you with your house chores. You can only pay for the services once you booked for an appointment. You can also customize or add additional instructions if you have some cleaning tasks that need to be prioritized.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Do you do the laundry every other day or on the weekend? Well, no matter what day of the week is, if you have a hectic and exhausting schedule at work, then the last thing you would do is take care of the massive pile of dirty laundry. Weekends should be your time to unwind and relax with friends and family.

So, it would be best to hire a laundry service over the weekend. You can find a local laundry or dry cleaning services that offer laundry pickup and delivery.

Let them wash, dry, and fold your laundry and have them deliver it back to you. Outsource your laundry and dry cleaning through Liox – Laundy and Cleaning app.

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Home Repairs and Renovation Projects

While it is therapeutic to do DIY home repairs and renovations, if you and your partner do not have the time to do so, it would be best to have it outsourced to trusted persons.

An app like Thumbtack can provide a list of qualified local contractors, painters, landscapers, and other experts on home repairs and renovations.

You can easily browse and choose the expert you want whom you can think of who can meet your needs. Let them help you with the projects and fulfill some of the tasks on your to-do list.

It would be best to hire those who offer per hour rates. You can quickly gauge your budget and schedule it with them.

Miscellaneous Tasks

There are miscellaneous tasks that could be time-consuming and frustrating for some. If you want to avoid the tedious and exhausting task, you can outsource these odd jobs to some locals who are qualified to do such tasks.

You can look for locals on apps like TaskRabbit. It would be best to go for those who offer hourly rates to match your budget easily. You can also communicate with them directly to make a plan and appoint a schedule that would best fit you.

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Pet Care

Sometimes, a hectic work schedule could give us a shorter time to tend to your pets. Instead of worrying between meetings or bugging your neighbor to dog-sit, you can hire a pet care service. There are apps like Rover that could help you with taking care of your pets.

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They are vetted local pet walkers and sitters, so you could browse through them and pick someone who you feel is best suitable for your pet.

Final Thoughts

As we aim to maintain a work-life balance, we come to realize that it is smart to seek help and outsource household tasks than suffer from exhaustion. It would be best to take out some tasks off your plate. Spend time more of yourself, family, and friends.

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