15 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

Introduction to Places to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the incredible destinations to explore, comprising two main islands south and north island along with 600 small islands.

New Zealand is a place where you find unforgettable landscapes, beautiful combinations of lakes, breathtaking sceneries, greenery, mountains, the island nation, and more. While touring New Zealand, make sure to give equal attention to its stunning natural landmarks and lively cities.

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Wait!! Before departing, why not get to know more about New Zealand?

Interesting Facts About New Zealand

  • This island of paradise is home to just 4.5 million people.
  • People of New Zealand have a self-appointed nickname called “Kiwi”, derived from its national symbol “ a flightless bird called kiwi”
  • Wellington is the capital of New Zealand.
  • Another species that New Zealand has more than the entire planet is Sheep.
  • It is one of the top 10 safest countries to call home.
  • New Zealand is rich with several breathtaking lakes, forest valleys, turquoise water, diverse birdlife, expansive landscapes, spectacular mountain scenery, etc.

Great, enough knowledge. Right?

Now, let’s dive into more to know the best places in New Zealand.

Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

  1. Bay of Islands:

If you are into watersports, this first paradise on our list might be your next destination. This place is ideal for fishing, sailing, hiking, diving, and many other similar things.

Explorer may get the chance to hop on the fiery then head out along on the bay to discover a new majestic location.

The Bay of Island will treat you not only with various adventure sports but also phenomenal views that will surely highlight your travel.

  1. Christchurch:

Tragedies challenge one’s strength and resilience to face the difficulties in life. It tests how one can overcome struggle and if they can end with hope in their heart.

This ideal destination to visit in New Zealand will make you feel motivated, determined, and inspired to push through until the end so you won’t have any regrets.

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After being devastated by four surprising large earthquakes between September 2010 and December 2011, Christchurch was reborn and it seemed like it hadn’t happened.

Even when underwent a total renovation, the original attractions are still present such as botanic gardens where you can witness amazing trees of the country and the Christchurch Gondola where you can ride a cable car and see the breathtaking sights of the city

  1. Waiheke Island:

Are you fond of drinking wine? You might want to consider checking out this hub. If you want to take your meal somewhere relaxing and soothing, reserve your schedule to visit Waiheke Island and dine at the restaurant where you can get a taste of delicious food and luxury life.

Waiheke Island is the place where everyone enthusiast across the globe is welcome to explore. It is a small island resting in the middle of Hierarki golf where you can get to know about 14 different unique types of wine.

  1. Auckland:

Being the largest city and having the best international air travel spot in New Zealand, this could be the ideal hub to start your voyage. You can do tons of outdoor activities that can make every day of your stay worth it.

Among the things you can do in the city are learning and figuring out the past. Auckland is set to be rich in traces of history as you can visit many museums and art galleries.

Whether it be about history, modern, contemporary art, everything about art is here for you. If you prefer to steal around and satisfy your hungry tummy, then you take the path to numerous famous restaurants.

  1. Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley:

Your journey in New Zealand wouldn’t be complete if you missed out on seeing precious Te Puia. Inside this wonder, you can witness active geysers.

It is composed of stunning mud pools which are not any ordinary pool to swim in but you can see some of the great natural and ancient views.

  1. Franz Josef Glacier:

Every corner in the world has designated hubs for a remarkable journey intended for every type of traveler. Since not everyone is suitable for every site as not all sites offer everything.

You can look for something that is more suited for you. An example is this place, it is suited for hikers, trackers, thrillers, and adventurers.

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The temperature is not as cold as you think because it is covered with good sunlight. You can enjoy your adventure activities here.

  1. Castle Point:

Walking along the path will lead you to the site where you will see scenic views that will release your exhaustion from the endless walk. If you want to experience the fun and relaxing getaway then head to this splendid place.

  1. Wanaka:

Call your travel buddy to take a short visit to this paradise that will fade away the stress of city noise. This place is a small town area with a friendly and impressive lake along with many natural beauties. It is now the new loved getaway place.

  1. Piha Beach:

For professionals surfers and expert divers, photography enthusiasts, or people wanting to head over to the nearest majestic spot, this magical Tourist Attraction in New Zealand might be a quick castaway place to breathe some fresh air and regain energy.

  1. Lake Tekapo:

Mornings in this gem destination are short and beautiful to charm you. You get to see alluring vibrant blue glacier water and at night you will be welcomed by fascinating star gazing. It has an inviting lake for people who just want to sit and relax near nature.

  1. Hokitika Gorge:

Not just a beauty in the picture but also in person, this wonder Tourist Attraction in New Zealand is simply stunning. It features many splendid places where you can complete your wanderlust goals.

  1. Tongariro National Park:

This site is another remarkable spot that will lead you to the hum of three active volcanoes. All in just one place. Due to this exceptional feature, this place has been a dual holder of the UNESCO world heritage title.

  1. Moeraki:

Boulders are not only an ordinary rock formation but also a dramatic feature of this site. In this place, boulders are scattered in a unique way to pull tourist attractions in New Zealand.

Many tourists visit to see these boulders in Moeraki and enjoy the extraordinary view. Another cool thing about this wonder is that it is well secured and a protective site for scientific purposes.

  1. Queenstown:

This place has not so typical thrilling hubs in the highest cliff in the world. You can swing over the cliff and the swinging style isn’t that usual anymore.

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You can choose from various ways of taking off the edge even sitting and tied up on the chair. It appears as the perfect site for adventurers and thrillers across the globe.

  1. Cape Reinga:

Facing death is the last part of one’s story on earth. There is a legendary myth that has been circulating about this last place on our list.

It is stated that the spirits of the human soul that successfully find peace and receive a call from the above depart from here. This paradise lies above the north island and contains many such stories.

Heading off to the dream destination is a goal for many people. It’s sometimes why people work so hard. Treating yourself with these gorgeous places in New Zealand would give you an incredible voyage.

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Which one of these places do you find the most divine?

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Bon Voyage!!

Above are some of the best destinations in New Zealand that we find interesting to share. Do let us know what’s your favorite and don’t forget to visit Reservation.org for air New Zealand flight reservations and get attractive discounts and offers.

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