4 Caring Tips for Your High Pile Carpets on a Budget

Introduction to Pile Carpets

When it comes to cleaning high pile carpets, it can be a real challenge, and the thicker they are, the bigger and more delicate care they require.

These are such beautiful pieces to have as part of the decor and super comfy to walk over, however, they need to be cleaned properly and frequently, since they are so thick, they gather more dirt and dust than the smaller ones.

Carpets like these might not be so cheap to be cleaned by a professional, and especially not frequently, but today you are in luck.

We are here to share with you some tips on how to clean them without going over budget and still have these carpets clean and fluffy, at all times. Let’s get into it.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets

Having a robot vacuum has a lot of benefits for your house. These vacuums have the skills to make the chore of cleaning so much easier and are filled with advanced tech features to help you every day.

There are a lot of different models available, however, a few specific ones are adapted to help you clean your carpets – robotic vacuum for high pile carpet.

They make cleaning easier, quicker, and without having to spend much money, meaning they’re a great investment because you will use them not only for the carpets but for the whole house, as well. Your carpets will always be looking flawless and with no sign of dust. No need to have them cleaned by others.

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Spot Clean

Spot clean must be done immediately, every time a stain appears on the carpet. Whenever something falls or spills on the carpet and it stains, it must be treated right and right away.

This makes it much easier to clean it and make sure the stain goes away, as if it stays for too long, the process of removing it can be difficult.

Using water is the best way to remove it, and there’s no need to buy all types of expensive products, as it is quite efficient. However, if the stain is tough or in a more difficult area, then white vinegar will certainly do the job.

These are simple and cheap techniques with products we all have at home and that will be effective, meaning your carpet will be stain-free at all times.

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Dry Shampooing Your Carpet

At first, this might sound a little weird, but in fact, it’s a technique much-used by carpet owners, and that works perfectly. There are a lot of dry shampoos indicated for these types of carpets since they require higher care.

If you leave your carpet for a long time without cleaning it, it starts to look flat and all the fluffiness will disappear. Using dry shampoo is even easier, and you don’t need to use any liquids.

After vacuuming your carpet, just sprinkle it with a little of the shampoo and let it settle, or use a brush to gently scrub it, it will allow you to have a clean rug without too much work or expenses.

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Plus, you can choose one with your preferred fragrance, and not only will it look amazingly clean and fluffy, but it will smell great too. Without a doubt, dry shampoo can be the real changer in your cleaning routine.

Taking Care Was Never This Easy

When we own something we love, we take care of it, and we keep it looking the best we can. It might sound exaggerating when it comes to a carpet, but it also needs to be well-taken care of.

A beautiful piece like a high pile carpet can be a lot and having it cleaned all the time can also be expensive, but there are always other solutions and, hopefully, these tips will lead you the right way and your carpet and wallet will be thankful for it. Next time put them into practice and see the results for yourself. Thank you for your time.

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