5 Best Tips for Warehouse Pest Control In Vancouver

Introduction to Pest Control In Vancouver

Almost 30 percent of crops in the warehouses in Vancouver get lost owing to pest infestations. The crops are not only a matter of concern, but the manufactured products are also at risk when there is not regular pest control in Vancouver.

The pests of different sizes can get access to a warehouse or an industrial storage building. If you do not want your warehouse to suffer for more damages in Vancouver, then you should consider contacting a pest control service. We have made a list of 5 tips for you to help you prevent your warehouse from the possible pests’ invasions:

  1. Secure the Access Points: When it comes to a warehouse, you may not always be able to keep its windows and doors closed, which is one of the best ways to keep the pests out. So you will need to make sure that all your access points are secure even if they are open. You can install industrial mesh in all windows, allowing 35% of airflow to keep the bugs out. The loading dock door is a bit difficult to secure, but it’s not impossible. You can use door seals that fit firmly around trucks during the loading and unloading sessions. Also, install air curtains to make it difficult for bugs to fly through your loading dock door if trucks are reversing or pulling out. 
  1. Install the Perimeter Exclusion Devices: If you do that, you will be able to discourage rodents and birds from coming near and into your warehouse. The perimeter exclusion devices embrace netting and spikes to prevent pests from attacking the warehouse. You can also go with the high-tech (high-technology) devices that emit sounds that cannot be detected by the human ears, and it’s extremely annoying to certain pests. 
  1. Get Rid of the Spills and Trash: Pests usually invade warehouses searching for food or a place to nest. If you leave the trash out, then you are inviting the pests yourself to your warehouse. Spills may not invite pests, but their odours can attract pests searching for food. So make sure you clean up the spills and take the trash out from your warehouse. It’s important for pest control in Vancouver. It would help if you also washed your garbage bins day by day to get rid of any sticky residue left behind by leaking trash bags.
  1. Seal Holes and Crack: The pests in Vancouver come in different forms ranging from the Japanese beetles to rats and mice. So every corner, every crack, and every hole can serve as an entry point for the preceding pests to invade your warehouse. You should be serious about the mice control in Vancouver if your warehouse has any holes. It would help if you swept the boundaries of your warehouse in search of holes and cracks. If you find any holes or cracks in the warehouse, you should seal them immediately.
  1. Get Regular Inspections: One of the best things for you to do in Vancouver is to approach pest control experts who can inspect for pest control in your warehouse. An inspection is an excellent way to begin if you are serious about getting rid of the situation of pests from your beloved warehouse. The pest control professionals can quickly point out the signs of infestations, and they can also spot that if the pests are spreading in your warehouse. They can double-check your warehouse’s points of access and perimeters to tell you whether your warehouse is pest-free or not. So we suggest you make the most of the pest control service available in the Vancouver region if you want to deal with the pest situation.
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What Can Pest Control Professionals Do More for You, in Addition to Inspection?

Yes, they can do the inspection; but they can do much more if you acquire more of their services. Here is more that you can make the most of pest control experts for pest control in Vancouver:

  • After doing the inspection, the pest control team will seal the possible entry points of pests so that more pests cannot enter your warehouse.
  • The professional team will use eco-friendly pesticides and unharmful chemicals to kill pests and remove the corpse afterward.
  • Moreover, the professionals can do monthly visits in a year to your warehouse to ensure your warehouse always remains free of pests.


The manufactured products and crops are always at risk of pests. However, the warehouse owners can capitalize on the 5 tips to avoid as many pests as possible Firstly, they can install industrial mesh in all windows to avoid bugs.

They can install the perimeter exclusion devices to keep the birds and rodents away from their warehouses. They should keep the warehouse clean by removing the spills and trash from the warehouse.

They should seal the cracks and holes in the warehouse to make sure none of the pests make nests. They can also contact the pest control service in Vancouver to inspect the pest problem in their warehouses. Last but not least, the pest control experts can do more than just inspection for the pest control.

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