Quick Guide for Payment of Kevin Costner For his Character in 2021

Introduction to Payment of Kevin Costner

Yellowstone is the television series that the western-drama industry was urging for. This series revived the whole genre of western drama series by bringing so much to the table.

This show goes on the story of a family named Duttons with John Dutton as the most senior member of the family. Dutton’s family had a total of six members, two of whom died.

This show wasn’t only significant because it keeps you interested in its story, but it also gives you stellar ideas to style your outfits with Yellowstone Jackets.

The whole story of this show revolves around the protagonist John Dutton. This show has so many big names in cast and crew, out of which Kevin Costner is the biggest one according to their previous work in the industry.

Kevin Costner is playing the main protagonist role of the ranch holder, John Dutton. John Dutton is a ranch owner of the biggest ranch of cattle in Montana, a state in the United States Of America.

Dutton was the main part of the rancher family. His ancestors have fought with tough times to take charge of this land in Montana and call it home.

John has witnessed his forefathers’ struggles for this land, which makes him obsessed with his land; he loves that land more than all people in his life.

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John had a broad named Evelyn Dutton, whom he loved with his whole heart. He had four children with her; one daughter and three sons. Out of which, his eldest son, Lee Dutton, was martyred on this very ranch.

Evelyn also lost her battle because of a spinal injury and internal blood loss, as she faced a terrible accident on the ranch. Though, even the deaths of two beloved members and the rebelliousness of his only daughter couldn’t move John’s obsession for his land a little bit.

He kept sacrificing everything that came in his way because of his stubbornness. This character has faced many ups and downs in his life, and that’s why he has a strong emotionless face, which shows feelings at occasional moments.

In short, this character has so many layers, and it was not easy to play him. Still, Kevin Costner carried out this role with so much perfection and class.


Yellowstone’s creators were taking the biggest risk by releasing this show in a dying genre. However, this show made its name by being the most interesting instead of boring.

The cast was not getting paid so high before this show turned out to be a hit. Though, Kevin Costner was receiving $500,000 (£373,792) for one episode.

If he earned the same amount during the series with three seasons and twenty-nine episodes, he would have accumulated nearly $14.5MILLION (£10.8MILLION).

But since the popularity of this drama from Paramount Network has progressed rapidly, then the paycheck’s of every cast member has surely gone up or maybe not.

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Either way, Kevin Costner is making more money as compared to his co-stars. Other members of the crew are receiving around $200,000 (£149,519) per episode. Kevin is also an executive producer in this series, so he is more linked to this show than the other actors.

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While every character from the crew is important as they all have played some significant roles from the start of the first season of Yellowstone, Kevin is earning more than them, not just a few bucks but a considerable amount.

The reason behind this is that Kevin Costner is a big name in the industry among every other name involved in this series.

Also, he was more into this series by playing the protagonist, but he also had his money invested in this series. Also, his character was not an easy one to play so, overall, Kevin kind of deserved to be paid more.

Kevin Costner has worked on many great projects where he has played several memorable characters in every genre.

However, his current popularity is because of his role as a small town cowboy. With being surrounded by a talented crew, John polished his skills and proved himself the best drama actor.

Kevin has been the most identified face of Hollywood for decades and decades. This actor was the perfect choice for John Dutton’s role, as John changes his facial expression faster than a blink of an eye, and who could have done it better than Kevin Costner? No one, right?

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So Kevin has a very strong reason for getting paid more than everyone. Well, Yellowstone has many other seasons to come, and you all will witness the magic and charm that Kevin will spread with his personality and professional acting.

Not just this character, but everything about John Dutton’s character, including his costumes and Yellowstone Jackets, is a well-fit for Kevin Costner.

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