5 Amazing Places to Eat in India

Introduction to Places to Eat in India

The cultural diversity in a country like India is reflected in its rich and diverse cooking style. Each state in this subcontinent has its own unique flavors and different culinary styles.

From famous street foods in Delhi to candlelight dinner in Mumbai, Indian food is a complete delight. There are all sorts of Indian restaurants, from veg to non-veg, local eating joints to 5-star restaurants catering to Indian business class, and middle-class families.

Here are some of the best places in India to eat –

1. Delhi

Often referred to as the ‘Food Capital of India’, Delhi is famous for its best finger licking street food like chole bhature, gol gappe, Dahi Bhalla, and the list goes on.

Apart from street foods, Delhi is a hub of some of the best restaurants, cafes, and bars in India that serve cuisines from regional to international with unique flavor combinations.

2. Mumbai

The City of Dreams, Mumbai stands out as a holy grail for foodies. From street foods to traditional and 5-star restaurants, Mumbai has it all.

From the famous mouth-watering vada pao and pao bhaji to regional cuisines, seafood, to global cuisines, Mumbai is catering to our taste buds 24/7!

3. Lucknow

The city of Nawabs, Lucknow stands out as the pioneer in Awadhi cuisines. Mughlai dishes including kebabs like seekh kebab, shami kebab, and more are a vital part of Lucknow cuisines.

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Lucknow is a paradise for meat lovers. The city is famous for its Lucknowi Biryani. Lucknow has several historical restaurants, some of which include Tunday Kababi (famous for tunday kebabs), Idrees Biryani( famous for spicy mutton biryani), and many more.

4. Kolkata

The City of Joy, Kolkata, is famous for its fish-based cuisines along with sweets. Other street foods of Kolkata like spicy jhal muri and puchkas are famous in the country.

Here you can try some of the best sweet dishes like Rasgulla and Sandesh. You must try Bhojohori Manna in Kolkata for the best Bengali cuisines. Kolkata food scene has retained its original charm along with a touch of modernity.

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5. Bangalore

Situated in the south of the country, Bangalore has evolved into a diverse food paradise for food lovers. Some of the best restaurants in Bangalore like Koshy’s restaurant, Windmill Craftworks, Hard Rock Cafe, and many more provide a perfect place to eat and socialize.

Bangalore is famous for its south Indian cuisines like Dosa, Idli Sambar, Sambhar vada, rasam, and many more. Authentic south Indian restaurants like Mavalli Tiffin Room, Shri Sagar CTR are old-time favorite spots for locals.


India offers a plethora of unique and diverse food options. From Italian and Chinese to continental, India has it all. Indian dishes are famous around the world because of their vibrant color, and spicy taste.

Indian cuisines vary from one state to another and each state has its own flavor foundations. Incorporate and try out the above mentioned regional cuisines and spice up your tastebuds!

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