10 Best Places To Visit in Srisailam

Introduction to Places To Visit in Srisailam

I hope you have seen my two travel logs for Srisailam here and here  I have also posted another post taken from my father’s diary-here.

In this post, I have come up with the top 10 visiting places around Srisailam. It shows Srisailam what to see also.

They are handpicked and nice to visit on your two days trip to Srisailam.

They are as follows:

Travel to Srisailam Sikhram:

This is the highest pick of traveling to Srisailam. It was not so popular when we visited last time. But with the advancement of the road, this place can be on your visiting list in Srisailam.
It is roughly 233o feet above sea level. It is said one can attain mukti just by seeing Sikhram. There is also a small Siva temple here with hundreds of Siva lingams.
One can see Mallikarjuna temple from here. There is also a viewpoint here. you can see the Srisailam from here.

travel to Srisailam


It is a small waterfall having medical properties. It is believed that this holy water can cure lots of common daisies.
There is a small Siva temple here(Not maintained properly). it is said saint Sankaracharya meditated here. You can purchase medical oil or holy water from the locals.

Ropeway and Patalganga:

Places To Visit in Srisailam
Places To Visit in Srisailam

There is a small Arial ropeway that takes us downstream for a fun ride. The journey is a maximum of two minutes.
One can go to patal ganga to take a holy dip and make a scenic boat ride near the dam. Also, you need to check the current of the stream before taking bath here.

Akkhamadevi Temple:

There is another flavor of boat journey available through beautiful, scenic hills. You can enjoy the lush green nature while traveling to Srisailam.
Mostly it starts at 6 AM in the morning and comes back at 11 AM. So this needs to be planned well ahead. They go through dense forest, I suggest going in a group due to security reasons and time pass. But if you are a nature lover, the majestic view of the river, green trees will surely please you.
Akhamadevi temple is in pitch dark so it is better to carry torchlight. There is Siva linga inside. During 12 th century the renowned philosopher, lyricist, and ascetic from Karnataka named Akka Maheswari presence in the cave.

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Sakshi Ganapati Temple:

Places To Visit in Srisailam
Places To Visit in Srisailam

Sakshi Ganapati is a famous temple of Lord Ganesh situated just before Srisailam. It is said Lord Ganesh keeps records of all names of the pilgrims who come to Srisailam.
He displays the list to Lord Siva for blessings. If you have an option to stop here, please park your vehicle and visit here first then proceed to Srisailam.
If you are traveling by bus or have no option to stop here, please come back here for registering your name. However, you can get down from the bus here, ample autos available to travel to Srisailam.

Mallikarjuna Temple:

This is the most celebrated temple in the town. It was built by king Harithare of VijayaNagaram in 1599. It is believed that Goddess Parvati cursed sage Bringi to stand as he only used to worship Lord Siva. This is one of the Best Places To Visit in Srisailam
Later Lord Siva consoling mother Parvati and gave Bringi the third leg so that he can stand properly. One can see Bringi standing on 3 legs.
There are also idols of Nandi, Saharsalinga, and Nataraj along with Lord Siva. There is an option for online ticket booking. I highly recommend availing of that option. It will save lots of time. However, there are two types of queues available. One free darshan and another is Rs 150/head paid darshan. Don’t forget to get the blessings and Prasadam.
This is surely one more attraction of Srisailam. If you are traveling from Hyderabad. Forest will come first. This is the largest(having 3508 acres of land) tiger reserve forest in India.
However, you don’t have to worry much as you will be traveling to the 3rd buffer zone. There is a jungle safari available for jungle lovers.
Apart from tiger, it is said there could be chital, Sambar, blackbuck, choosing, dhol, leopard, sloth bear and monkeys available.
It is also infested with King cobra, Indian python, Crocodile, etc. One can also find a crocodile breeding center downstream.

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Srisailam Dam:

I must not say more about it. This is one of the major attractions in Srisailam. The man-made beauty. This is one of the 12 largest hydroelectric projects in India.

It is truly an engineering marvel in the lap of mother nature. The view and beauty of the dam when gates are opened is astonishing and treat to the eyes.

There are also boating facilities available one in the downstream and one in the upstream. Proceed boating with care.

Chenchu Lakshmi Tribal Museum:

certainly not a huge one like Andaman that showcases tribal culture but yes there are few. At least a nice effort to show the livelihood of Tribal.

If you understand Telegu there is a person who can guide you. But for Hindi speaking people, you have to imagine. If you ask for more information then nothing for you.

Nobody cares about this. Govt should take care of this part. There are few vendors selling honey outside of the museum stating they were fresh and collected from the forest.

Dindi Reservoir:

This is not a huge dam but a medium reservoir in Mahabubnagar town. The sunset in this dam is awesome. One can take his car very near to the dam.

Few Other faqs on Srisailam:

Know these Places To Visit in Srisailam

Srisailam how many kilometers or Srisailam how many kilometers from Hyderabad: It is almost 250 KM from Gachibowli via ORR.
Srisailam how to reach from Hyderabad? Well, there are many bus services available from Hyderabad. The public bus takes around 6 hours to reach Srisailam.

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So start early if you are planning to enjoy the full day with all other visiting places. However, I suggest staying there for one night and enjoy slowly. It can be a 2 days trip to Srisailam or a Weekend gateway from Hyderabad.

Travel logs for Srisailam

Srisailam how to reach from Chennai? or how to reach Srisailam from Bangalore?- There is no direct connectivity in terms of public transport.

Any train (like Jansatabdi) can take you to Ongole then there are buses available to Srisailam. The best would be to hire a cab service.
how toSsrisailam by train?- There is no train connectivity directly to Srisailam.
how to reach Srisailam from Tirupati? I heard that there was a connecting bus available.
how to book Srisailam accommodation online? or Srisailam where to stay? There is various guesthouse available here in Srisailam. The best way to book is via the APDTC website. However, there are local vendors, pointer available. Recently the private players in the hotel industry like Makemytrip etc help you to book.
Srisailam where to eat? There are plenty of hotels and restaurants available in Srisailam to have food. Street foods are also awesome.

However, it is a strictly veg city hence do not expect a Nonveg dish available hotel.If you want a nonveg dish go out of this city. The best option for nonveg is the hotels just after crossing the Srisailam dam on both sides.

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