15 Pet-Friendly Houseplants That Add Life Without the Worry

Introduce to Pet-Friendly Houseplants

While houseplants have the flexibility to feature teemingness and color to space, several species are harmful to pets that will conceive to munch on a leaf or 2.

Luckily, there are a unit variety of plants that may add beauty to your home while not moving a threat to Fido. These fifteen species-area units technically safe for cats and dogs, however, it’s still best to eliminate temptation and place all houseplants out of reach. Here we introducing to you some Pet-Friendly Houseplants.

If your pet ever will nibble on a plant, even one unlikely to cause health problems, certify to observe closely for any signs of a negative reaction. simply because a plant is non-toxic doesn’t suggest it will not cause a tummy ache, ought to your pet conceive to snack thereon.

African Violet

Want Pet-Friendly Houseplants that area unit Pet-Friendly Houseplants that additionally turn out beautiful blooms? Look no additional than Saintpaulia ionantha. It comes in an exceedingly vary of purple and pink hues that are low maintenance and thrive while not bright lightweight.

Keep the soil moderately wet, and water African violets by rental them absorb water through the pot’s evacuation hole to avoid damaging the leaves and petals. This flowering plant life will brighten up even the littlest areas as a result of it stays but twelve inches tall.

African Violet
African Violet

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Air Plant

Air Plant
Air Plant

Tillandsia varieties build glorious Pet-Friendly Houseplants, low-maintenance houseplants as a result of they do not want any soil to grow.

Most air plants can keep smaller than twelve inches, and that they thrive in bright, indirect lightweight with a fast soak in the water regarding once every week. However, cats and dogs alike can notice their lank, grass-like leaves tempting to chew on thus certify you retain them out of reach.

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Aluminum Plant or Watermelon Plant

The varied gray-and-green leaves of the aluminum plant (part of the genus Pilea) build it a lovely, pet-safe plant life. It stays shorter than twelve inches, grows well in medium to low lightweight, and solely desires water once the highest in. of soil is dry. Since it tolerates low lightweight, you’ll grow it virtually anyplace that is out of reach of your hirsute friends.

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Christmas succulent

Unlike its dangerous vacation counterpart bulbous plant, the Christmas cacti area unit non-toxic plants to own around curious cats and dogs. you continue to should not let your pets chew thereon (Christmas cacti will cause internal organ discomfort if eaten) however overall it is a safer selection than several different joyous plants.

Christmas cacti will simply be confused with Thanksgiving cacti, however, each area unit safe for pets and has similar care necessities. Here is some Pet-Friendly Houseplants list.

ueach cactus keep comparatively short (under twelve inches), however will unfold up to 2 feet, and grow best with regular waterings and bright, indirect lightweight.

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Some sorts of Ferns

Identifying ferns is a touch difficult, as there is a unit of many plants with the word “fern” in their name that isn’t really a part of the family. True ferns like the capital of Massachusetts and maidenhair fern area unit victim as indoor plants safe for pets. simply watch out for harmful misnomers like Asparagus plumosus, which is really a part of the family Liliaceae. although their size will vary, most ferns have similar needs: They like indirect lightweight, equally wet soil, and high wetness.

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Friendship Plant

Friendship Plant
Friendship Plant

The panamiga (which is closely associated with the aluminum plant) is called for convenience in that it is divided and shared. If you get one as a present, rest assured it’s safe for your cats and dogs, even though they take a emit of this plant’s fuzzy, wavy leaves. panamiga tolerates medium and low lightweight, loves wetness (it grows well in terrariums), and frequently does not grow taller than twelve inches.

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Some Herbs

Indoor herb gardens are straightforward thanks to adding contemporary flavor to your home’s well-done meals. however, not all herbs are created equal once it involves pet safety. Standards like lavender and oregano are out-of-bounds, but basil, sage, and thyme are all houseplants that are pet-friendly. Place herbs during a sunny window that gets a minimum of four or 5 hours of direct daylight a day, and water once the highest in. of soil is dry.

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Lace Flower tracheophyte or Chocolate Soldier

Pretty lace flower tracheophyte is a straightforward, pet-friendly plant that grows best in hanging baskets, a stream of reach of your cat or dog. however ought to associate extra-persistent pet build their method into the pot, no damage is going to be done. droop this gorgeous plant during a spot with bright, indirect light-weight, and water whenever the soil starts to feel dry, and its trailing stems can grow to concern 3 feet long.

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Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Plant
Lipstick Plant

This kinky plant has blooms that appear as if tubes of lipstick, and is safe for cats and dogs alike (other members of the herb family are, too). A native of the tropics, aeschynanthus thrives in bright light-weight and loves being outside within the hotter months. It will become old to twenty inches tall and likes to possess systematically dampish soil, thus remember to water!

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Some best Pet-Friendly Houseplants:

Parlor Palm

Pet homeowners wanting to feature a tiny low tree inside might want to select up a parlor palm. This pet-friendly, low-maintenance plant is additionally an honest place to begin for beginners. It grows best in bright, indirect light-weight, however additionally tolerates low light-weight. Water once the highest in. of soil is dry, and your parlor palm may reach up to eight feet (though four feet is a lot of common).

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Moth orchidaceous plant

The common orchidaceous plant (the one you are possible to examine within the floral shop) is not harmful to pets. however one issue to observe for: Dogs and cats WHO like to chew might get into hassle within the potting combine, which frequently is created of bark chips. The chips are not deadly however might cause tummy troubles if enclosed. sometimes between one and 3 feet tall, this pet-friendly plant will tolerate low, medium, or bright light-weight, and usually wants water once per week, or each different week.

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Polka Dot Plant

Use pattern plants to feature a splash of pattern and color to miniature gardens, terrariums, mixed containers, and more. you’ll realize this pet-friendly plant in colors like pink or white, and tho’ it will become old to a few feet tall, it always stays on the tiny aspect (under twelve inches) in containers. Place it during a spot that gets bright, indirect light-weight, and keep the soil systematically dampish.

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Prayer Plant or Calathea

Topping out at six to eight inches, the prayer plant is right for tiny areas like bookshelves and finish tables. Its red, cream and inexperienced leaves flex in the dead of night, giving it its name. what is a lot of, it’s one in every of the simplest houseplants you’ll grow that is additionally safe for pets. It grows best in medium or low light-weight, and you’ll let the soil dry out a touch between waterings.

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Spider Plant

Spider Plant
Spider Plant

This Pet-Friendly Houseplants is one of every of the simplest you’ll grow. it is also super easy to grow a lot of spider plants from the babies that the mother plant produces. cleome grows best in bright, indirect light-weight, however, it will tolerate low light-weight, too. Let the soil dry between waterings, and your plant will become old to twelve inches tall and twenty-four inches wide, and turn out multiple baby plants.

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Some Succulents

Many of the foremost widespread succulents, together with hens and chicks and echeverias, are not problematic, however with such a lot of varieties on the market, it is best to analyze every individual plant. Jade, as an example, whereas the same as different succulents, is truly dangerous to pets. Most succulents keep simply some inches tall once mature inside. they’re going to do best in bright light-weight, and solely want to water every few weeks.

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So in a nutshell here is some Pet-Friendly Houseplants That Add Life Without the Worry.


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