Best And Affordable Ways Pass CISSP Certification Beyond 2020

Ways to Pass CISSP Certification:: study guides, cheatsheet and best courses for the exam


CISSP or Certified Information Systems Security certification is a widely demanded certification in the majority of industries. If you are pursuing a career in cybersecurity, CISSP certification might be one of the best certifications that can offer you various opportunities. CISSP certification verifies your skills and proficiency in cybersecurity.

Clearing the CISSP certification is a very difficult task; it contains a total of eight domains. All the domains contain sub-domains, which is a vast number of topics to cover. You require dedication, hard work, and investment of time. You must schedule your time accordingly to understand all the concepts of CISSP thoroughly.

There are various methods and cheatsheets mentioned below, which can help you with your CISSP certification preparation exam. The best CISSP guides are also listed down below:

CISSP mock exams and training courses- How to Pass CISSP Certification

There are numerous guides available for CISSP. Choosing the correct guides can help you boost up your CISSP certification exam preparation.

You must check if these guides provide a good amount of practice questions, in-depth detail of all the domains of CISSP.

Study guides can help you to improve your basic knowledge and get a better understanding of the concepts. (ISC) 2 also offers several resources and materials for the CISSP exam preparation such as CISSP Official Study Guide, CISSP Official Practice Tests, CISSP Flash Cards, and so on.

It also offers numerous applications which are specially made for practising questions and enhancing your knowledge and skills.

Although there is a vast range of resources and guides available on CISSP training certification that you can choose from, the majority of the guides also offer apps on mobiles, which can allow you to study anytime and anywhere, making it easier for the candidates.

Some of these CISSP exam guides include 3rd edition CISSP study guide, 6th edition CISSP for Dummies, and so on.

CISSP training courses:- How to Pass CISSP Certification

There are also several highly recognized courses for the CISSP certification exam available. As only guides and cheatsheets sometimes must not be enough for the exam preparation alone.

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You might require in-depth training on all the topics covered in the CISSP certification exam. You can choose from in-person or online training courses depending on your situation.

If you can not travel far for any highly recognized in-person classes, you can opt for online classes that might help you to boost up your chances of passing the examination.

And the in-person classes are usually limited, it is not available for everyone who wants to attend it. In-person class is also known to be expensive many times.

You can take up online training courses, although sometimes online classes are also expensive, but some good quality course training is accessible at a low price range for every candidate pursuing a cybersecurity career and has enough dedication to take up the course.

There is a variety of certification training courses available that are trustable and highly recognizable. You can use these courses to fully prepare the exam.

The best CISSP certification training course is:


There are two subscription packs provided by Simplilearn, such as a flexible online class, which is taught by professional trainers, and these certifications last for a total of 90 days.

You can use the resources or material provided by Simplilearn to increase your chances of securing a better job position.

The other course, which is more affordable is the self-learning course, it offers you with all the training videos and materials or resources but does not offer any online classes. These classes contain 64 hours of learning materials that you can learn from.

It includes a total of five full-length mock exams and 30 CEOs, which is a prerequisite for attaining or maintaining the certification and lastly, a CISSP voucher.

You can also receive extra exam vouchers if you are unsuccessful at passing the exam in your first try.

Fee: $2,822 for the flexible online training class and around $2,499 for the self-learning classes. It also provides you with a money-back guarantee which lasts for seven days of purchasing the course. Although it works only if you have not accessed to more than 25 per cent of the course provided to you,


This a highly recommended course that provides high-quality resources and materials for the exam. It provides you with all the necessary needs for his examination.

It is an easily affordable course for candidates aspiring to achieve the CISSP certification exam.

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The content of the course is as follows:

  • CISSP certification explanation.
  • It contains CISSP training for over 17 hours long.
  • It includes various materials resource pages that can be downloaded easily.
  • A proper schedule to cover all the important topics.
  • It contains a total of 1700 practice questions.
  • It also explains the steps needed to earn CPUs.

It also contains various tricks and tips to help you with your preparation and increasing your self-confidence. It offers tips on how to answer questions and the right way to study for this exam. It is also helpful in case you can’t clear the certification in your first try.

 Fee: $400 although you acquire this certification course at only $52, which is quite cheap and affordable for the candidates.

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This course includes a total of 19 hours of training videos, which includes all the basic and complex concepts of the CISSP exam. This course by Cybrary is completely free, although you might have to log in.

There are other advanced options and services, which can be unlocked after purchasing a specific subscription or package.

The services which are included in the advanced version is the virtual lab, and this lab allows you to gain hands-on experience and practice exams on a regular basis, which will allow you to identify and strengthen your weak parts.

Fee: $49 package provides you with all the necessary video training and materials that you require and $25 each month.

Global Knowledge

 This course gives you an opportunity to appear in the class online setting or virtual. It provides an in-depth explanation of the 8 domains of CISSP.

It gives a simple explanation that is easy for the candidates to understand. It also concludes various resources, such as practice exams and sample questions.

This course is not suitable for you if you want to study alone at your own speed. It also offers a total of 40 CPEs through the courses.

 Fee: It starts at $3,595 for both the types of classes


The CISSP Certification Boot Camp is a widely used course due to its high-quality training and materials. It contains both the in-person and virtual online courses that you can apply for.

The flexible type pf online course system includes pieces of training provided by professional teachers, along with the materials/resources and access to forums.

The pro version allows you to access the live streaming course online. However, you can not learn this course at your pace.

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Fee: It costs around $4,500; you have to check up with Infosec for further details.


There are numerous courses available for the CISSP examination under SANS. It includes live classes and self-learning classes. If you are searching for an advanced quality certification with all the needed resources and materials of the CISSP, this certification training course might be suitable for you.

Although the cost of the course is not mushed affordable for many candidates, you can choose this course in case the organization or the employer is offering it to you. It is a highly recognized institution that has provided quality education, resources, and materials for over several years.

 Course Contents:

  • The completion of this course might offer you 46 CPEs.
  • It contains details of each domain present in CISSP
  • It contains a total of 300 sample questions to help you with the preparation of the exam.
  • It provides you with several audio files.

Fee: It is considered to be an expensive course that costs around $7,020.

CISSP Certification exam common questions: How to Pass CISSP Certification

What are the CISSP Certification eligibility criteria?

Eligibility Criteria:

There are various requirements of the CISSP Examination, such as:

  • Candidates require at least five years of full-time paid work experience.
  • Candidates must have an experience of four years of college degree or experience with an approved security certification for four years.

What does the CISSA certification exam cost as its registration fee?

The CISSP Certification registration fee costs around $699.

What is CPE?

The Continuing Professional Education credits are given to you as a reward for successfully completing training and education in your field of work.

Thus, these are some of the courses and information that can help you with your CISSA certification exam preparation. Although after acquiring the CISSA certification, you will have to earn CPEs to maintain or keep your certification active.

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