14 Amazing Places To Visit In Sikkim And You Must Not Leave, Without Seeing Them

Introduction to Places To Visit In Sikkim

Big things come in small packages. A true testament to this line would be one of the smallest Indian states – Sikkim. It is truly a paradise on earth with its alpine beauty and subtropical climates.

Surrounded by Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, Sikkim provides jaw-dropping views of snow-laden mountains and picturesque lakes. Its lush green meadows are soothing to the eyes of nature lovers. Especially for those coming from bustling and overpopulated cities, this is the best place to unwind.

Although Sikkim is the second smallest state in India in terms of size, it is a very popular tourist city for nature lovers. Sikkim, northeast of India, is surrounded by West Bengal, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. The total population of Sikkim covering an area of ​​7000 sq km is about 6 lakh. Gangtok is the largest city and capital of Sikkim.

Combined with the four districts of North Sikkim, East Sikkim, South Sikkim and West Sikkim, Sikkim is rich in beautiful mountain springs, deep valleys, medicinal plant forests and rich biodiversity.

Every place in the suburbs like Gangtok and Lachung in Sikkim, full of alpine pastures, hills, glaciers and thousands of wildflowers, attracts tourists. And Sangu Lake, which holds the boundless beauty of East Sikkim, is another special attraction of this city.

Sikkim is a part of the Eastern Himalaya and hosts the third highest peak on Earth – Mt. Kanchenjunga. This makes it highly popular amongst trek enthusiasts too who wish to explore its heights for adventure.

Sikkim is also famous for its colorful exotic flora and fauna as well as its peaceful monasteries. The best part is that Sikkim is a year-round destination and all its seasons are enjoyable because of its stunning beauty. We have compiled a list of places that must not forget to visit when you head to Sikkim.

The festive season is around the corner, and what’s better than a short vacation after the long, soul-crushing pandemic?

One such location that we will discuss today is paradise on Earth and could not be ignored at all costs. Sikkim has always been one of the darling sites worldwide and hence is visited by millions every year. However, despite the hustle and bustle, the place is still closer to nature, with its sanity intact.

Here are the top locations that one can visit in Sikkim and have an adventure of a lifetime.

Places of visit in Sikkim:

There are many places to visit in Sikkim. However, most of the tourist spots are located in Gangtok, Lachung and Pelling. And Gangtok is the main hub for all the cities of Sikkim. For providing best services for the tourists this place has the highest costly hotel in India where tourists can stay with comfort.


Places To Visit In Sikkim
Places To Visit In Sikkim

Do not leave Sikkim before you witness the beauty of this charming hill town which is the capital of Sikkim. Gangtok is the best place for those wanting to spend a peaceful time in the lap of Mother Nature.

What’s more, is that Gangtok has its own airport making it easily accessible! Many of the top attractions of Sikkim like the Tsomgo Lake and Nathula Pass are in Gangtok.

The capital city of Sikkim is Gangtok, which belongs to East Sikkim. Which is now known as the base camp for hikers for trekking from the Tibetan Buddhist centre and the Himalayan peaks in Sikkim.

Among the various places of interest here, from Tashi View Point, Kanchenjunga and the surrounding hills can be seen. And for only 50 rupees, you can rent traditional clothes for taking pictures. The museum of the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, which is based on Tibetan culture, has a museum of various Buddhist statues, monks’ religious objects, religious rites, a library and a research centre.

The “Hanuman Talk Temple” dedicated to Hanuman under the control of the Indian Army offers a beautiful view of the hill valleys and hills. You will also see the beautiful waterfalls at Ban Jhakri Falls and experience adventure.

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Sikkim Himalayan Zoological Park, Rumtek Monastery, EncheyMonastry, Nathu La, Ridge Flower Park, Ridge Flower Park, Saramsa Falls, Saramsa Falls. ) And Gandhi statues can be visited. Gangtok’s camping, ropeway, rafting, trekking and hiking opportunities are another special attraction for tourists.

Darjeeling is also just a 4hour ride from Gangtok, so you get to include both in your travel itinerary. Apart from these, Gangtok has a lot of interesting activities like cable car rides, mountain biking, and river rafting to keep you entertained.

Tsomgo Lake:

Places To Visit In Sikkim
Places To Visit In Sikkim

The Tsomgo Lake in Gangtok is an alluring and serene location with colorfully decorated yaks to ride around the picture-perfect lake. Surrounded by the enchanting view of the Himalayas, the Tsomgo Lake is located at a height of 12,400ft and is one of the highly recommended places in Sikkim.

Located 38 kilometres away from Gangtok, the Tsomgo lake is also popularly known as the Changu Lake. The water body counts glaciers as its source and is located at 12310 feet above the sea level.

Amazing Places in Sikkim
Amazing Places in Sikkim

Furthermore, the site is considered one of India’s highest altitude lakes and is known for its mesmerizing look.  The lake is one kilometre long and is shaped like an egg. This makes it one of the prominent places to visit in Sikkim.

Sangu Lake, also known as “Tsomgo Lake”, is located in East Sikkim, 40 km from Gangtok. Located at an altitude of 3,753 m above sea level, this ice lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sikkim.

The real beauty of this lake cannot be expressed in words or in writing, it can only be felt. The road from Gangtok to Sangu Lake, in particular, is strangely beautiful.

The weather here is very cold, the higher you go, the colder it gets. The real fun of playing with snow in the snowy fruit will never be understood unless it is here.

Interestingly, this lake is a glacial water body, meaning it gets its water when the mountain snow melts down. Tsomgo Lake can be visited throughout the year as it provides different views as the season’s change.

Tourists visiting the lake in spring/summer are stunned by the carpet of greenery and the colorful blooms whilst those choosing to visit in winter are captivated by the snow and clouds all around the freezing lake.


Places To Visit In Sikkim
Places To Visit In Sikkim

If you’re looking for a little adrenaline rush in the midst of beautiful waterfalls and soft silvery clouds, look no further than Pelling. It hosts a range of adventure activities like trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, rafting, and many others with scenic views.

Apart from this, Pelling offers the most splendid views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and the Himalayas as it lies in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Pelling is a small town in West Sikkim. The unique experience of going to the temple with a 50-meter long bridge hanging over the hill at Sky Walk Pelling is no less than an adventure.

Amazing Places in Sikkim
Amazing Places in Sikkim

If snow is something you don’t love, then perhaps Pelling is the right place for you. Pelling is a small town located between the hills of West Sikkim and stands above 7,200 feet above the sea level.

The city is home to remarkable animals and the location for some of the best natural landscapes in the region. Some of the major tourist attractions include Kanchenjunga falls, the Changey Waterfall, and several other ancient monasteries.
In the Rimbi Orange Garden next to the Rimbi River, you can see cardamom, orange, wood, almond and orange trees, with an entry fee of Rs 10 per person. Many people come here to see the scenery of Kanchenjunga Falls. Again, you can trek to historical places like Rabdentse Ruins for 25 rupees.

The architectural style of the beautiful 300-year-old Pemayangtse Monastery in West Sikkim also attracts tourists.

You also get to visit many picturesque waterfalls (Kanchenjunga falls, Changey Waterfall, and Rimbi Waterfall), ancient monasteries (Sanga Choeling Monastery, and Pemayangtse Monastery), and bridges(Singshore Bridge) in Pelling. Don’t forget to walk through its beautiful meadows and check out its exotic wildlife!

Nathu La:

Places To Visit In Sikkim
Places To Visit In Sikkim

The Nathula Pass is known for its captivating views. It connects Sikkim with Tibet and was once a part of the Silk Route. Taking a drive through this iconic Himalayan route is something you shouldn’t miss while visiting Sikkim.

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The village of Lachung, near the Tibetan border in northern Sikkim, is bordered by rivers. It takes about 5 and a half hours to reach this village which is 110 km away from Gangtok.

The strangely beautiful surroundings and the clear blue waters of the river Teesta and the two wonderful waterfalls bring peace to the mind on the way to Yamthang Valley. Find snow in the mountains far from the Yumthang Valley.

There is a 19th century Buddhist Lachung monastery surrounded by apple orchards. There is also a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains from Katao Middle Point, known as the Switzerland of Sikkim. There is also Bhim Nala Fall, Khandha Water Falls and Snow Point for trekking.

This is an experience you will cherish for long as you get to drive on roads surrounded by snow on both sides while savoring unbelievable mountainous views.

Amazing Places in Sikkim
Amazing Places in Sikkim

Placed at the height of 14140 feet, the Nathula Pass counts itself as one of the prime locations in North-East India. The place is heaven for trekking enthusiasts, while the border trade market makes it go on another entire level.

The sites are also well known for different types of Tibetan items, while the view attracts millions of tourists worldwide to the location.

Situated on the Indo-Tibetan border at 14450 ft. above sea level, Nathu La offers spectacular views of the Chumbi valley of Tibet resting in the snow-clad mountains. 

Teesta River:

Places To Visit In Sikkim
Places To Visit In Sikkim

One of the most enthralling and important rivers in Sikkim, the Teesta river covers more than 300kms before merging into the magnificent Brahmaputra river.

The Zemu Glacier serves as the main source of water for the Teesta river. While the river presents great rapids suited for rafting in summers, it is frozen during the winter and looks very dreamy.

The Teesta river banks offer views of verdant patches of paddy fields and forests. Staying on the bankside on the white sandy beaches of the river in a camp is something you must do when visiting Sikkim.

Khangchendzonga National Park:

Places To Visit In Sikkim
Places To Visit In Sikkim

The Khangchendzonga National Park, also known as the Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve, gets its name from Mt. Khangchendzonga. It was declared as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site on Mixed criteria in 2016.

It’s a glorious location set in the heart of the Himalayas makes it a must-visit place in Sikkim. It encompasses 18 mighty glaciers and is famous for diverse valleys, lakes, rivers, and plains apart from the tranquil snow-capped mountains.

It is home to some exotic wildlife creatures like the Himalayan black bear, Tibetan antelope, the snow leopard, red panda, musk deer, and many more.

The word Khangchendzonga means the “Abode of the Gods” and you are sure to feel the same when you experience the rich biodiversity of the park. 


Places To Visit In Sikkim
Places To Visit In Sikkim

Situated at a height of 1,675m above the sea level, Namchi or Namtse is known as the cultural capital of Sikkim. It is home to the world’s largest statue of the Buddhist Padmasambhava and also offers the replicas of all the four Dhams of India.

This gorgeous Sikkimese city is considered as a pilgrimage center for the Buddhists. If you’re looking for some peaceful time away from tourist crowds, Namchi is the most ideal option.

A visit to its beautiful tea gardens is an enriching experience. Those planning to visit in October must ensure to be a part of the Namchi Mahotsav which brings forward the rich culture and food of various Sikkimese communities along with folk dance performances and exhibitions.

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Places To Visit In Sikkim
Places To Visit In Sikkim

The quaint village of Zuluk which provides panoramic views of Mt Kanchenjunga is a newly discovered tourist location. Located on the Silk Route, this hamlet touches an altitude of 10,000ft.

The ride to Zuluk includes zig-zag roads taking you through almost 32 bends and is popular for being one of the best Himalayan drives in India.

The view from the top includes mesmerizing mountain ranges covered in snow. Zuluk is a must-visit if you wish to experience snowfall in winters.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp

Amazing Places in Sikkim
Amazing Places in Sikkim

61 Kilometers away from Gangtok, the Kanchenjunga counts itself as one of the most popular tourist locations and, despite being on a height of 14,000 feet from the ground, is visited by some of the most adventure loving people all across the globe.

The Kanchenjunga combines with the mighty Himalayas and is considered as the third highest mountain in the world. The view from the top of the mountain is picturesque and hence is loved by millions all across the globe.

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Yumthang Valley of Flowers

The wide stretched lands, coupled with numerous hot springs and surrounded by mountains at all sides, the Yumthang valley of flowers is heaven on Earth.

The Teesta rivers creeks by the meadow and hence is counted among one of the most beautiful places in the entire location.

Gurudongmar Lake

Amazing Places in Sikkim
Amazing Places in Sikkim

Situated 174 Kilometers away from Gangtok, the Gurudongmar lake is located at the height of 17,800 feet. The Gurudongmar Lake is a Himalayan Lake that breathes peace and harmony.

The lake resides among the high mountain ranges and gets freeze in the winters. In summers, the lake reflects the perfect image of the mountains and hence is a must in every Sikkim holiday packages. However, due to proximity to the Chinese border, one has to request the authorities to visit the site.


Amazing Places in Sikkim
Amazing Places in Sikkim

Located at a distance of 51 kilometers from Gangtok, Goechala is one of the most impressive locations you will ever come across.

The place is situated at a height of 4,940 meters above the sea level; the site is also known as Goecha La. Due to its proximity to the mountains, the passage is love for most trekkers.

On the other hand, the beautiful view of Mt. Kanchenjunga is something worth sharing. The breath-taking beauty of the mountain has forced even the government to share the picture of the location on the back of 100 INR while the area establishes it as the base for the Kanchenjunga summit.


If a journey of scenic villages and green mountains excite you, you have come to the right place. Ravangla, a lesser-known town, is home to astounding beauty and is open all year-round.

The site is located more than 8000 feet above the sea level and is beautifully adorned by the Kanchemjuna and its sister peaks, namely, Siniolchu, Kabru, and Pandim.

On the other hand, Ralangmonasteries, sunrise viewpoint, and Relang hot spring are some of the locations that attract travellers all across the globe.

Rumtek Monastery

If peace and serenity is something that you need, then Rumtek Monastery is the right place for you. The location is a delight to the sore eyes and is known for some of the rarest Buddhist artefacts.

Rumtek is a mere 23 kilometre away from Gangtok and belongs to the Kagyu sect. The building dates back to the 12th century and has quite interesting.

It was left to get ruined, and it was until 1960, Gyalwa Karmapa – the 16th Karmapa of the centre who reestablished it. The following site is included in Sikkim holiday packages and hence should not be ignored at all costs.


When visiting Sikkim, you must not forget to indulge in its vibrant and authentic cuisine which is a blend of Sikkimese, Nepali, and Tibetian cultures. You can try unusual dishes like the Kinema Curry, Thukpa, Momo, Chhurpi, etc. at its beautiful Instagram-worthy cafes.

Sikkim breathes beauty and serenity and is one of the finest places you will ever come across. There are many places where one can visit, but it is the tour guides who could help you explore areas, and hence one could not afford to lose the Sikkim holiday packages.

I hope that the information provided was really helpful for anyone who is planning a visit to sikkim. For more information on places to visit, Sikkim Tour Packages, Sikkim Honeymoon Packages or any other information on Sikkim please visit :http://www.esikkimtourism.in/

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