5 Incredible Points-How to Pick the Perfect Mattress for Yourself?

Introduction to Perfect Mattress

Your physical and mental health is greatly influenced by the number of hours you sleep. If you are unable to sleep well, your brain is not having the rest it needs be fit and fresh. So, you are likely to wake up tired and restless. Your efficiency will drop and you will get tired too soon. 

The mattress you sleep on matters a lot if your mattress is not providing you with the comfort your body requires you may face trouble sleeping and even insomnia. Even if you are able to sleep, you will not get refreshing sleep. As soon as you start facing issues like that, get a new one from the bedroom furniture store and throw away the discomforting mattress.

When you are planning to buy a mattress online, you may find yourself confused with which type of mattress to go with. So, we have eased the process for you. All you have to do is read the guide and make the decision right away.


Coir Mattresses

Coir is an alternative name for the husk of the coconut. These mattresses are filled with coir fibres and are typically used in cheap mattresses. The material is not comfortable or durable and can easily wear off in a few months.

The fibres are not equally filled to the surface of the mattress can become uneven or if the surface is even, after using it for a few weeks you will notice the change in the surface.

However, if you have sensitive or hyperallergic skin and cannot sleep on foam, coir mattress is for you.

Smart grid Mattresses

These mattresses are most advanced in terms of mattress technology. These mattresses provide the highest level of comfort and support to your body. The mattress adapts according to the shape of your body and the grid structure allows airflow to dissipate heat generated from your body. 

Smart grid mattress provides the best support to your spine, shoulders and neck. If you have back pain, or you want to sleep in the most comfortable mattress, this should be your only choice.

Memory Foam Mattresses

These mattresses are formed of polyurethane foam. The foam is quite durable and provides very good comfort. Initially, it provides perfect support for your back but in the long run, it is not as reliable. Memory mattresses are very durable and rarely compress. 

These mattresses are reported to be hotter than others. Beware of the quality as the cheaper memory foam mattresses are very similar to the original ones.

Latex Mattresses

Latex is a rubbery substance which does not change its temperature easily. However, the bouncy effect of latex can wake your partner up when you change your posture. These mattresses also get compressed over time and are very expensive.

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Bonded Mattresses

Bonded mattresses are very firm so they do not provide the perfect comfort or support to your body, regardless of your body weight. Moreover, the issue of mattress heating up is common as it does not allow air circulation. 

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