18 Best Phoenix Suburbs for Families 

Introduction to Phoenix Suburbs for Families

Phoenix is an American city located in Arizona and is known for its desert landscapes, luxurious resorts, and high-quality golf courses.

It is also home to a significant airport transporting numerous passengers across the USA and further abroad. If you are looking for your next family vacation destination, consider choosing Phoenix as it has a great range of family-friendly activities to occupy all ages. The best Phoenix suburbs for families include Gilbert, Chandler, and Paradise Valley.

Preparing for your trip to Phoenix

USA residents will have a pretty easy time preparing for their trip to Phoenix. While they may have a timezone or two to cross depending on their destination, they won’t have to factor in things like long haul flights or currency exchange. Simply pack your bags and book that flight, or even jump in the car if you’re not too far away!

You’ll need to do a little more research for international visitors, especially when it comes to entry requirements. The criteria for entry into the USA varies depending on your destination country and nationality.

Some people will need to obtain a traditional visa before travel, while others can apply for an ESTA. The ESTA application is conducted online, and you will need it approved before you fly.

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Whichever method you have to follow, it is worth being organized and having all of your paperwork completed well in advance. That way, there will be no problems or hassles at the last minute.

Many people also ask the question ‘what food can I take to the USA?’. Again, it is worth doing your research and understanding the restrictions applied to your flying destination.

In general, packaged foods are fine to take, but fresh foods, such as fruit and vegetables, will need to be disposed of before leaving the airport.

Pheonix, Arizona Safety

Travelers also commonly ask, is Phoenix safe? While the city does have relatively high crime rates compared to other US destinations, Phoenix is still suitable for family vacations.

It is relatively safe overall, and most tourists will never see or experience any trouble. It is recommended that you do your research and avoid the wrong areas of town as if you stay away from these neighborhoods, you won’t have a problem.

Phoenix Landmarks

Phoenix is well known for its desert landscapes, which makes impressive scenery for visitors to the area. Many famous landmarks revolve around the outdoor environment, showing travelers the best that Phoenix has to offer.

Desert Botanical Garden

This botanical garden showcases the best desert plants from locations all around the world. With more than 50,000 plants on display, the garden provides a great insight into the desert climate and the flora in these landscapes.

Camelback Mountain

Often at the top of the list for hiking enthusiasts, Camelback Mountain offers exceptional views over the city. The hike is mostly on a trail, but walkers will be required to navigate some rocks, so it’s essential to assess your fitness levels before embarking on this one. The climb is decent, but the views at the top are worth it!

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Papago Park

Papago Park has something for everyone. You can check out Hunt’s Tomb, which has been acknowledged on the National Register of Historic Places or admire the zoo’s animals. The park also has a range of hiking trails for those looking for an active adventure.

Indoor Things to do in Phoenix

If you find yourself needing to entertain the kids in Phoenix on a rainy day, consider trying one of these indoor activities.

Children’s Museum of Phoenix

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix has a range of interactive exhibits for kids aged 2 to 10. With an indoor playground and interactive tree, kids of all ages will enjoy this museum.

Indoor Go-Karting

Indoor go-karting is a perfect option for older kids looking to get their adrenaline going. There are options for all ability levels, and younger children can partner with an adult.

Party Jungle

This indoor play center will be a hit with the young kids! They can burn energy while the parents watch from the cafe.

Places to Take Family Pictures in Phoenix

No family vacation is complete without some classic family photos to remember the trip by. Here are some of our favorite Phoenix spots to get your happy snaps.

Dobbins Lookout

Drive your car up to Dobbins Lookout to take in the views and get some epic Phoenix photos. You’ll have great views of the city as well as plenty of cactuses and the stunning desert scenery as a backdrop.

Diving Lady Sign

For the ultimate tourist photo, get a photo with this neon sign. The Diving Lady Sign is a Phoenix icon that will provide a memorable token of your trip.

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Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake is a beautiful place for some family photos. The lake provides a serene background, especially at sunset!

Group Activities Phoenix

Get the gang together and hit up some of these spots for the ultimate fun day out. The kids are guaranteed to remember the trip after some of these experiences.

Gravity Extreme Zone

This indoor trampoline park is fun for all ages. With a whole range of trampolines, rock climbing wall, and indoor ropes course, there’s plenty to keep a whole group entertained.

Arizona Science Center

For a fun and educational day out, head to Arizona Science Center. You can find it in the Heritage and Science Park, and with over 350 interactive exhibitions, there’s something for everyone.

Enchanted Island Amusement Park

Get the heart pumping at Enchanted Island Amusement Park. There are thrill rides for bigger kids and other activities for younger children. Pack a picnic and make it a good day out!

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