Playing with msgbox

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Generally we use message box like this:
Msgbox(“My name is Sourav”)

This will prompt “My name is Sourav” with a single OK button.

But going forward in Msgbox we will need options like:
OK and Cancel button (1)
Abort Retry and Ignore button (2)
Yes No and Cancel button (3)
Yes and No button (4)
Retry and Cancel button (5)
Display Critical Icon Message (16)
Display Warning Query icon (32)
Display Display Warning Message icon (48)
Display Information Message icon (64)
First button is default (0)
Second button is default (256)
Third button is default (512)
Fourth button is default (768)

Eg: Suppose we want to make a transaction of $1000 through on-line. Instead of $1000 I gave input as $1200 wrongly.
Call cal
Calling Function:
Function catchvalue
input=inputbox(“Enter some value”)
End Function
Called Function:
Function printline(c)
msgbox “Do you want to continue with “c
End Function
In this case if we use Msgbox(“Do you want to continue?”) then we will be getting only OK button.Even though if we entered wrong value we will be having only OK option is front of us.

Instead if we use
Msgbox”Do you want to continue “c,3

Then we will be getting 3 Options: Yes No and Cancel button

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